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  1. TheOgRook

    Vancouver Media - Player's Perspective

    Change that homers to haters and the shoe fits the other way.. lots of you haters log on here just to bemoan the team at every opportunity
  2. TheOgRook

    [PGT] Edmonton Oilers vs. Vancouver Canucks

    This.. it's all that can be expected. I'm just happy the boys are finishing games and not mailing it in. These are the things management about being "competitive". Winning is not always the result of competing. But the effort put in, the will to push. These are the things I see. There is no lay down and die in this squad. The opposite is what has gone on in Edmonton. Even with one of the greatest players in the game and repeatedly picking top 3 they struggle. I trust the process
  3. TheOgRook

    Vancouver Media - Player's Perspective

    Been listening to 650 over the season. They put it together pretty well. Better than the talking heads over at the other station.. filled with rejects from Torontoz
  4. TheOgRook

    Vancouver Media - Player's Perspective

    Over it? I was never under it bud While Bob is great, he's never played the game. He doesn't get the player perspective. And him pumping the tires of botch was a clear shill. If you fall for those things, meh
  5. TheOgRook

    Vancouver Media - Player's Perspective

    Lol cools story bud. I see maybe you need to have a smoke and foster some creativity in your comebacks oh I get it.. if we are looking at avatars.. you must be high on the smack? With a loaded shotgun?? Too soon?
  6. TheOgRook

    Vancouver Media - Player's Perspective

    Sorry bud if you think botch speaks to the rational fan, you are being blinded either by your fandom for the little ferret or maybe you aren't so rational?
  7. TheOgRook

    Vancouver Media - Player's Perspective

    Well put, listening to him try to TMZ his way to the top is cringy. He will spin anything he can into a story, and it's why no players respect him. To hear what they say about him when he's not around is hilarious!
  8. TheOgRook

    Vancouver Media - Player's Perspective

    Don't forget that botchturd and Mckenzie are chummy.. sounds shilly to me It's hard for you "anti Canuck fans" to understand just how bad botchford is. But you being an oiler fan, I can understand
  9. TheOgRook

    Vancouver Media - Player's Perspective

    Well said sir!! Sadly the same type of "fans"that chirp the stupid things they here from 1040, are the same ones on here whining about things they just don't understand. Hopefully hearing these thoughts from players will help to quell some of the cringy whining that goes on, but sadly these folks are ignorant to what's going on, and too arrogant to try and learn. Keep on educating the masses Rob!
  10. TheOgRook

    canucks energy score

    You should take a lesson from him on how to be more discreet about it.. it's funny to look at other boards and see how few posters like yourself there are. Actual hockey convos can happen without having to deal with your type of cancerous posts. It's no wonder we don't attract the good kind of posters we should when folks like yourself just run around here and shoot their mouth off trying to stir the pot.
  11. TheOgRook

    canucks energy score

    Obvious troll is obvious.. besides the point that if alflives is the one to plus you it solidifies the fact.
  12. TheOgRook

    The Trade Deadline. Deals Done.

    Ironing botchford ironing...
  13. Save your food, sadly some of these posters have bellimic brains
  14. TheOgRook

    [Signing] Canucks re-sign Erik Gudbranson

    And on, and on, and on. some posters like him just like to argue, in an extremely arranging tone, it's like it's a right of passage.
  15. Glad I read through the early posts.. took the words oughta my mouth lol