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  1. Dan and vrby wouldn't have waived last year. This horse is already been beaten to death and it's only been a day.
  2. No kidding. Or connaughton for roy baby, or any of nonis ' horrid deals. The last deadline that was good for us was 2011 with Lapierre and Higgins but we were first in the league and ultimately we never won the cup :(. Trade deadlines are all hype. I totally buy into it though, but this is a great reminder. +1
  3. Great point. +1
  4. Kind of embarrassing that only one person that we were "shopping" was scooped up, and it was via the waiver wire. I have lots of faith in linden and Benning but I hope it's not blind homerism. I'm giving them the chance to redeem themselves at the draft and off season/free agency into training camp.
  5. After the draft the doom and gloom will stop.
  6. Had a feeling about hamhuis in the back of my mind. But Vrbata???? Has there been any word on Vrbata? ????
  7. Can we trade vrbata for a 6th? Jesus let's get something done
  8. Lol because Im understanding of the many variables behind the scenes? Every good player that gets scooped up doesn't always have to be a bad non move by the Canucks. I'm gonna give this management team a 3-5 year window, like most regimes .
  9. Ya ! And the other 27 gms. What a joke.
  10. It's not serious though, and he is almost healthy by the sounds of it. Willie did say "about a week." Surely there has to be some interest in him, he would do well with a change of scenery. Most likely eastern conference.
  11. Pretty silent on the vrbata front. I want him traded more than Hammer. Hamhuis has deserved his decision. I wouldn't be that Mad if he decided not to leave, he's a Canuck through and through. But vrbata has got to go!
  12. Fake post. Goof
  13. ...... he drafted Dwight Howard against everyone's opinion. Seems like a smart guy to me
  14. Noon pt 3 et