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  1. horvat- for his intangibles and leadership
  2. There seems to be a consensus that the rebuild is complete, and that is the team going into the 2019-2020 season (safe to assume boeser will sign and 1-2 more moves to put the team under the cap) . Who do you think is our most important player on the current roster, and why
  3. not sure why we need do pump our tires. We just need to go our there and win
  4. Jodie benn, simply for his defensive play. We need a rock at the back end, he is the guy who can be counted on to shut down at key moments. IMO more so than Myers Hughes will bring offense to our back end. But i don't think he will soar to become a 50-60 pt dman in his first year. Hope i'm wrong. but 20-30 pts is achievable.
  5. first off i would like to commend myself for reading OP's entire post. good job myself I think our WO starts in 2-3 years, when EP, Boeser, hughes solidify themselves as elite players in our team. By then, our overpaid 3rd and 4th liner contracts will expire (ie. beagle, sutter) and we can look to complement our core with similar players but at a lower cost. I believe players like Motte would take up a significant 3rd line shut down role. we also need our defense not to suck, obviously. benning has done his part in bringing in the personnel. lets see if the d core can gel and play a solid defensive game.
  6. One of the things that jump out is the number of overpaid d 3rd and 4th liners we have now vs the 2011 team. guys like malhotra, samuelson, higgins and hanson were effective at what they did, and got paid as 3rd and 4thliners, whereas our current 3rd and 4th line are argueably overpaid by 200%
  7. erikson goldobin 5th rounder for an AHLer and 7th round pick Any team. please
  8. We will not emulate the Laffs.
  9. So fire JB because he threw away all our trash and didn't get any assets for our left over trash? Hmmm okay
  10. its not implausible for the aquaman to demand benning to sign a "top tier dman" this year to push for the playoffs. Myers being the seemingly best available option. The aquaman wants his playoff dough, he can get benning to do whatever he wants
  11. I think part of the reason why fans come on this board is to vent their frustration and "non-acceptance" of our team's lack of success no need to take it personally there are alot of positive posts on this board too! we are all humans and humans have emotions go canucks go!
  12. its obvious that benning doesn't have full autonomy with the UFA signings. Just last week the aquaman tags along with Benning and Travis to have dinner with Myers. The aquaman wants Myer's balls bad. Benning , as with the the rest average knowledge fanbase knows, Myers isn't that great. And If we actually sign Myers for 7+mil on july 1st for 7 years, we all know who's hand was all over the deal. As for the trades, they weren't spectacular, nor did we get robbed of any significant value. The only one that was upsetting was letting Hamhuis walk. Could have gotten a 3rd or late 2nd rounder, but thats life. there were no suiters. Drafting is an obvious improvement over the gillis regime. So all in all not sure where all the criticism is coming from.
  13. D is still too weak to be a real playoff contender when everyone's healthy, which is only for like 15-20 games: Edler Tanev Hughes UFA dman Stecher Biega Juolevi Safe to assume Tanev is gonna be injured 50% of games. Edler would prob miss 30%. so its gonna be Hughes UFA dman Stecher Sautner Juolevi Biega Breisbois The inconsistency in the D lineup is gonna kill us. Tanev is awesome when healthy, but i wish we had someone who can play 75-82 games instead.
  14. 6mil/year would be alright. but his team is in desperation mode and will overpay him to 7.5 mil to long term. as our number 4 dman