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  1. Nashville assigns Zemgus Girgensons and Andrew Hammond down to Kansas City. We would also like to release F Segei Plotnikov as he has signed over to the KHL. We wish him the best over at the K.
  2. Front Office Budget Meidcal: 15M Player Relations: 8M Minor: 22M
  3. What in the world........ I don't think my jaw hit the ground that fast ever after opening up my hockey app
  4. i could've sworn...
  5. wrong logo mv^
  6. so unfortunate.... I 2nd what Monty said, this is what makes us unique. Lesson for us for the next draft, if you feel like there will be a disturbance during the draft, send in a list!!!
  7. The Nashville Predators are very proud to select, defensemen from the Windsor Spitfires, Mikhail Sergachyov!
  8. Nashville has depth players and roster players available for 2016 picks Contact me!
  9. Any teams looking for defense should contact Nashville
  10. 4 P.M.
  11. Anyways, Good job to the Senators and Blue Jackets for making the finals and making it entertaining! Congrats to Ty Webb and the CBJ on the victory! I still remember the good ol basement days.. Looking at your squad today shines out your perseverance, discipline, and patience. Attributes needed to become a champ! Looking at where my Preds are now and seeing you lift Stanley gives me assurance that it doesn't matter where you came from to get er done. And thats three years in a row where a team from the central division have reached the finals. People gotta stop underestimating our division
  12. Sticky accidental quote ^
  13. Glad to see Juho Lammikko earn a ELC. Hope he transitions well in the A. Atta boy!
  14. Kuch with 2 goals and an assist. Horny with a hatty and an assist.
  15. Best time of the hockey season... Good luck to you gents!