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  1. Please let the sedins retire

    dont think its even possible for the team to be worse. What are you watching?
  2. Please let the sedins retire

    Bring in some vets that at there prime played an agressive speed oriented style and have a voce. Tell me sedins arent vocal and there cycle style doesnt work. how do they help?? telling them when to get on the team bus???????????????
  3. Please let the sedins retire

    if you listened to JB's comments re: the sedins and vanek you must have an opinion on this??? Seriously. ARE THE SEDINS SLOWING THE GROWTH OF THIS TEAM.?????? WELL YES THEY ARE IN MY OPINION. The team is still playing the same drop pass, or dump behind the net to start the cycle system they have done. Sedins are soft and dont want them as third liners on a team with no top end players. Bye Bye. Love them but peace out
  4. Please let the sedins retire

    Next year the roster looks dismal. Absolutely. Yes the Sedins can be leaders. KIND OF>>>> the cycle is dead. In my opinion, don't troll me. Any chance that the Sedins cycle, puck control style may be a negative influence on the overall effort, and will of the team. Especially for the younger players. How other then experience can they help the growth of this team. And before you kill me on the experience thing have they ever been vocal leaders??? Please don't resign them. Comments???? Keep them in the organization but no more Sedin's please
  5. This line makes zero zero zero sense even in the power play. All passers. It is absolutely stupid. Why ?????? What is the thinking process here at all.
  6. Sekeres throws BS shade at Goldy

    Pratt stirs the pot at 1040 and they make $&!# up to fill the show. It's negative and sometimes it actually impacts the player. That's out market. We have one major team and not much else to talk about. Plus no one has shut them up. Yes Canucks have been poorly managed and still haven't proved different. But our media beats it to death. Boeser has killed it in the preseason. Should be the topic not why vanek is here. He has been mentoring him.
  7. How many think Brock Boeser looks NHL ready?

    Absolutely ready. And could compete for rookie of the year. Only thing he could gain from Utica is they win more games down there. Lol. P.s. Rodin was aweful. Jolievi average and subban thinks he's a forward and would probably be better at one. Helm not bad. Brock needs to play with the big boys. Why waste the time. He's dominant.
  8. Jordan Subban | D

    This guy should be a forward. What the hell is he doing as a dman. He is aweful as a defender beside the fact he can rush the ice. Dangerous as heck in the offensive zone. Clueless with zero effort in his own zone. No idea what they should do with him. Don't think he gets that he is a defend men and his primary goal is to defend and stop goals. He could be great but I think he's aweful.
  9. Olli Juolevi | D

    Pretty average looking dman. But seems like he is well positioned and works well with experienced players. At best a 2-3 dman. Don't think he will be an impact player. Reminds me of hammer. Hope I'm wrong
  10. 2017-2018 line up (with what we have)

    Boeser deserves a roster spot for sure. Granlund prob best fit with the Sedins. U can throw Erickson in here and there depending on matchups. Ganger should be third line Center. Sutter on the he forth line as a impact 12 to 15 minute a game line.
  11. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Why are we still talking about burrows?? First topic I see when I log in after some time away. Really? Lots to talk about on this team and burrows has zero to do with it except the fact I do believe we have a solid prospect in return for him.
  12. Kassian for Hodgson now ?

    Seems like anytime I say anything on this forum now the bull$&!# admins that started over the past few years lock it. Or the kid crybaby fans say I'm trolling. But whatever I like to speak my mind. Kassian was messed up but he had the Sedins and a half wanting to be here Kessler as mentors. Do you really think that would unleash the player he can be. No. I said it before I say it again. You want to win playoff hockey which we aren't close to even getting into. You need to be a fighter, heart determination. Kill to win. Sedins never had that. Not in there nature. Management failed to see that or at least properly make the changes needed. I truly think Kessler saw that. That's why he wanted it. This guy loved the city before. Sedins elder weak. These are $&!#ty mentors
  13. Long way to go

    Ps. Love bo horvat. But he looks good on a the worse offence in the league. So don't get to excited. He is a very solid top six forward. Very sold player. Not an elite top three player unless he surrounded by ever better players then him. Not that type of talent. He's the future captain. Like I said a long way to go.
  14. Long way to go

    Okay here we go: they hired and kept Willy d. If they wanted to do on the fly rebuild this guy made coaching mistakes left and right. And if they want to bring up young players come on. Markstrom virtanen goldobin not handled well bad signings. Injured Dorset, sutter, Erickson. Name a good signing?? Zero direction. Media and consumer confusion. Are we trying to win now and we rebuilding. ? these are a few mishaps. Yes we have some young talent. So do most NHL teams. Long long long way to go. Need sharp management. These guys won't get it done.
  15. Some promising players on the team. Not one potential dominating player sorry horvat lovers. Call it trolling and u heard it before but these clowns linden and Benning really set the team back a couple years. Never going to be a legit team til they are gone. Top down