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  1. Not surprised one bit.
  2. So there's still hope for me? Excellent
  3. Our work has the worst bbq's. They had a bbq last month for sales and customer's only and they had an abundant amount of burgers and hotdogs and all that yummy stuff. Now they have a company bbq for employees and it's all salad and chicken that's coated in god knows what. C'mon, I haven't had a burger in over a year! Plus I had to tend to some work while they were serving the first batch of bbq chicken so I missed out on the only thing that looks half decent. So all I ended up eating was two pieces of bread. So lame, my morale took a dip today. I miss sweet baked goods. It's been a year since I stopped eating sweets and fast food and tbh I haven't received the results I have been hoping for. I am 6' and weigh usually between 200-215 and was hoping to get rid of all this jelly on my stomach and chest! I really wanted to walk along the beach with my shirt off and not feel embarrassed.
  4. 2 goals in game seven with broken ribs, he almost won that game on his own. BTW Linden can still get us a cup. That's the one thing missing from the OP, leadership. Putting the team on your back and not getting speed bag in the face, or choking on the road when it counts. Hopefully when Horvat takes the reigns and the Sedin purgatory ends, we'll have better luck in the playoffs. No doubt eh? Stop looking around for molds to follow and just ice the best possible lineup. Actually what the Canucks should do is sign someone who has a relative working for the department of player safety
  5. Is it google earth? My computer at work is slow so I am going to check this out when I get home. The BC wildfire site just shows wildfire spots not actual satellite images. From what I see I don't see anything near Young Lake, but it also doesn't show anything near Loon Lake which is odd unless that fire is already contained.
  6. I think we dodge a massive bullet here.
  7. Not bad! You can call him whatever you want, I like Bowzer for some reason though he looks more like a koopa troopa.
  8. Should've asked him to sign his tie first, then a selfie, then stamp his application DENIED!
  9. RIP. I wasn't a LP fan but this news is tragic, my thoughts go out to his 6 kids
  10. Exactly, how can anyone say Bettman has been anything but a disgrace to this sport is beyond me. Revenue argument doesn't hold any weight, that's like saying I am a cunning property investor because my house has double in price through the years. 2 Lockouts, Deadpuck Era, horrid officiating, unethical management, selling franchises to con artists(Spano, Del Baggio), yadda yadda yadda.
  11. Is there a site where you can look at updated satellite images? My dad's friend said he can look at his cabin in Loon Lake and said it's pretty closed to being charred. Our cabin at Young Lake is getting close to this mess so I would like to check it out.
  12. I disagree wholeheartedly. NHL is last in terms of growth compared to the other major sports in N.America, and still doesn't get a snuff on ESPN and in majority of the states. Ottawa couldn't sell out in the Eastern Conference finals, the two lockouts did hurt the NHL, bigtime. Then there was that little blunder in selling a franchise to a con artist. Teams like Carolina that have already won a cup are back to struggling selling tickets. Bettman has been a cancer to the sport of hockey for quite some time. Oh and we're due for another lockout in 2 years. He's been flawlessly horrid.