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  1. People keep bringing this up as an option. I agree that it might not be a bad option for us but who would want to move up and why?
  2. Man I was really disappointed when I heard the news and reading this thread just makes it worse. Canucks fans thrive on doom and gloom theories
  3. I ran the draft simulator 100 times and canucks got top 3 36 times. That was the second most of all the teams but still 64 percent of the time canucks fell out of the top 3. Just to give everyone an idea of the odds. If canucks don't get top 2 or 3 it doesn't mean that the league is "screwing" us. That's just how the odds are for everyone. On a brighter note: of the 100 times I ran it Vancouver got number 1 the most. So who knows
  4. So obviously I'd be super happy about Hischier and Patrick Outside of that there's several guys I'd be happy with as well but MOST of all Gabe Vilardi I have noticed that a lot of people on here don't want Vilardi and I'd like to know more about why. Everything I have read and seen about the guy is awesome. I have seen people mention a lack of offensive ceiling and I think that is a misinformed assumption. He led his team in goals and was second in points in the regular season. He led his team in points in the playoffs in taking a very strong London team 7 games. All of this without having dynamic linemates to bloat his stats. Advanced stats tell us that he's making his linemates corsi go way up which is also awesome. He's a big dude already even though he's one of the youngest in the draft. A right handed shot who apparently works extremely hard at both ends of the ice. What's not to like? He sounds perfect for us imo
  5. Awesome I don't want to cheer for him Let him go live in Edmonton
  6. Has anyone done any research as to who may or may not be available with our 3rd rounder? (I certainly haven't) I'm curious as I'm told there is a drop off in talent but teams often go off the board at this point
  7. I don't like the way Lucic plays and I don't like the way he carries himself. I'm always going to be a Canucks fan no matter what but I'll be really turned off of the team if we sign him.
  8. Yeah that makes sense. I don't really see the similarities between Dubois and Shinkaruk and then you misspelled Shinks name so I thought maybe you were just doing it for a laugh. Personally I'm I'm between the two of you in terms of opinion. I'd like Eriksson Brouwer and would be happy with either of Dubois and Tkachuk
  9. I'm not meaning to be mean or offensive but is this a troll comment? From comparisons to spelling most of this comment seems really off base
  10. Had Jonathan Toews played the way Crosby did everyone would be gushing about him. People just love to hate Crosby
  11. If we are going to pick a defenceman (like so many of you are set on) then I think we should be looking at trading down. IMO Dubois Tkachuk and Nylander are all better than any available D man
  12. I haven't seen anyone really mention this but Jake Virtanen was the 3rd youngest player for Canada. I was impressed with a lot of the tools that he showed and I think he'll only get better as he gets older. Good learning experience for Jake. He gets a thumbs up from me
  13. When I heard the news I was initially disappointed but having let it sink in I suppose it's for the best.