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  1. @#$%^ no, you just know if he signs here he'll be an overpaid bust just like every other free agent that has come here.
  2. Tre Mac

    NFL thread

    Likely just got a happy ending at a massage parlour, big whoop(isn't this legal in some states?). He's a widow. In the end I don't really care, doesn't effect what the Pats do on the field.
  3. Tre Mac

    NFL thread

    He's not even the oldest one busted, another guy was born in 1939.
  4. Tre Mac

    Erik Gudbranson | #44 | D

    I think it's a bit of both, not a fan of Baumer.
  5. Tre Mac

    Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    I think this is what gets lost if people don't get to watch Canuck games, anyone can watch the endless offensive highlights and look at the stats but to actually see him dive to break up a play in the defensive zone is what is going to separate him from McDavid, we get to see that night in and night out but the average hockey fan wont get to see that. He even talks in the vid how hard it'll be to convince people that EP40 will be better, a few defensive highlights would've helped the cause.
  6. Whenever I scratch my Dzingle too much I reach for the ointment.
  7. Tre Mac

    Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    Decent vid but he really needs to showcase EP40's defensive plays if he wants to convince people he'll be better than McJesus.
  8. Tre Mac

    NFL thread

    The Sultan of Sulk talking about respect? The one who wouldn't celebrate another teammates TD because he felt he didn't get enough touches?
  9. I'd be shocked if he's moved. Draft picks and prospects are only worth it if they're actually good. All the hype around Goldy and Dahlen and neither could be apart of this team next year, you never know. I wouldn't be disappointed if they just resign Edler either, but if they lost him for nothing than that's not looking good for JB.
  10. It's cute you guys are discussing who to take 1st overall as if this franchise has any luck in the draft lottery lol. Hopefully if they do miss the playoffs they can at least snag a Dman like Byram around the 5-9 range. That's the biggest need right now, we need (more)elite talent on the backend(yes I know we have QH but he hasn't played a game yet).
  11. Tre Mac

    Anti-vaccination, whats old is new again

    Thanks because I don't bother with flu shots and don't feel like I am compromising other people's health because of that. If I had to chose which is more likely to have adverse effects a vaccine or a flu shot I'd say a flu shot. I don't get them because I think they can compromise your immune system, even in a microscopic way.
  12. Tre Mac

    Cap Friendly down

    I feel it's been down for Benning for quite some time with the contracts he dishes out during free agency
  13. Tre Mac


    I wear jogging pants from Oct-Mar. I got them at Wal-Mart and a female friend kept bringing them up and asking where I got them. I still don't know what the big deal is, something to do with the bottom of the legs. She and her friends then went to Wal-Mart and bought a bunch. Of course I don't wear anything underneath.... because of the sheer comfort. Why is it ok for woman to showcase the goods and not me(n)? I am bucking that trend in gigantic fashion.
  14. Tre Mac

    Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    You mean he's got North American heart with European skill lol? I remember Benning being raked over the coals for that comment and then he goes out and drafts EP40 like a effin boss.
  15. Tre Mac

    Don Cherry vs. The Carolina Hurricanes

    You guys will miss Don Cherry once he's gone. I agree 100% with him on this. I wouldn't want a team from any respectable league doing this kind of crap. Cannot believe that franchise has a cup, pathetic. Part of that sweet Tampa, Anaheim, Dallas and Carolina cup run for Gary, how convenient.
  16. Tre Mac

    The Definitive Thread of Unequivocal Boredom

    Well I ate some batter and didn't get sick, so good.
  17. It's 11:35am, I work until 2:10pm but have nothing to do. Yup... that's less than three hours I have to kill. If I was home right now I would most likely be playing guitar or sleeping. So why did you click here? If your a moderator no doubt you came in here to make sure there's no nude pics of myself, and there isn't as long as you don't click on the spoiler box below. If you're just a CDC member, or Keyboard Simpleton as I refer to them, then why would you waste your time coming here if you weren't as bored as me? Perhaps you feel compelled to open every thread on this site. Or you just simply came here to peer into the utopia that is White Noise and bask in the never ending glow of it's newest thread. I can't answer these questions, but what I can do is give you and everyone else an avenue in which to discuss your blatant disregard of busyness and time sensitive matters. My username is Tre Mac, my real name is Trevarious MacMackin and I am bored.
  18. Tre Mac

    The Definitive Thread of Unequivocal Boredom

    Blur was the first cd I ever bought, $25 at the local mall. I worked part time all summer and bought a CD player. The album was Parklife so it mustve been around 1994. I lived in White Rock most of my life. I loved their first album tbh.
  19. Tre Mac

    The Definitive Thread of Unequivocal Boredom

    I made Brownie batter in a moment of sheer weakness. They say don't raw dough but I've never gotten sick and I ate a ton as a kid. I used a recipe in my mom's old cookbook, lots of eggs and butter. So delicious yet so potentially gut wrenching. Why? I love to visit Iceland, probably via a nice cruise though.
  20. Tre Mac

    Crude Oil Train Derails in Manitoba

    They lost on the road to the Jets 7-2.
  21. Traded from a Dumpster fire to a goalie graveyard.
  22. Tre Mac

    [Report] Canucks recall Luke Schenn

    But he can read it
  23. Tre Mac

    [Report] Canucks recall Luke Schenn

    "Put him in for Guddy." He's replacing Brisebois, Pouloit or Biega. I feel bad for Gudbranson
  24. Get ready for a ton of Goldobin for Pujuarvi trade proposals.

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    2. Tre Mac

      Tre Mac

      Well when he starts to do good I'll learn to spell his name right.::D

    3. 48MPHSlapShot


      Nah. We're already trading Goldobin, Granlund, and our 2020 1st for Huberdeau



    4. coastal.view


      so confused now

      i thought goldy was required

      to ensure tryamkin returns

      oh dear

      what is happening with that plan



  25. Tre Mac

    NFL thread

    From Reddit: Gotta go with Madden 04' Vick, he's on par with Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson.