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  1. This reminds me a lot of the stupid 'bridge-gate' that Governor Chris Christie had to endure. The guy is a hot head and carries a reputation as one who does not suffer fools gladly. So his staff -eager to please him - does what they figure he wants and lashes out at a democrat who wouldnt back him by closing the lanes on the bridge to his district. So this whole soap opera erupts as to Christies motives, and did he mastermind it all blah blah........ Since Nixon and Watergate , people in power can never have any official knowledge of anything shady. Especially something this petty and underhanded. Christie himself finds out about it and probably has a good chuckle. It still doesnt mean he had anything to do with it. His sycophants did. Brady has sycophants too. They need Brady to win. They need to keep Brady happy. They gave him what he wanted. He went out to play and found the balls the way he likes them.
  2. Well first of all how many times do we see every hockey player TRY to break the rules and get away with it every shift? Hockey is probably the worst for guys trying as hard as they can to get away with whatever they can. Probably why we have a penalty box right? For me this Super Bowl is a dream come true. The Seahawks and Patriots are my two favorite teams and I hope the game goes into overtime with the Seahawks winning on a safety. I know Belichek is a turd but Tom Brady is not. Lumping them both together is not fair to either man. Sure Belichek is a dislikeable guy who has been known to cheat (like every other coach). What sets him apart is he is not a likeable guy. He pushes the envelope and gets caught but then has his football team 13-3 on average every year winning multiple superbowls. The guy is without a doubt a genius. I just dont know how much he is without Brady. Brady has no issues with his personality. By all accounts he is well liked by his team mates and around the league. He is a sure hall of famer who has broken just about every record their is and its not because he played with a bunch of hall of famers to make him look good either. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out Patriot insiders would know what Brady likes. They dont need Brady or Belichek to give their say so. They just go ahead and take the balls after the refs ok them and on the sideline let them out a bit. The league could have very well just handled it internally or fined them or whatever. But because its the Patriots, they make a huge thing about it so the Colts and especially the Ravens can cry a river of crocodile tears. Next time, assign league 'handlers' for the balls so they cant be deflated, inflated, greased or ironed or vacuumed or shat on while on the sideline. Seems easy enough a plan right?
  3. He was 19 when he was first in the AHL. He was born aug 84 so the 20 year old season in the AHL you talk about was 2004-05 and he sniped 30 goals.
  4. Without a doubt the worst game the Seahawks played all year. For some reason the Packers refused to take advantage of it. 5 turnovers. Has anyone ever won the conference championship with 5 turnovers????? Kudos to Russel Wilson who looked like a chimp for much of this game but he never gave up. Eventually he started to click. Packers fans must be on suicide watch at this point Go Hawks !
  5. What is wrong with Shink? He missed a full year of junior and isnt very good right now. Lets give it a year or so.
  6. Allow me to quote you on this one.
  7. Comparing Virtanen to Kesler is outright ridiculous. Kes has 3 times the hockey IQ that Virtanen has. Edit : Here is someone who was also drafted very high and had the same skillset as Virtanen http://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/pdisplay.php?pid=42312
  8. Jake crashes and bangs very well . He should be a good winger for us.
  9. Virtanen is not the scoring dynamo some on here think he is. He is a crasher and banger . On a team this over stacked, expecting Virtanen to be put in a scoring role is unrealistic . He will serve well as a fourth line energy guy. No need to get our egos in a knot because our new lovechild isnt being hyped as much as we want. (I swear I am getting a strong sense of dejavu ) Dont worry. Jake will be given his chance with the Canucks. Once he gets to play 5 on 3 with the Sedins then we can judge how good he is.
  10. This is really good news . If Jake gets to play with Mc David it could open him up to possibilities he never saw before.
  11. I watch him play all the time. He isnt that good. Not for a 6th overall forward pick. If he had 16 points in 15 games as a defenseman , yeah I would be pretty excited even as an over ager.
  12. Ok I did it again and told the honest truth. It said 39 years old which is way off.
  13. From what I have read about him this is a good trade for the Canucks. Pedan could develop into a stay at home defender.
  14. Even as the Canucks rebuild we wont trade the Twins, Burrows or Bieksa unless they ask.
  15. I am glad he is rounding into form after that unfortunate injury. Good for Jake !