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  1. I hope we absolutely annihilate them. I want this out of spite for Chicago almost as much as I want it out of support for Vancouver haha
  2. I burst out laughing seeing Eriksson battle with Guddy. It shouldn't be funny but it is.
  3. I had to miss 3 months of work one time due to a concussion. They sent me to this place in keefer plaza (right by Rogers arena) for rehab. I had to take the skytrain there every day and it sucked. I felt much worse when I was on the skytrain. However my understanding is that going on an airplane (or in my case the skytrain) would only cause symptoms to flare up or worsen. Flying shouldn't increase the damage done to the brain or slow the healing process. In other words, if you can handle it then it's fine.
  4. Those lacrosse style moves in hockey have always been my favorite. I just love watching it for whatever reason
  5. Give me fourish months. I'll let you know what I think of this off-season.
  6. I apologize if this has been discussed already (I have read some not all of this thread) Am I missing something here? Why can't Jim still be fired at some point here? To me this extension just means that Jim won't make desperation moves because he's in the last year of his contract. That's a good thing if you ask me. He can still be fired though can he not? Lots of you need to chill lol
  7. I agree with you but I bet Larscheid would still be fun! He doesn't need to know all the names to be color commentary. He can just tell us how much fun hockey is. (He was always great at that)
  8. And we could have had him for a 4th!!!?? Oh come the french toast on JB!!!
  9. We could have had Erne for only a 4th??? Come on JB get it together man! ...guys... who is Adam Erne btw?
  10. I am proud of the city that I was born and raised in. The Canucks happen to play for and represent that city! When they are doing well this city comes to life in a very cool way. Man we need ourselves a good old fashioned playoff run! I miss that feeling!
  11. Seriously?? Isn't he about four thousand years old by now??
  12. As a coach myself I can speak a little bit from experience. Now I coach an individual sport so there are definitely some huge differences from a team game. What I can tell you however is that yelling at a guy can be positive or negative depending on the person and the timing. As a coach it is your responsibility to recognize both. Some guys I have worked with would clam up and perform terribly if you yelled at them. The added anxiety of someone yelling is just awful on their performance. Then other guys give you that look like "what the hell did you say to me coach!?" They then go out and turn up the intensity big time. I'm glad I only work with one at a time haha. Best of luck to you hockey coaches! (And other coaches of team sports)
  13. Ahhh this just feels right I need more reasons to hate Calgary. They were almost becoming likeable and it felt gross. Calgary is exactly where Lucic belongs.
  14. Petey is more dynamic and the more high end talent. I think the correct answer is Horvat however. The guy is all over the place and just brings it every shift. There is more than a good chance that EP replaces Bo as the most important player but that time hasn't come just yet.
  15. I can only speak for myself of course but I tend to gravitate towards positive threads because I am hoping that someone is seeing something that I am not. Times have been rough as a Canucks fan (no doubt you have noticed lol) and the negatives have been fairly obvious. I believe there actually IS a "Fire Benning thread" If I am not mistaken it's called "will this be the final nail in the coffin" or something close to that. Those threads just don't seem to get continuous activity. People are looking for hope imo.