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  1. Agreed excited to see this kid make the jump. I love his competitive edge he brings.. seems like one of those that really doesn't like to lose ala Kes.
  2. Lol cool the breeze bud.. you have no idea what I know for one. For two maybe you miss the point of us not having the input while he's over there. If he's here he is with OUR coaches OUR training staff. Working on the things that the CANUCKS want him to work on. Sorry if your feelers are hurt but you may want to grow a thicker skin.. these guys can be junkyard dogs at times . Welcome to CDC
  3. Don't forget we also have him a lot closer to home and can help with diet workouts etc.. I'm with him coming over as well. Comes down to weighing the pros and while the SHL is a great option, imo Utica holds more pros
  4. You must not be a fan of Alflives, I have never had this much support from 1 person, thank you

    1. TheOgRook


      I would say more a fan of level headed fans that are able to see things for what they are without constantly trying to spin a chicken little story all the time :). Keep up the good posts and I'll keep up the pluses lol. You'll notice by the posts I make how I feel.. don't be shy to share the love

    2. Alflives


      Alf feels no love.  :P

    3. Sbriggs


      You have some reasonable opinions Alf, were just not on the same page when it comes to common sense

  5. Yeah you are right with the nicknames.. unless a gem like Tony Stretcher comes along!!
  6. Brock is Beasting!  UND! UND!

  7. Blueberries on the hot seat

  8. I'm back!  Was finally able to reset my password :)  have been reading daily still but now I can join you wonderful folks in some tomfoolery

    1. Nuxfanabroad


      To pass the bridge you MUST answer three questions!...

  9. The town in Orange is the new black is none other than our wonderful Utica :). Fun fact of the day

    1. TheOgRook


      Note** not saying it's filmed there it's just where it's located on the show.

    2. Tom Sestito

      Tom Sestito

      I was watching SSN 3 EP 4 or 5 like two hours ago and they said Utica. I thought it was kind of cool lol

  10. Thinking of switching to telus for my internet/cable/phone any input from you tech savvy folks would be appreciated

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    2. c00kies



      Don't sign a contract just use telus for 6 months and then shaw for 6 months you will count as a new customer after a year so you can just take advantage of both new customer deals which is FAR cheaper than their actual rates.

    3. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Sedin tells the truth, have a buddy doin this for last 3 years actually :P

    4. TheOgRook


      Thx for the input all. @sedin I've heard of it too but the nearest Starbucks is a couple kilometres away :P