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  1. Pretty sure that was our convo last week. And just to add, that same amazingly talented Oilers core also has one of the worst implosions, blown third period leads ever in playoff history. 1982 Oilers against the Kings, game 3 with the series tied. The Oilers blew a 5-0 lead in the third, and then the game winner in OT. It was the biggest comeback in playoff history at the time. I'd say they learned big time from blowing that lead. The next few years are history ...
  2. He's an easy whipping boy. His size is both a strength and liability. Unfortunately, some fans can have it both ways with Myers. He's obviously feeling more comfotable and confident. We need that.
  3. Wow ... When we win, are PGTs really this less hateful than usual?
  4. Dude, seriously, he makes a great Isaac Washington in this clip ...
  5. I was on two other team boards the other day just to see the difference and people complain about the reffing almost equally. Not saying it's not an issue but it's interesting language and online behavior is similar.
  6. Agree completely. I've actually been impressed by JB and Green's commitment to developing Jake the right way. They know it's a slower process. Plus given all the issues with Juolevi, I think they recognize the need to put the time in with Jake so the investment pays off. We can't afford two high first round picks to potentially fall by the wayside. It's interesting the language you used with Green (trust) and Babcock (doesn't like). With trust, or lack of, there's room for someone to earn that trust. When it comes to not liking someone, or their play, it's much harder to change that. One is more open whereas the other is rigid and more closed. Both Jake and Leivo are definitely benefitting from the former.
  7. Yeah, it is unconventional and frustrating. When you really think about it - and this is only one way of looking at things - it's not about being "rewarded" when he puts up points. It's more about putting up those same points without having to be rewarded and finding a way to do it with the ice-time he's given. To me, that would make sense why we see his minutes cut the next game. I can't imagine that he and Green don't talk about it. Again, who knows ... just a different take on it from my view.
  8. The way I see it, Green knows Jake as a player on a deeper level than what we see. He's coached him on the farm and the big club. I don't believe anything negative is going with how Green uses Jake. Everyone develops differently. Some guys get complacent and lazy when they're rewarded and feel safe. I think this is where a lot of that comes from. Not coming to camp prepared, imo, is an example of that. If Jake is the type of guy that you need to keep on an edge, so he plays with an edge, it makes sense. The only way Jake will be rewarded and truly feel safe on the team is when he's consistent in all areas of his game and not giving in to complaceny. There also seems to be a maturity issue as well, which is a slow burn for some guys. Who knows for sure. Jake is getting better by the year, so something's working.
  9. It played out the way it was supposed to play out. We had to move away from the previous era, get younger, free up roster spots, and get something in return. Especially since the Sedins weren't going to be traded. We had to move an expiring asset when the opportunity came up to do so. Plus Burrows was 35 at the time, about to turn 36 that April. There was no way JB could justify resigning him. At least JB worked with Burr to find the right fit for his family in Ottawa. And there were a lot of us who were excited about Dahlen at the time. There was no way to know. Hopefully Karlsson works out but in the bigger picture things have already worked out for the team and Burrows. I'm glad he was added to the ROH less than two years after he was traded. It was a memorable, beautiful moment.