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  1. I have never really liked Markstrom to be honest, and I agree that he is not starter goalie caliber. He's had his moments here and there, but overall I find he is quite average, not a difference maker like the way Lack was. I was really disappointed about losing Lack. Hopefully Nilsson can keep playing like he did against Ottawa and become the starter. We need top notch goal tending at a time like this, to keep us in the game.
  2. When he was first signed, I thought he would be a great addition to the team. He played well with the Sedins in the Olympics so it made sense. I don't get why he hasn't been able to play well with them on the Canucks like he did with them for Sweden. Is it the Canucks different system? The pressure/expectations weighing down on him? What??? Well I am as pissed off as anyone about how disappointing he has been so far, especially considering his contract, but I'm still clinging to one last hope that he can rebound and start performing up to par. He said he vows to redeem himself this year so I'll give him the rest of this season to show it. If not, that's it.
  3. Here we go with another sh*ty season.
  4. (Reaction to Chaput & Megna getting cut) Ahh Yes........excellent........very excellent indeed.....
  5. Keep Boeser and Virtanen. Cut Biega or put Dorsett on IR.
  6. YES !! Chaput & Megna out. Best thing to happen so far along with Virtanen turning his game around and Boeser having a very strong preseason. Hopefully those cuts were to make room for them. I don't even want to hear the names Chaput and Megna ever again, let alone see them play another game with the Canucks.
  7. Agree. When the Canucks brought back Newell Brown it got me thinking the same thing. I'd love to see the management recreate the 2010 Canucks, or a similar version that is updated to fit with the current NHL landscape, but following the basic template of the 2010 team. Among other things, the team really needs another elite PMD like Ehrhoff. That guy was just phenomenal and fit so well on the team. A super fast, puck possession team with scoring depth up and down the line-up from the forwards to the d and strong goal tending.
  8. And you know like we feel these players will bring speed and skill to our group...
  9. Did you have a burning sensation when you did it?
  10. haha and the shoes look too long.
  11. Aha I see it now. Got it.
  12. Why all the hate against the Oilers? They have not been any big rival to the Canucks. Its the Canucks who have dominated them. The Ducks on the other hand have been dominating the Canucks since time immemorial. The Canucks always have trouble against that team, and it drives me crazy. I don't know what it is, if its that they know our system inside out or what, but are lucky if we get a SO or a win by one goal against them once or twice a season, the rest of the time they kick our asses. If there's one team in the entire NHL that I hate, its the Ducks. The only reason to dislike the Oilers is now, because they got all those high picks and McDavid etc and they are in it and we are not.
  13. Amazing game by the Oilers. Really impressed by them, hope they win the series. Can you imagine the Canucks playing a game like that against the Ducks? Its completely unthinkable. lol
  14. 4th or 5th here we come. The Canucks curse will ensure the worst possible outcome.