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  1. Would have loved a 10-0 drubbing but we got 'em.
  2. Stecher is everywhere!!
  3. Omg ... save of the game
  4. Go Canucks Go ... no, seriously!!!
  5. That crowd ... man!!!!
  6. Lol ... be thankful you weren't 0 for 2.
  7. We can do this!!!! Dig deep!!
  8. Keep feeding it to Stecher!!!!
  9. Damn ... I thought Miller had that!!!
  10. I once drove from Halifax to Montreal in a white Reliant convertable with red fake leather interoior ... lol ... broke down on the highway in nowhere New Brunswick. I wasn't reliant enough on transmission fluid.
  11. Nice parka Tara's got going on there!
  12. Just thinking from a one syllable thing like Leafs. Easier to chant.