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  1. Well if Gear was around during the Beagle, Roussel, Sutter contracts then I would assume he's just another yes man.
  2. 'You called a snap election during a Pandemic? That's dirty pool mister.' - Hank Hill
  3. Because a simple runny nose is not a sign of covid. I had a headache every day when we had wildfire smoke, was also fatigued - no way at any point did I feel I had Covid. I'd get a runny nose all the time at school, I remembered this because it was embarrassing lol.
  4. Hell no. If this teams takes a step backwards then its adios Senior Benning.
  5. So how did you guys snag one? I signed up for Bestbuy, London Drugs, Shoppers and Amazon online.
  6. Bastard, I can't even get one. Short supply sucks when people snag up multiple systems.
  7. I didn't even notice lol, was trying to make up my mind which to buy, oh well.
  8. Dang that's pricey, most new games are 90 bucks as well.
  9. Yeah well so is Boesers game. Game seven vs. Vegas he finally unloaded a wrister and it wasn't even close. He doesn't have that shot anymore for whatever reason.
  10. Vegas has no character, when a team has no character they cannot overcome adversity. Thatchy D comes along and blanks them and all of a sudden they're a high scoring team that cannot score, so what are they now? A bunch of cocky me-first players that have no business winning the cup. Certified Grade A Chokejob. In cap Era you will not find a more stacked roster in the history of the NHL and they effin blew it and the Nucks showed the hockey world just how to shut them up. Toronto, Boston and Vegas - the effin Trident of hatred.
  11. Eff no lol. As if 17 people have bought that lol.