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  1. This is great Benning is basically saying either do the right thing and retire or the next two years of bus rides. I think louis will eventually decide that he would rather lose some money in the short term to try and elongate his career by proving himself on another team than ride the bus getting a decent paycheck.
  2. I just noticed that more than half of their forwards are either RFA or UFA... honestly Quantity might help them more than quality. Something like To us: Ekblad To Fla: Boeser Gaudette Rights to Goldobin 2022 2nd round pick
  3. Plays with a chip on his shoulder about 6 foot 3 190 pounds. a mobile two way D man. I would Honeslty think him and Hughes would play well with eachother. However he has had a few head injuries. He is also from Surrey