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  1. If they can pull a Evander Kane for Sbisa and a 2nd. Then sign another dman (Russell if room) Sedin Sedin Erikson Kane Horvat Beartski Burrows Sutter Hansen Dorsett Granlund Etem Rodin. (Virtanen in Utica) tanev edler hutton gudbranson russel? Tryamkin larsen biega miller markstrom this could be a playoff team. Kane is a risk but could pay off big time playing back home and would sell tickets
  2. I know it's only two preseason games. But zero goals in six periods of 5 on 5. Thoughts. Concerns. Optimism ?
  3. elaborate, you seem to be more of the idiot with zero explanation
  4. In two off seasons he's made terrible decisions. And the fan base is everything to a sports franchise. The signing of Miller and trading of a fan favourite in Lack was silly. He got schooled by San Jose in the Bieksa fiasco. Players could have been traded last deadline for more if rebuild was the plan. No the plan shows scrambling to make playoffs as a below average team. And now what are they left with? Bottom 10 team next year I guess that is a direction but if we were to be a bottom ten team we should have much more young talent and future pics to work with. This team had limited pics this year to boot! People need to realize this team is not improving as fast as the rest of the league is through talent on the current roster combined with youth! Aging top players in the Sedins combined with some talent in Horvat and JV dont cut it! That will not make us even close to a contender in the next 3 years and yes the direction should have been to be a top 10 team!
  5. I do not believe JIm Benning or Trevor Linden truly had a plan when it comes to this hockey team. They seem to be now scrambling to make decisions that don't really add up to a direction either. Some may argue that they are planning a rebuild and unloading contracts for the future. And bringing in the young players to develop. If so..... Why sign Miller to a 3 year 6 mil contract only to trade a young semi proven goalie and fan favorite in Lack To mentor Markstrom? Seriously Markstrom hasn't proven a thing at the Nhl level and was on the way out the door last year Why trade Kassian for a 31 year old player? Why sign Vrbata? He's not young and will be gone next year Why keep the Sedins to age at 7mil cap space. Why? Why? Why? What has the regime done to improve this team moving forward. Sure he drafted Virtanen and couple other potentials. But so did every other team in the league. Sad days for Canucks nation. At least we are having great weather
  6. Like I said whe I started this post and so many people disagreed. Vey does not fit in this lineup. He can't take face offs. Is soft. And isn't a top 6 player. He is a star AHL player. I hope he can develop to more. But at this point he does not improve this team.
  7. i am not sure what games you have been watching against teams with any depth (TB or Dallas). Vey is clearly not the only issue with the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th line. (second line was awful in dallas). The topic is that he is not currently fitting in the line-up. He does not look good at center (can't win draws). He isn't an impactful 3rd or 4th line winger (needs to be physical) if he is in fact a second line winger ( someone has to move out, or down the lineup, (higgins/ burrows)(not sure he's better then these guys) if he is going to play center nothing has shown me that he is ready for that. on the pp he has been semi-effective (honestly not many players wouldn't playing of the sedins) --his goal on the pp anyone could have put that in and he almost wiffed it
  8. Honestly I think he needs to develop more. Either he is a centre that can win face-offs, or a playmaking winger in the top 6. Right now he isn't an affective centre, and doesn't fit as top 6 winger. He needs some time in Utica to develop as a centre, or possibly it won't work out. As i see it we are missing a checking 3rd line, and the pieces are not clicking, especially defensively. What may, i say may work (at least a little better) would be something like this: sedin sedin vrbata burr bonino kass higgins horvat (not sure if he's ready) hansen (checking line) matthais (hasn't looked good) richardson dorsett this isn't a proposal thread. it seems that Willie is trying to make something work thats just not there. could vey be a 3rd or 4 th line centre. only if he can take draws. As a 3rd 4th line winger i don't see it at all