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  1. As a recent father who works on contract.. my first priority would be getting a new contact to ensure i can provide for my new addition.
  2. If the season goes late Podkolzin would actually get a decent run with the Canucks next year. Such a great draft pick.
  3. Canucks say no. You don't trade a guy projected to be a McDavid level player to dump cap.
  4. Tag is a year older. he was not picked last year. injuries hurt him last year and this year.
  5. Brendan Morrison's son is avail too so we need to draft Tag Bertuzzi Alex Naslund Brayden Morrisson
  6. Juolevi perfomes well in exhibition game and takes Fanta's spot. lets go.
  7. i suppose just wishful thinking getting out of the Luongo contract lol. alrigh lets just bogosian Erikson then lol.
  8. First signings: New players: Jon Gillies- 1x 1 year Tryamkin- 2x 1 year re- signed players: Toffoli – 5.6 mil x 4 years Virtanen- 3.125x 2 years Motte- 1x1 year Gaudette 2x2 years Macewen 1.2x1 year Tanev- 5x3 years Markstrom- 6x5 years Buy out: First I think the NHL will give a compliance buy out to all teams. Probably just one player. I know most people would want Eriksson to be the one being bought out however I have different plans for him. So long story short I think the league lets us use our buy out on Luongo’s contract. That saves $3,033,206 Trades: my idea with Louis Eriksson will be to ship him off to Seattle. We give Seattle a 2021 2nd round pick ( 1st draft they will be part of) and they take his contract. Why would this be appealing to them? Well most the money is already paid out anyways so they would be paying very little but already getting an additional pick to build their team. I know it sucks losing a 2nd round pick but saving 6 mil would be worth it. To van: 2020 5th round pick To SJS: Bandon Sutter We have no spot for Sutter anymore and he becomes much more tradeable with only 1 year left on his contract. SJS really could use some Center depth. They have some big names on their team and I doubt they want another bad yea. The Canucks need to take advantage of that. To Van: Fabian Zutterlund To NJD: Sven Baertschi Baertschi was very close to being dealt to the devils at the trade deadline but they didn’t pull the trigger. Now with 1 more year left on his contract I think the devils will be willing to take a flyer on him. NJ would not want to trade draft picks but losing a 20 year old prior 3rd round pick wouldn’t hurt them. Vancouver could use the RW depth in Utica. To Van: 2020 2nd round pick (Det) To Det: Thatcher Demko Vancouver Makes their choice going with Markstrom for the next 5 years. They should be able to groom Dipetro in that time. Det will be losing Howard and will still have Bernier. Bernier can handle a decent load of games but they need a young goalie that is ready now. Going 50/50 with Demko and Bernie while gradually take over the starting role will be great in Detroit. This is a very Yzerman move and I think Demko would be a great fit. Benning talked about getting a 1st round pick this year before the draft. Not sure I can see that happening as the guys worth a 1st are big parts of our core. Demko is worth a 2nd and I think Benning’s best option would be to grab a high 2nd and try to trade up in the 1st or hope for a steal. To Van: 2020 7th round pick (CHI) 2020 7th round pick (MTL) To MTL: 2020 6th round pick (Van) Draft: 2nd round pick- Lukas Reichel 3rd round pick- Michael Benning 4th round pick- Ethan Bowen 5th round pick- Igor Chibrikov 6th round pick- Mack Guzda 7th round pick- Tag Bertuzzi 7th round pick- Alex Naslund 2020 Line up: Miller Pettersson Toffoli Pearson Horvat Boeser Ferland Gaudette Virtanen Roussel Beagle Motte Mackewen Hughes Tanev Edler Rafferty Tryamkin Myers Benn Markstrom Gillies Cap used= 74.336667 cap space avail= 7.163333
  9. trade a 6th for two 7ths. 7th round pick: Tag Bertuzzi 7th round pick: Alex Naslund
  10. I say give him 2.25. Still saving money by letting stecher walk.
  11. Benning showing some love for Lind. Kid will be a great top 9 player one day
  12. wow honestly forgot about beagle... my bad. I like that we have some good depth playing 5 playoff rounds.
  13. Thought it would be interesting to start some conversation on this. I know its far away but i am very excited. Vancouver Canucks Line up: Min Wild Line up: Pearson Horvat Boeser Greenway Staal Fiala Miller Pettersson Toffoli Parise Eriksson EK Kunin Ferland Gaudette Virtanen Foligno Galchenyuk Zuccarello Roussel Sutter Motte Donato Koivu Hartman Macewen Eriksson Baertschi Sturm Hughes Tanev Suter Spurgeon Edler Stecher Brodin Dumba Fantenberg Myers Hunt Pateryn Rafferty Soucy Markstrom Dubnyk??? Demko Stalock Louis Domingue Kähkönen Michael DiPietro Robson Eddie Lack??? Notes: Note 1- The Staal line will likely be matched up against the Pettersson line. Greenway will look to take Pettersson and Toffoli off of their game and open up room for Fiala who has been hot. JT Miller will be key on that line to stand up for his two teammates. Note 2- Horvat's line will likely be against Koivu's line. Hartman will focus on getting boeser off of his game (Canucks fans are gonna hate this guy) Donato and Koivu are very good two way players. I don't think Horvat's line will be kept off the score board but it will be a big fight. Note 3- The Gaudette line is likely going to be key in the series. Ferland and Virtanen are going to bring a lot of energy to the game and likely keep the Parise line of the score sheet. Note 4- our one weak point will likely be our 4th line. Motte will bring energy and Roussel and Foligno are going to piss eachother off big time. I feel like the Foligno line will have the advantage though. Note 5- Defense a whole I would say that Min has the edge. Suter and Dumba are made for playoff hockey. Edler has shown in the past that he can be great in big games or he can disappear. Myers will be a big body but will he have the intensity needed to be a factor in the playoffs? can Hughes continue his amazing play? we will see. Note 6- Vancouver has the advantage in goal. Luckily Markstrom is healed and ready to play. Dubnyk their starting goalie has claimed that he is undecided if he will play because of covid 19. Without Dubnyk they will have to rely on Stalock or the youngster Kähkönen. As an aside the NHl reccomends bringing multiple goalies. Eddie Lack sent the owner of the Canucks a tweet saying he is ready... honestly why not? He is best friends with Markstrom, Beloved by the fans and would be a veteran presences. Power play unit PP1 Van: PP1 Min: Toffoli Horvat Pettersson Parise Staal Fiala Miller Hughes Spurgeon Suter PP2 Van: PP2 Min: Pearson Gaudette Boeser Kunin Galchenyuk Zuccarello Virtanen Myers Hunt Dumba Notes: When it comes to the power play Vancouver Seems to have the edge. Vancouver PP1 blows Mins PP1 out of the water skill wise. The 2nd PP unit is close but I would still give the advantage to the Canucks. Vancouver will have to be aware of big shots coming from the blue line. However it doesn't seem like Min puts a big body in front of the net during power plays which has killed the Canucks in the past. Hopefully Min doesn't pick up on this and put Greenway in front of the net. excited to start some discussions.