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  1. It wont, even in the Alberta funded campaign it states 'approving this pipeline is a good start." Legally they know they cannot state it will reduce gas prices. Of course those ads are obviously catering to the fools and sadly judging from this thread it's working.
  2. Trying to think of my top 5 non-battle scenes (in no order): Arya's first training session with Syrio Forel with Ned looking on. Interesting the noise that Ned hears is a bunch of soldiers dropping their swords a la what happened in King's Landing. Did the army for the Targaryens also surrender during Robert's Rebellion? Tower of Joy scene. Probably my favorite scene. Oberyn agrees to be Tyrion's champion. The conversation between Varys and Littlefinger in the Iron throne room. When Brienne finally finds Sansa and swears to protect her.
  3. I agree with them on this one, they're ugly and it's nothing more than a cash grab. There is nothing 'new' when you re-use the same color scheme and logos. And most of thier audience, over 60%, are also unhappy with the changes.
  4. U G L Y These new uni's aint got no alibi


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    2. Roberts


      it is indeed him ::D

    3. Tre Mac

      Tre Mac

      Man he needs a new agent then.  Unless he is a die hard fan, still kind of weird.  

    4. Roberts


      He is a big Canucks fan, he and some of the other Corner Gas cast actually live in Vancouver.


  5. Mercedes Benz motto:  The best or nothing.  Well what if they give you nothing?

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    2. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      they did, it was the 4 door smart car


    3. Ghostsof1915


      Not so smart for buying car? 

    4. Ghostsof1915


      I can buy a Can-Am Spyder. Buy rain gear, and use my backpack and haul more stuff and have fun for less than a Smart car. 

  6. I am the exact opposite - I'd like the 94 color scheme but maybe a different logo. That's just ugly^
  7. Off topic but was this staged? Because that really doesn't look like someone that got smacked in the knee. Last time I banged my knee I almost puked and my face was beat-red. There's not even any tears lol. AFIAK most GM's are heavily involved in the first pick but rely more and more on the scouts as the draft progresses, to the point where it's entirely the scouting staff picking in the later rounds. Besides this isn't much of a comparison and I also note that you can be an absolute genius drafting( /cough Mike Milbury) and still look like a colossal ass when you make poor trades and bad free agent signings.
  8. Yup an example I heard was last World Cup when Germany thumped Brazil, the host nation. After four goals there were no over the top celebrations. Also noted that most U19 teams in N. America could beat the Thai national team so it wasn't a triumphant feat.
  9. I bet the Thai girls were asking why don't their government spend millions of dollars funding sports and then more millions of dollars masking doping results.
  10. Feels so good outside I'll think I'll stay here (Stay herrrrrrrrrre)

    1. brilac


      Tre Mac!  I love this weather!  I have my red sunnies, and am ready to hit the sun!

    2. coastal.view
  11. That's one thing I like about baseball. I believe Polo Grounds had a gigantic outfield way back in the day but all the stadiums had different dimensions.
  12. If he wants 3 years or anything over $4mil then it's Bye Felecia. Haha, gold.
  13. I just came here to say I once deflected a dodgeball into my teachers face, though we called "European Handball".
  14. I hope the prequel takes place when the Starks and Lannisters houses first start out. I hope they go that route rather than just focusing on the Children of the Forest and the white walkers. The fact Bronn alluded to the cutthroat that started House Lannister might be a sign that they're going this route.
  15. Well the difference between a wood bug and a silverfish is going to be speed, silverfish=McDavid, wood bug=Lucic. I am guessing wood bug because you shouldn't feel a silverfish after you pick it up, they are brittle like paper. A wood bug however can take some pressure, they don't swim but they do live under water for a few minutes. Also think they're not suppose to be eaten so your cat won't touch it. I learned that on Survivorman, if you see little bugs that are slow and move around without a care in the world it usually means they're likely poisonous or not safe to eat, that's why other animals wont touch them. I had a silverfish problem as well, it actually turned into an infestation. Once I saw them in my utensil drawer it was time to call the Orkin Man. We get them in our sauna and one time I was lying down and one was on the ceiling, #$%^er got right over top of me and I thought he's gonna fall on my head and sure enough that bastard tried but I matrix'd out of the way in time. I hate moths and saw the second coming of Mothra in my bathroom. So I got my cat and she batted it against the wall, made this gigantic smear of moth guts and then ate it, it was disgusting lol. She also brought a dead bat into my room, ate countless spiders, birds, moles, and even slayed a gigantic butterfly, she was ruthless.
  16. Almost June already... dam this year is flying by. Was hoping to have a decent beach bod by now, oh well.. At least I can suck in the gut and look half decent in a pinch lol. The important thing is I am working out and underneath a small layer of blubber there is a 6 pack dying to come out. My core is as strong as it's ever been, i ripped off a couple of ab exercises from a video game lol, they seem to work! Plus spending a lot of time swimming and in the sauna, my tan is mint though, already darker than some of the asians I work with(I am sure that offended somebody, oops)
  17. Amen, me too. Haha, haven't even eaten apple in 30 years as well. THAT'S HOW MUCH I DESPISE THE BRAND
  18. Still remember when Brashear fought Peter Worrell from Florida and Jim Robson says "Two of the premiere black fighters in the NHL". Obviously a lot of love for Brash, Gino, Fraser and Ripper but I'd like to give a shout out to some lightweights who could throw 'em: Scott Walker and Dave Scatchard(sp?).
  19. No doubt, being a fan doesn't involve defending the ownership. I hope some more controversies come and that family is forced to sell the team, they'll never win the Cup so do whats best for the fan base and the team. I know it wont happen but a fan can dream.