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  1. I may be mistaken but did Sekeres not say "Benning is EXPLORING the possibility of a trade". That is not the same thing as "Benning WANTS to trade" Either way it would be a point of discussion particularly for Vancouver sports radio. 1040 has a lot of problems but I have to take it with a massive grain of salt whenever I see criticisms on this forum. Some of you are just straight up on a war path against the station. I have seen many criticisms of the stations from people who either don't comprehend what the 1040 hosts are saying OR are just lying about them. Not jumping to conclusions here but I AM curious. Edit: Ah I see. I went back and read a little more thoroughly through the thread. To me you guys are being a little bit oversensitive but I understand the argument better.
  2. Lol yeah I saw the jab. Just bugging and you took it well! Byng vs Masterton is interesting though. I can't say that I have ever given it much thought. My instinct would be to say Lady Byng because that probably means that you are a "star" level player while that is not necessarily the case with the Bill Masterton. A little off-topic for this thread though! Pearson-Horvat-Boeser!! That's what I clicked on this thread to read about! Apparently they were a line today in camp and I like it. One of the deadliest 2nd lines possible imo!
  3. Not to pick on you but these are 2 responses to the same post and are only a couple of posts apart on the same page. Made me laugh! I have trouble "giving things a rest" as well sometimes.
  4. True true. I guess I am mostly curious if the time off has functioned like an off-season for Demko. From 2017 to 2018 he improved significantly. I'm hoping (not predicting) that he can make similar improvements here! As of right now, both of you are correct. I hope it's no longer true in a couple of months though!
  5. As of right now I agree with both of you. However considering his age, is Demko not a bit of a wildcard? He has the potential to take a big step forward with his game at almost any time imo. It is just unclear when that step will take place. The extra time off makes him even more of a wildcard if you ask me. I guess you could say that about quite a few players though.
  6. I am not passionate about this one but I do think it makes more sense for the home team to wear the light jerseys. Getting to see the different colors of road teams is preferable to me. It also seems to make sense that the home team be the light colors. I see the Canucks plenty so it's really more about the road team for me. I also think a "sea of white" looks really cool in the playoffs.
  7. If we end up playing the Coyotes that's fantastic imo! I don't think it's possible to play them until at least the second round or more likely the conference finals. I'd love it if we get that far and find ourselves playing Arizona.
  8. Win or lose I think this is what we need! Petey and Hughes (among others) need to be thrown in to the fire! Let them get smacked around a bit. I want Petey to be giving his weight set the "death glare" all off-season (however long that is lol) Jake is another one. He seems like such an emotional guy that I've been very curious as to what a tough playoff series would do to him.
  9. That could be pretty cool. Should be interesting to see what they come up with.
  10. Lol Maybe that works to our advantage! I believe we've had a winning record in October the last several years (3 at least)
  11. If the Canucks get past the Wild then we might be able to get the jump on Colorado. A play-in series against the Wild might be enough to shake off the rust. We could catch the Avs before they manage to find their game.
  12. Agreed but still... Bring on the playoffs!!
  13. I think both of you are right to a degree. The players are coming in fresh and that's a big benefit to them that they normally would not have. A lot of the players will likely get injured early as they try to go straight in to playoff intensity while not being in game shape. It should result in a pretty difficult (albeit much different) grind. This year will be remembered differently from others but it will be special in it's own way. The players want that cup and they'll go to war for it. That has not changed. Bring on the playoffs!!