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  1. Tre Mac

    2019 March Madness

    Gators Hopping on the Barrett bandwagon
  2. The hate this guy still gets from some of you clowns is comical, just until the playoffs.
  3. Inheritance unfortunately. My mom put a down payment on the place where I currently reside and I took over the payments when she passed away shortly thereafter. There was no way I could get a loan at the time and she probably knew that.
  4. Haha, what could go wrong?
  5. According to Botch EP40 wants to work on his skating and he(EP40) thinks he can be faster than McDavid. I thought he kind of got shafted a bit during the ASG fastest skater as he didn't start off right away. Imagine a bigger, faster, stronger Petey
  6. Looked so much brighter on TV too
  7. I remember the last time the Canucks were in Minnesota and their organist was just slaying it lol. Among the hits were Sugarloaf's Green Eye Lady and a bunch of other gems I cannot remember. Matt Good's may not be bumping but some of their songs could work during penalties/powerplays/etc. I should've said Matthew Good Band and play something like Raygun/Alabama Motel Room/Indestructible/etc.
  8. Did she seriously play Whitney? I think Anaheim plays the best music out of any arena, I am biased because I love punk and they're near the punk hotbed of Orange County, but all they need to do is just copy their playlist and change the goal song to something our own. Lot's of local bands to choose from which brings me to my next point. When has anyone heard local music at Rogers during the game? Nickelback doesn't count(they're from Alberta) lol. Play some Gob/Moist/Matt Good/Odds/Pride Tiger/DOA/Holly McNarland/Strapping young Lad/etc. And yeah at risk of sounding like an old man, enough with the rap and techno crap, play real music. If the guitars aren't prominent the music doesn't rock and if the music doesn't rock the fans wont get loud.
  9. No 'DJ's' Just need someone to play energetic music not to remix crap music. She should've been fired immediately after the Chelsea Dagger fiasco. True. So True.
  10. Tre Mac

    2019 March Madness

    DAY 2 BRACKET Hope the basketball team can do what the football team did and beat Michigan once again. Go Gators!
  11. Don't change a thing Edmonton: Nicholson is the latest to have his resume/legacy tarnished by joining this tire-fire, what a moronic comment.
  12. Brook Ward is hella annoying, goes off on these tangents. Man, stick to the point and let the guests speak.
  13. Shocked he got a game tbh. DoPS woke up a little less incompetent today I suppose.