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  1. I agree. Tavarse is really slow. Can’t stand that guy. Tavares is arguably in the top 5 most beautiful skaters in the NHL with that rare extra gear. Dude can rip.
  2. Why did Blotchturd Write “end quote” like he just knowledge bombed the world with something super prolific even though it’s commen knowledge? And Of course he has to throw a jab at Beagle / Benning while he’s at it. I really don’t like that POS
  3. Another year in college is fine. I don’t think anyone would complain. But the chance of him coming in as “ the kid” and being a spark plug like an 18 year old Doughty , skating circles around everyone has a lot of canuckleheads very pumped. I’m happy either way and watching him wherever he plays next year has me more excited for hockey than I have been for 3-4 years. Not only for Quinn but to see how all our other guys progress as well.
  4. I’d feel pretty good if he was with Guddy to keep everyone honest with him. Or do they play the same side?
  5. Personally I think Quinn is going to be playing for the Canucks this season. He’s been around professional hockey his whole life with his father and more recently Keith tkachuk. Hes a gamer. His defence is underrated because he’s always got the puck. He’s got the speed and smarts to do a lot of damage in the new nhl. The only thing I’d worry bout is injury but that could happen anywhere. (Knocking on wood ). Sign him and worse case he plays big minutes in the ahl Till he’s ready.
  6. What's with the typical boo hoo " about time we get lucky" stuff dude? I feel like we've gotten lucky a lot lately and in the past. Burrows , Hutton , Tanev, Hansen would be some examples. You're better than that man. Gaud doesn't need luck to be good he just is