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  1. I felt nothing when I heard of his passing, not much of a basketball fan and of course I didn't know him personally. To most he was a icon so naturally they would be upset. No one can deny he was one of the most known athletes worldwide. I see you're getting a lot of flak for what you posted but I agree with the bolded. If you're going to remember someone you have to include the good and the bad, and what happened in Colorado cannot be swept under the rug, it was a huge point in his life and playing career. To those that say this is not the place - well it is, and to those that say Alf is just trolling and he should log off perhaps they should do the same if they're going to get this emotional over someone they never knew personally. RIP to all the fallen, and condolences to the families involved.
  2. Tbh I wouldn't trade Petey for anyone in the NHL sans McDizzle and maybe MacKinnon if I am building a franchise.
  3. I think we all can agree the Nucks should sign Johnny Walker Jr. based on his name alone. Max Johnson Jr. should also get some consideration.
  4. I like the hits vid, it would be pretty insane watching primarily soccer and discovering hockey for the first time. "How is he not dead?"
  5. Poulin > Eriksson. Eh, not a fan of 3v3 regardless of who's playing. Really disappointed it's in the WJrs.
  6. I don't know why I click on these threads - my smart watch is going off about my heart rate now. Absolutely disgusting.
  7. Picked it up but haven't installed it yet. I too like their selection but the shipping needs to be better. Even Amazon stopped using Fedex Ground - They're much worse than UPS.
  8. Tre Mac

    NHL 20 Thread

    Also they really need to allow us to fully edit players in franchise mode, especially pass/shot bias. Madden let's you edit names, appearance and ratings.
  9. Tre Mac

    NHL 20 Thread

    Never noticed the CPU vs. CPU option, just like Madden. I love this feature, basically being a GM and watching how it pans out. I don't watch every minute but its nice to do in important games.
  10. Probably my favorite Canuck name to pronounce with an accent since Enrico Ciccone. Grats Vasili!
  11. So I ordered this nice looking $450 TV stand with a built in fireplace from Wayfair. They say free delivery however they used FedEx ground and they're terrible. I booked time off work to receive this twice and got the run around. So I called Wayfair and said if I cannot get this thing delivered then just cancelled the order - which they did. However I called back to confirm and they said you might as well pick it up if you can and they wont charge me and even threw in the $80 handyman service to have it assembled. I am picking it up today - there has to be a catch(probably damaged). I notice the price went up $100.
  12. Tre Mac

    NBA Discussion

    Good for him, don't follow much hoops but nice he rebounded from that injury. The Pelicans though.... change that name lol.