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  1. Its calculated as goals per 60 minutes. That's why guys like subban who let in 3 goals in 1 period get a horrible GAA. It happened to him twice. He let 3 goals in but his GAA was almost 6
  2. Lol they play their whole team on our ahl team ffs.
  3. I am so pissed that nhl game center is no longer a thing. Use to get it free with Roger's and now they are demanding 206 bucks for nhl live. Da f?
  4. Boeser will be atleast 6.5. Then we would have enough to offer what 2 mil for gusev? Probably not enough and then we would lose motte and goldobin
  5. Not sure we need a guy like nyqvist there are some cheaper options out there: Pat maroon Brandon tanev Alex chiasson Bret Ritchie Justin William's Jason pominville
  6. As in for more? Cause it seems we are interested in myers, nyqvist and jordie benn. Not sure how we could afford all 3+ boesers new contract without moving Eriksson
  7. Nyqvist Horvat Boeser Miller pettersson virtanen Beartschi gaudette leivo Pearson beagle roussel Edler Tanev Hughes Myers Benn stecher Markstrom Demko Let's go!
  8. Maybe it miller gets his old buddy zucc to sign here. Zucc pettersson Boeser Miller Horvat virtanen Roussel gaudett pearson Motte beagle spooner Schaller lievo Then we sign myers cause it's looking that way: Edler Tanev Hughes Myers Hutton stecher Juolevi Markstrom Demko I think that line up could make the playoffs