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  1. $7 x 7 is nutty! No way we should be offering that. He's coming off $5.5 per so there's no way he's settling for a $500,000 incease. So, it's looking like no way or nutty.
  2. Rafferty is the guy I want to see get a legitimate opportunity. He looked so confident in his outing, like he belonged. Didn't look out of place whatsoever. Can't wait to see what this guy has with more games.
  3. Looking at this from a general place, the way I see it is that Hutton's first season allowed us to move away from Corrado into a better place prospect wise. When Hutton played his way onto the team, it allowed us to take a step forward on D and exposed how we were overvaluing certain prospects. Now we're at a place where we need to move away from Hutton and take another step up in talent. The numbers game, financials, CBA, and negotiation rules are forcing us into - hopefully - better value and talent for our buck.
  4. Nice interview. I didn't get the feeling he was trying to say the right things. Seemed like he was answering honestly. Like how he knows his game, what he's learned about his roles, where he sees improvement, and his confidence in the young players already on the team. Thought he also expanded well on his transition game. Looking forward to hearing more from him.
  5. So, just look at this from afar ... beyond Pettersson, Boeser, Hughes ... with Hoglander now in the system ... Virtanen Demko Tryamkin Gaudette Brisebois Juolevi Lockwood DiPietro Gadjovich Rathbone Lind Madden Woo Keppen Hoglander Kodpolzin It's getting harder to justify the negativity!