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  1. I believe it has more to do with JV having had 5 pro seasons and not seeing a huge progression in his game. Whereas, AG was in his second pro year this year and more than doubled his production from 12 pts to 33 pts, along with increasing his role and ice time. AG just seems to have a better attitude generally, more energy on the ice, smarter and seems more coachable. Yes, he still has a lot of holes in his game, but he has consistently improved his game every year as a player (going back into his college years). JV, on the other hand, has seen a good amount of stagnation and regression. fwiw
  2. Many people are making comments on him not being a “star” yet, or not “solidifying” his 3c role. That isn’t being realistic, that’s being impatient.
  3. That’s gives me away? That’s his media handle smart guy.
  4. Your point? You guys need to get over your post elimination blues thinking everyone needs to be moved out. Hockey Gaud isn’t going anywhere unless another team over pays for him. If he continues his projection, he will have a Burrows-esque effect for this team.
  5. Lol you folks are embarrassing! This kid improves every single year. Until he ceases to do so, no way should we move him (unless offered a RD that we can’t refuse of course).
  6. Pretty sure that’s him doing his thing again, charging down the wing taking the puck to net, at 3:09.
  7. For the amount of people debating whether this is an effective protest or not, take a minute and reflect on how many people are now talking and engaging on this topic that otherwise wouldn’t be.
  8. Most people here are missing the point. They more so have an issue stating that there are no women involved when they are trying to grow the game with the female gender, than they do with the distraction bit. Putting those two together is what makes it a really bad comment from their perspective.
  9. What you have being saying the last couple pages contradicts what you were saying earlier about “cheering to lose because that’s what their good at in order to win.” If you believe what you are currently saying, then you wouldn’t be cheering for them to lose, you would just be cheering. Also, Dude, get bent.
  10. Boeser is going to be plagued throughout his career with injuries if he doesn't learn to keep his feet moving and his head up. He is still getting nailed like a rookie out there and it's taking a toll on him. He needs to pick up the pace when he gets back and learn to take/avoid checks.
  11. I’ll admit, I was worried he was going to see a steady decline in usefulness at the end of last season. However, since the emergence of Hughes, he no longer takes those risky offensive pinches that he was getting caught on a lot because Hughes has taken that roll to be the primary offensive push from the back end. This has allowed Edler to now just be a really well rounded defenseman with strong defensive zone coverage and grinding along the boards. I can see us keeping him as a defensive specialist moving into his golden years.
  12. Amongst all the praise and attention our young stars are garnering this year, Edler is still the backbone of our defense in my opinion. He has my vote for the Unsung Hero Award this year.
  13. The kid was on pace for 38 goals in his rookie season and you say it's a "looooooong stretch" that he hits 40 in his career? Get real man.