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  1. Know what you mean. Initially I wasn't a fan of the expansion approach to Vegas. I've come to terms, though, with this new model. I do think it's better for the game (and fans) if expansion teams don't suck for years on end. I hated seeing expansion teams in non-traditional markets with so many empty seats each year and the hard sell of it all. In that regard, imo, some markets need to be spoon fed more so than others. I think it was crucial for Vegas to succeed out of the gate. Especially given the competition for entertainment in that city and the need for a major pro sports league to succeed there. I get it from that standpoint. I do think it's good if Seattle is competitive out of the gate. But it gets into territory of what's fair advantage. For me, it raises the question of just how much spoon feeding does Seattle actually need as a market to thrive? If anything, as a counter advantage, expansion teams shouldn't be able to select from teams that have never won a Stanley Cup. I don't think that's unfair. There aren't many left. As for Murray, that's exactly where I was coming from after seeing Fluery shine in Vegas. Not sure what the next contract will look like but he'll only be 27 in 2021. Although Murray's currently trending downward, his age and experience would give Seattle decent stability and the option to transition him to back up in 3-5 years or sooner depending on if they also take 23-24 year old goalies. My guess is that Seattle will favor age and experience, stability. I think they'll favor someone with proven starting experience first over potential. And if they follow what Vegas did, it's not a bad move to go after a name guy that fans can get excited about. Murray's got two cups and it's easier to sell a former champion to a city than an unknown. Who knows how this will shake out. I hate the thought of them taking Demko and having to face him in Seattle. It would just leave a bitter taste.
  2. Thanks for correcting me on all of that. Was out last night. I didn't put much thought into my post ... obviously. Tried to wing it. Agree, Demko better than Murray. Was thinking more from an experience standpoint. Can still see Murray being an appealing option if unprotected.
  3. Looking forward to exploring the psychology of Jake hate when he takes another step next season. It'll be therapy and counseling for the Jake haters at some point for hating Jake in the beginning.
  4. Right now ... Seattle takes ... Holtby Georgiev Murray
  5. Good point and also the mention of Merzilikins. Seattle actually has more options beyond Demko. People here act like Demko is a lock to be taken as if he's the best. I do believe Demko will be a top starting goalie but he isn't the only option. Seattle will probably follow Vegas and take experience and maturity first. There's also Georgiev from the Rangers if they re-sign him. He's 23 and primed to be a starter. Protect Shesterkin, expose Georgiev. If by some fluke Shesterkin isn't protected, Seattle grabs him over Demko.
  6. This ^^^^ all day long! Glad it was the first thing said in this thread.
  7. Well, you could also look at it this way, too ... JB signed Ryan Miller to 3 X $6 per. Miller was 33 at the time. So, you have to weigh the question of whether Markstrom at 30 is of equal value or more to the team now as Miller was at 33+ over those 3 seasons. If JB was willing to give Miller $6 million per, Markstrom has a really good case (and leverage) that he's at least of equal value and deserving of $6 million per. That's also after posting good numbers, being named team MVP and with an All-Star appearance. I'd say Markstrom gets a similar deal to Miller of 3 years at $6 million per, or it comes down to $5 to $5.5 but more term of 4 to 5 years.
  8. If you asked me back when we had those epic third period collapses and losing streak if we'd be here at the break, I wouldn't have predicted this. Speaks well of how this team has faced adversity, learned, and bounced back.
  9. Green's hair is getting grayer with each game. The pressure is intense this season. He needs to get us into or close to the playoffs. I'm predicting next season's opener, Green looks like this ...
  10. I know the ROH is an individual honor of impact, but ... If the ROH included all three Stanley Cup appearing teams, with displays of 1982 team photo, 94 team photo, and 2011, at least you could honor guys like Kesler without putting them in individually. So, when the debate comes up each time, you could say ... well, Kes is already in the ROH in the 2011 team. That honors his time here. Just a thought ...