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  1. Cheesy Joke Thread

    Mountains are not funny they are hilarious.
  2. Ask The Poster Below You Anything

    Neither. I snort it. Why is a mans sexual peak 3 weeks whan he is 17 and a womans is from 40-45?
  3. Tennis

    Rafa is a little steroid freak that needs to buy shorts that fit so he doesn’t have to keep pulling them out of his butt 500 times a match. Yeah he’s the greatest clay court player ever but he’s nowhere near as good as McEnroe, Borg, Becker, Sampras or Fed.
  4. Ask The Poster Below You Anything

    No, beacause nothing means anything. Why do people support Trump?
  5. Things that annoy you.

    When you are unloading the dishwasher and get two forktines jammed between the nail and your middle finger.
  6. Ask The Poster Below You Anything

    Related or inserted, can you please clarify? What would you do if you found out your date was a hermaphrodite?
  7. Ask The Poster Below You Anything

    Hitler, dude had a stiff upper lip. Why is the sky blue?
  8. Creating a Story 1 word at a time

  9. Creating a Story 1 word at a time

  10. Ask Cramarossa Anything

    As someone who is going through a breakup this made me cry. Thank you.
  11. Creating a Story 1 word at a time

  12. Creating a Story 1 word at a time

  13. Will we finish higher or lower in the standings?

    We scored 218 goals as a team last year and we look hard pressed to get that many this coming season. We likely end up bottom 5 again before trending upwards. As a fan born the same year as the team I am really looking forward to seeing the growth of the young players and prospects this season. There are enough vets to make sure there is a good ‘team culture’ and ensure a safe working environment for the young guys. Let Green continue to instill his game into the young core - although we will likely lose more than we win at least we should be more fun/interesting to watch.