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  1. Correction* I meant I don’t how they were allowed to install those along the boards. I would think that there would be some regulations from putting atrocities like that there.
  2. I was just thinking the same thing. F*cking horrible! I don't know how they allowed those to get installed!
  3. This kid is still super young. He has two more world junior tournaments to play as a leader of the team before he makes the jump over here. I for one am excited to see how this 18 y/o kid develops over the next two years. He is seemingly getting more comfortable at each level as the season progresses. He looks to be too good for the MHL, is one of the more significant contributors in the VHL and I would say is bound to break out a bit at the KHL at some point this season. I could see him being a contributing regular in the KHL by seasons end. But if not, nothing to worry about. Still has another season over there. Super young.
  4. You can tell that his timing is off and it is frustrating that hell out of him. He's hasn't been able to pick corners like he was last year - usually missing the net or making an easy for the goaltender. Once he feels comfortable again, he will likely start firing on all cylinders and pepper the net with his laser shot. Maybe the extra muscle he gained over the summer is throwing him off! haha
  5. I don't disagree. I just think Makar setting up Mackinnon and Rantanen all season long has a higher chance of continuing his early success than Olofsson. Olofsson seems to be a trick pony. If ends up being a ppg defenseman rookie vs a 30-35 pp goal scoring rookie, I pick the defenseman. I'm actually happy to see Buffalo doing some good this year though. They've been in the dumps for too long imo.
  6. Both Olofsson and Makar are pointing up good numbers from the powerplay. If they keep getting those prime minutes, I don't think Hughes has a chance for the Calder. Makar is actually my early favourite.
  7. I liken Boucher to Kyle Wellwood. They have amazing skills with the puck which they can/could utilize when they aren’t being heavily pressured, but they ultimately lack the consistent drive, conditioning and work ethic to find that space for themselves and strive at the NHL level.
  8. Both Goldy and Sven were at practice. The lineup hasn't been announced yet I don't think, but Goldy was practicing with Jasek and MacEwen.
  9. I was starting to think this as well! He’s been promoting certain types of vintage gloves for like all the players, even ex players I believe. Haha
  10. Looks like Goldy and Baer will be on the roster this weekend. Per: https://www.uticaod.com/sports/20191009/baertschi-going-to-make-most-of-time-with-comets Goldy seems to be on a line with Jasek at center and MacEwen. Anyone know who’s playing with Sven?
  11. You are changing your expectations of Podz?
  12. I’ve said the same thing about the UFC before as well. I liked it when it was just starting out when it was discipline versus discipline. Now, it’s just the same $&!#, different day. Almost on the level of watching golf for me now. As per the OPs comments on rivalries, you don’t really get too many strong rivalries when you’ve been out of the playoffs this much. Wait until we are back in the post-season and Seattle arrives on the scene. I really hope they pick up a bunch of guys we already hate.
  13. I was wondering this myself. Made me think they are all sour grapes now. Surely Linden would have made time for an event like this. So either he wasn’t asked to be involved, which I think is highly unlikely, or he refused the offer. From Canucks history, it seems like it always takes Linden a few years to want to involved with the team again after being removed from his position.
  14. Yeah, that’s what I was mostly referring to - notice how I didn’t say it was a boomer of a shot, and “if he could continue to put more power” into it... It doesn’t need to be a 100 mph slapper if it is perfectly placed and deceptive from screens. I do think he’s the type of kid to have the work ethic and reinvent his shot like Kesler did that one summer though.