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  1. Welp with edler out I think we are down too many D to trade for evander. Thank god for stecher and tryamkin.
  2. I really would do kane for virtanen Sedin Sedin Sutter Kane horvat Eriksson Is actually a good top 6. Something we need Not to mention the future of Kane horvat boeser line
  3. So buff scouts have been at Utica games for the past little bit ( said friedman) two options 1 ) they are looking at virtanen 2) they asked for juolevi, boeser, demko, virtanen and Jb told them to &^@# themselves so now they are scouting out other options ( subban maybe? He has been playing really well)
  4. If I was JB I would be calling about ryan strome and Grigorenko. Both col and NYI are not where they want to be and are looking for a change.
  5. Kadri can and has played wing. And in the game of hockey it's about icing the best hockey team not having a peace-loving team. Don't think it happens but it's the most realistic option They are not trading nylander idk why people think they would.
  6. Benning looking for a 20 goal scorer tor looking for a shut down D Tanev for kadri+ andrew neilsen
  7. Could this loss lead to Paul haymen leaving Lesner and introducing a guy like nakamura to be a haymen guy?
  8. I guess sabers were be rumored to have huge trade talks today. Not sure which team or who is involved maybe they called the nucks back? Who knows
  9. Murphy is not worth kane lol.
  10. I know bobby mac said benning isn't interested in kane anymore but part of me thinks it's just benning plating the game trying to make the D in the trade be sbisa.
  11. i'd say a trade with col could actually be this. To Van: Rocco Grimaldi To Col: Jordan Subban Col needs D prospects and Rocco Grimaldi has always been able to produce points.
  12. Saw that. Sounds like things are getting real.
  13. - Sabres/Canucks rumors (Kane) - 'wouldn't talk about players from other teams (lol)' - Wants to add forward with speed/skill - On Defense - have depth, rebuilt entirely. Young, strong group. Use depth on blueline to add forward (!!) Sounds like Hutton for Kane to me.