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  1. Tbh Luongo is gonna get another shutout tonight so he can prove to all of you I ain't jinxing him yesterday I was right that Lu will get a shutout it'll be 2 in a row shutouts tonight GO CANUCKS GOOOO

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    2. Kryten


      All hail Deb for sending Tiger packing. Again.

    3. Baka


      He will be back. The mods are like Batman and Mangoes is like every villain ever that just breaks out of the Asylum.

    4. :D


      Ban this crumbum

  2. [PGT] NHL Team 4-0 AHL Team

    Go canucks gooo
  3. [PGT] NHL Team 4-0 AHL Team

    were gonna go undefeated
  4. I told everyone Lu would get a shutout tonite #LUUFORSOCHI

    1. LuckyLuciano


      Did we wonnedthe cup?!

    2. Mangoes


      Yes we will in 5-6 months

  5. I told everyone in the forum Luongo is gonna get a shutout #LUUUFORSOCHI2014
  6. I love blowouts we could've won 10-0 tbh
  8. Love it when Kass trash talks
  9. Again Im not a troll Im a true Canucks fan and you should supporting the Canucks instead of making fun of other people
  10. Idk what else to say but Stanton is such a great find
  11. We got this game all but secured Boston is up next
  12. Lets do them? Are you a child molester or something?
  13. You know who else has been solid The coaching staff and Mike Gillis Who had a great interview with Scott Oake during the 2nd period intermission
  14. I won't be surprised if Lu starts tomorrow #LUUUUUFORSOCHI
  15. Lu is saying right now in his mind "The oilers are like minor league players" ;p lol