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  1. I used to be addicted to WoW as well, it's not healthy spending all that time in front of a screen. I notice with these online personalities that most aren't mentally stable.
  2. Sorry I have to ask was the shooter also black? From the same website: Chicago officials announce 4th of July weekend safety plan to combat violence, shootings Geez good luck with that.
  3. Dam they're pulling out like a seasoned male porn star. and I am banned.
  4. I want You I want You I want Youtube ad-free
  5. I hear you and I am dealing with the same problem. I took some pics in case I do get it.
  6. At least for Canada day it's probably for the best we're getting all this crappy weather, also quite symbolic of 2020 so far.
  7. I did lol though I believe it was half price. I see NBA2k is milking Kobe's death, pretty pathetic tbh. Anywho quite the decision what version to buy as the Mamba edition will be able to transfer between both consoles.
  8. Tre Mac

    NFL thread

    I assume it'll be the whole shebang
  9. But his last concussion was from minimal contact then he couldn't last a period in the AHL in his come back stint, we'll see I guess but you have to think that another concussion and his career is over - is it really worth the risk?
  10. Tre Mac

    NFL thread

    Looks like the Redskins are finally going to change that name, not that I really care but the call for the Eskimos to change their name baffles me tbh. Also the SFU clan are getting pressure to change their name as well. It's a shame that the word 'clan' is offensive to some people all because the KKK but it is what it is.
  11. I don't see much of a future in the NHL for a neutered Ferland tbh.
  12. Take a pic and send it to Worksafe BC, if you're fearful of getting Corona at work, which is warranted, then don't work at least you'll have proof that protocols aren't being followed. Read the post above yours, 38yo man will need a full lung transplant - and he's not going to get one. I still don't feel comfortable getting my haircut - trying to borrow some clippers.
  13. Be prepared to get throttled then because there are folks out there that won't tolerate such idiocy.