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  1. Yeah, I posted the video with the quote as reference because it's the only thing I found that addresses/answers it directly on air. I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure there was some sort of rule change around this in 1990s.
  2. Found this clip of Linden's goal. Watch the clip and listen to the end of it ... between 1:04 and 1:13 ... the announcer actually says ... "A shorthanded goal ... two delayed penalties, the referee had his hand up, but because of the goal they're both washed out."
  3. For me this isn't about the altruism of the protests or the importance of the social issue as a priority. I'm not anti-protest. That's not where I'm coming from here. I have no issue at all with the protests. I agree with everything you said regarding the value of the protests. From that perspective, all of this is valuable to produce greater awareness and a change in social consciousness. The heart of my point is the contradiction that's being exposed as a result of the protests. And I don't believe this contradiction is sustainable. I also don't believe the contradiction is nefarious or conspiratorial in any way. Much of it has been erring on the side of caution. But the more protests we continue to have with thousands of people and NO rises in cases as a result, at some point you have to step back and question the restrictions around large outdoor events. If people keep gathering in the thousands outdoors and no one's getting sick, THAT needs to be addressed. Health officials can't continue to say large outdoor events are a health risk to public safety if the protests are giving evidence to the contrary and proving otherwise. You ask a good question ... "Should we risk our health to attend a large group to watch a concert?" I'd answer that by asking, what risk is there if we're not seeing increases in cases from the protests? If anything - right now at this moment - the protests are providing evidence that you wouldn't be risking your health. We'll see how the cases evolve. Either mass outdoor gatherings are a significant risk to public health or they're a lower risk. The risk isn't contingent or fluid on whether it's a protest or a concert. A mass gathering is a mass gathering. The way this has evolved, the risk over the past few months, I'm questioning whether the risk factor for transmission outdoors for people in large groups is actually low. Or much, much lower than originally thought. The first time I thought about this was back in March in relation to the downtown eastside. From the outset of all of this people have been expecting and bracing for a huge outbreak in the DTES. If anywhere, with regard to transmission of the virus outside, we "should" have seen much larger numbers. That really hasn't materialized. Look at all the daily gatherings of people in large groups in that area. They're mainly outside all day long. I think the protests are needed and welcome but we also need a balance of other outdoor events to release or recover from tension. If protests aren't producing significant increases in cases, other outdoor events should be put to the test.
  4. Same here. That's great about your daughter. It's nice to hear. I'm just having a difficult time with how this is evolving and looking from a certain perspective ... that it's socially permissable to gather if it's in the name of social justice (and that's not a risk to public safety from the pandemic) yet we have to ask permission for all other outdoor events because they pose a risk to public safety. That's dangerous territory, imo, if the only events "allowed" or permissable are protests. It's an interesting time. I'm curious to see how things evolve in the next week or two case wise.
  5. I don't think I gave enough detail in my originsl post. It's the contradiction of it all that bothers me. The macro of it all rather than the micro. I'm not expecting social distancing measures to be enforced at a protest ... that's completely unrealistic ... nor would I want to see police crack down on the protests. I'm just starting to question the restrictions on outdoor events, festivals, etc, now that we're seeing people gather by the thousands. At the moment, it seems like without consequence. And if there aren't spikes in cases, I'd like for our health officials to address it.
  6. Sorry to hear. That's tough. I hope it's all working out.
  7. True. We may very well see spikes as a result. It'll be interesting to see. In no way am I saying to shut down the protests. That's not what I'm saying. Also, I'm not saying anyone was encouraging the protests either. A lot of businesses and livelihoods have been hurt by the cancellation of many outdoor events in all of 2020 in the name of safety to prevent people from gathering by the thousands. Obviously it was all done to err on the side of caution but I'd like to see health officials address this if we don't see those spikes. Who knows ... the protests may be the unforeseen experiment that shows large outdoor gatherings are okay.
  8. Thanks for clarifying. That's what I thought you meant. Well, they don't have "official permission" but they do have "social permission" that's more mainstream than ever before. It's unseen social currency/permission within a worthy fight for justice that's permissible. The thing is ... some of the online community groups I belong to now have things like "protest kits", "protest with a buddy" and "protest checklists" of essentials to bring to the event ... ie: Make sure you bring bottled water, your masks, foldable chairs, food, signage, umbrella, etc ... it's gone so mainstream now that it's no different than going to an outdoor concert or festival. Like I said above, I don't see how health officials can continue to prevent other outdoor events and say they pose a risk to public safety meanwhile people are organizing and gathering to protest by the thousands. If we don't see significant increases in cases as a result of these gatherings, at some point you have addess the contradiction.
  9. It's just not sitting well with me. I'm not sure how health officials can continue to say outdoor events are a health risk to public safety if people keep gathering in the hundreds/thousands to protest with no significant spikes in cases.
  10. Can you be more specific? Not sure how to interpret your context here.
  11. One thing that really bothers me that I'm having a hard time reconciling is the obvious contradiction between the COVID restrictions on people in groups and the mass gatherings/protests we've seen. So, this is the message I'm seeing out of this ... that it's ok to gather outside in large groups as long as it's a protest for social justice ... yet all other outdoor event for 2020 must be cancelled. I have zero issues with protesting or the right to protest. None. I care about the issues we face and the need for change. These protests are important and we need that aspect of society to thrive. I do, however, take issue with restrictions on mass gatherings, outdoor events being cancelled for the remainder of the year, businesses going under and livelihoods being ruined when those same restrictions don't apply to people gathering to protest in the hundreds and thousands. Especially if we don't see spikes or increases in cases. I can't be the only one who sees this or feels this way.
  12. One thing that really bothers me ... Your Mommy's all right Your Daddy's all right They just seem a little weird Surrender Surrender
  13. I went out downtown with friends tonight. Had a blast. Physical distancing, precautions, and sanitizing were amazing in the pub. Staff were on the ball 100%. It was so great to be out socializing responsibly
  14. Some will attempt to tarnish and marginalize the significance. Will it tarnish the actual meaning? Maybe only to the fools listening to fools. None of that will matter when the Cup is raised. I can understand an asterisk from a historical perspective to mark a significant change in the season and playoff format. Imo, an asterisk doesn't alter the significance of winning the Cup.