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  1. Tonight I saw that little potbellied "Shout at the Devil", "Looks That Kill" fella!
  2. Before this thread dies and fades into the nether regions of the CDC, I've been thinking about the original pic I posted and Jim Benning's time as a Leaf back in the day ... It's interesting how fans see Acquilini as a meddling, controlling owner yet in The Hockey News pic above, Benning's first year as a player with Leafs was under Harold Ballard, one of the most controlling, meddling owners in NHL history. I'd love to ask Benning, now that he's been GM for a few years, what he learned as a player under an owner like Ballard, what he saw, and how that informs or compares to working with ownership in today's NHL. In the extension interview a couple days ago, Benning mentioned how he likes that ownership is passionate, involved and wants to win. It makes me wonder what he took away from those Ballard years in TO that helps him today as a GM.
  3. You mean this GOAL magazine? Found it in the same box.
  4. That's a good way to look at it just on a general level. When looking at his time here to date, I think it's important to separate the team he inherited, and the decision-making dynamics, from the team he created and the decisions made post-Sedins. I think his belief in the project is largely tied to ownership having the patience to look long-term so things are done right. It seems like we really are at that place of a unified vision from top down in the organization.
  5. Excellent perspective! That ethic also has a ripple effect. Good benchmark for players to see their GM applying it himself. That ethic and character often wins the long game, which I believe Benning is just starting to win.
  6. I just looked at Benning's final year stats for the Portland Winterhawks. In 72 games, he had 28 goals and 111 assists. No wonder he went Top 10.
  7. I thought the same thing. Don't remember Ottawa being in the expansion talk that early when the Rockies were playing. It was full decade before Ottawa entered the league. Oilers went from "slumping" to "thumping" lol
  8. Cool that you remember this issue. When I found it, the cover instantly transported me to that time period. Funny, I think there was another earlier issue of THN with just Benning on the cover after the draft. I had that as well. It may have been a magazine but I thought it was THN. I remember Benning was the only person on the cover. Used to read it cover to cover as well.
  9. They had ads for rollerblades before they were called "rollerblades". TO on year 15 of the rebuild at the time of this cover. The year before this, Benning was drafted #6 overall.
  10. So, a couple years ago I went back east to sort old boxes of things I packed up from growing up and found this below. I've been meaning to post this. It's been on my phone for two years. This is an issue of The Hockey News from January 29, 1982. The cover photo features Toronto's defensive youth movement - Bob McGill (center), Fred Boimistruck (left) and our GM, Jim Benning, 37 years ago. Interesting how we're comparing our rebuild to that of Toronto all these years later since this cover. Thoughts?
  11. People need fake news. It's justifies their fantasy. The truth is too hard. The local media hating on this extension is an opportunity for fans to say enough, we're smarter than that.