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  1. Did you watch the van- chicago game? We are being outplayed almost every game. Markstrom steals us wins here and there but it won't be enough. The pacific is too tight losses to a team like the ducks are gonna kill us in the long run
  2. We are not making the playoffs this year. No do we deserve to
  3. Beagle for Ho-Sang. We do the move to clear cap and gain a guy who can turn his attitude around and be another good young piece. They want to move him anyways win win.
  4. He said he was going to do one more skate in Van and then head to utica
  5. maybe a team scouting Marky asked him to play tonight who knows.
  6. I feel more comfortable with Demko in net than Marky. Marky has some great games but when he is bad he is bad.
  7. Honestly why not beartschi+ for him? Give bear a shot somewhere else and clear 3.36 mil off the books for next year..