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  1. And still get angry and demand answers as to why he's not playing.
  2. I'm not sure on their political view but their world view is stopping tyranny. Wether it be the trump types other hacker groups. They went after that group that was messing with all the DDos attacks. They also offered to unlock the iPhone of the San Bernardino attacker. Then a while later bam it's unlocked. Can't say if they helped but this paints a picture of more of a vigilant type group than a political wing. Some people believe and vote with their heart not by Party lines..
  3. See!! Somebody got my humor! I think clam got the joke too that's why he didn't react the way the one did. Spent many any years here as a daily poster/reader and only ever blocked 3 people (one only cause I didn't want to look at a creepy chest pic every time he posted lol). Sorry if I let things get sideways, just was getting to me seeing him attack multiple people with things like questioning their parenting skills. Time to learn to be a little more liberal with the old block button.
  4. Dude you get your feelings hurt way to easy it's like hanging out with a 14 year old hormonal teenager. Just relax and realize sometimes people use humour in their posts. Notice you are the only one on here to constantly get offended over every little thing.
  5. lol don't even know what to say. Omg or smh we need something new for all these politicians
  6. Ryan needs to take debate lessons from you lol Very good points, and he may very well turn it around. But it's a disturbing trend he's setting. One that started at the very beginning of his campaign. I know a lot of supporters who said it's fine, once he wins he will be more presidential. Well he's won and it's as bad as ever, the scary thing is, he's the President
  7. So you have nothing, so you will come at me with that?? Weak. I always type on an I device and can't be bothered to fix all the missed letters and auto corrects. At at least I know what is East and what is West. Amiright!?!?
  8. So once and if trump makes it through two terms you can bring this back to me. In typical fashion you put fact in front of a Trump supporter and they counter with but Obama! Lol. You don't counter the point made you counter with a completely different fact that goes along with the message you want to send.
  9. wow trump of to a historic start as a president having the lowest approval rating of an incoming president with 40 percent. For the record heres some numbers in % Trump 40 Obama 84 Bush 61 Clinton 67
  10. So sad to see how truly ignorant trump supporters are. But then it doesn't shock me after all... He "loves the poorly educated" btw who did the KKK endorse this election?? Right republicans, but in true trump fashion his mindless supporters go.. See look hundreds of years ago a democrat was a KKK. Hilarious.
  11. Not sure, that goal is scored fairly often in the NHL. By the looks of it the goalie didn't get a good look at it. Also, you are right he didn't pull and Edler
  12. Well there is kinda but it's one of those work to pay for your farm for twenty years. Have a friend that both he and his wife have to work full time jobs on top of their 50 some odd head of cow and sheep. Like most of your economical structures today, the rich just get richer.
  13. Yeah as sad as that hot mess of a blog is, i would take them over our trash media any day. We just lack any kind of talent when it comes to natural ability to entertain. So they crutch on the support of Tanbir and his army of stupidity.
  14. I'm kinda lucky I suppose in my business as there aren't too many hoops to jump through. As far as farmers are concerned. I'm not sure I feel bad for them. I feel bad for people trying to start out in farming and small farms but that has more to do with the quota system than profits. My history lays partially in farming. What used to be a humble mans living has turned into a 1% club. In the good old days the farmers didn't have multi million dollar homes. 250k motor homes and multiple vacation spots. If this is done with hard work alone fine, but when you limit the amount of competition there is it only drives profits and prices up. Wait.. Great convo going on but what frigging thread are we in lol?
  15. Not sure of the exact facts but aren't the Chinese doing more than the US now? Mind you i believe it's out of necessity more so than a care for the planet.