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  1. Thanks so much, Deb! I really appreciate the kind words. I was hesitant to post because of the sad/downer factor but there was so much positive that happened, so I figured, why not? I've been reflecting these past few weeks and it's amazing how that all worked out and the positive ripple effect she left ... including the cat.
  2. This may not seem positive on the surface but I want to share this anyway because positive did come out of a bad experience. My mother passed away at the end of February. Nearly six weeks ago. I had to fly back to the east coast that morning. It was devastating. She was in a nursing home, didn't pass from Covid-19 but rather complications from pneumonia. It was peaceful. I was there for two weeks taking care of final arrangements. It was a fairly slow process while I was there with a lot of running around, meeting people, preparing things, signing documents, arranging the service, etc, etc. As soon as I returned to Vancouver, the quarantine happened. It's been a lot to process in a short amount of time. The positive in this - which I'm truly grateful for - is that I was able to fly across the country just before all the restrictions were put in place, take care of everything, and carry out her final wishes exactly the way she wanted. As her only son, I feel so happy and proud that I was able to make good on her wishes for her the way she intended. I've been reflecting on the timing of it all and realize that had she passed during this quarantine, with social distancing, no gatherings, none of that would have been possible. The restrictions started immediately when I got back. I can't even imagine what would have happened. There's even a quarantine in place for people traveling from other provinces. It would have been a nightmare. The other positive is that those two weeks helped to bring my family closer together in a healthy way and start the process of healing old wounds. Again, had this happened during the quarantine, I highly doubt things would be this positive without a sense of normal closure. I look at things now today and think, wow, thank god for the timing. She got out just in time before this pandemic. And the other positive thing ... I brought her cat with me, so - in some way - my mom lives on through this amazing little cat.
  3. That's the big question. No one knows definitively. You could also ask why haven't there been mass outbreaks on the scale of Europe and US in some warmer countries. I don't know but there seems to be some sort of regional component as well. And it looks like not all regions are equal in all of this. Plus, people's blood cells in different regions may also react differently under different conditions. You asked, so I took a general stab at it. Who knows right now. But if we talk specifically about our region in regard to early studies and a possible link between the virus and temperature, there's some early evidence that suggests transmission is slower in warmer temperatures. If so, and that applies to our region, then the language used by Henry/Dix makes sense in that some restrictions (but not all) may be removed for 2-3 months when the risk of transmission is much lower but ramped back up again in the fall.
  4. This is exactly what I'm thinking. Some of the language from Henry/Dix has been suggestive of this from a best case standpoint. Even the other day she made mention that there's some evidence that may indicate a seasonal, warmer temperature component to the virus stalling. Also, I think they know it's going to be incredibly difficult to keep people inside once the full blown summer hits.
  5. There was a Wayne Gretzky special on today as well - 1989 Kings vs. Oilers when he became all-time points leader. Immediately following that they also showed the 1994 Kings vs. Canucks when he became all-time goal leader. It was an unexpected bonus getting to watch more 94 Canucks. Linden had a sweet goal against Hrudey, 2 on 1 with Momesso. Also great play between Bure and Gino ... ahhhh, the memories!!!!!
  6. LW - Miller C - Henrik RW- Bure LD - Tanev RD - Salo G - Miller
  7. I'm with you. I just think there are likely things Myers would be able to help him with in how he thinks about and uses his size on a smaller surface. Things he wouldn't get from average size players. I'm curious to see Tram back in the lineup after three seasons.
  8. I've always looked at Luongo coming to the Canucks as - on a certain level, in some way - Mike Keenan's way of trying to right the wrong of his time here and the Messier era. He took a "damaged goods" Bertuzzi, with a lot of risk and uncertainty, in exchange for Luongo. I've always found it interesting that if it wasn't for Keenan, we wouldn't have had Luongo, who really became the foundational move for that era our success.
  9. The way I see things, Tryamkin was 21 the last time he was here. He's got three more seasons of experience under his belt (albeit KHL) plus three more years of maturity. This time around we need to utilize him to leverage his natural strengths rather than trying to turn him into something he's not. I was at a few games that year and Tryamkin can be an impact player on D if we let him. For a big guy, imo, he moves the puck up ice well on the rush. Imo, he sees the ice really well too. He can also contain well, be a force in front, and make guys pay on the half-boards. Where we are right now, I think he's a much better fit as compared to the last time he was here. The opportunity to have two guys at 6'7 and 6'8 on our blue line is too great to pass up. I also think Myers and Tryamkin may be able to find some sort of good relationship as teammates. I mean, if I was a young guy at 6'7, it would be great to have a similar sized teammate who's been in the league and understands how you need to use your size. Myers could be the perfect mentor for him. At least from a relatability standpoint.
  10. Nice reasoned, grounded, well thought out and delivered post!