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  1. Last time I looked at the score it was 2-1. Had a 15 minute convo with a friend before another buddy said, "Dude, what happened to the Jets?" #shocked
  2. Love the white towel insanity! They stole it from us. We need to steal it back!
  3. Columbus is in the playoffs which is something Vancouver aspires to do, which may have happened with Torts but ... We'll never know.
  4. Dude, come on ... "not some asinine reason that the market can't handle him ..." You haven't been able to handle what I've said about Torts. You are proving my point! That's some straight up truth. I'm just saying, hey, there is another side with merit. But I do agree with you this team wasn't a fit for him. Was talking about that today with a friend who really got me to see that. .
  5. How about you prove to me you can see my side even though you may not agree? I can give you evidence but you don't get to define what evidence is.