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  1. What you have being saying the last couple pages contradicts what you were saying earlier about “cheering to lose because that’s what their good at in order to win.” If you believe what you are currently saying, then you wouldn’t be cheering for them to lose, you would just be cheering. Also, Dude, get bent.
  2. Boeser is going to be plagued throughout his career with injuries if he doesn't learn to keep his feet moving and his head up. He is still getting nailed like a rookie out there and it's taking a toll on him. He needs to pick up the pace when he gets back and learn to take/avoid checks.
  3. I’ll admit, I was worried he was going to see a steady decline in usefulness at the end of last season. However, since the emergence of Hughes, he no longer takes those risky offensive pinches that he was getting caught on a lot because Hughes has taken that roll to be the primary offensive push from the back end. This has allowed Edler to now just be a really well rounded defenseman with strong defensive zone coverage and grinding along the boards. I can see us keeping him as a defensive specialist moving into his golden years.
  4. Amongst all the praise and attention our young stars are garnering this year, Edler is still the backbone of our defense in my opinion. He has my vote for the Unsung Hero Award this year.
  5. The kid was on pace for 38 goals in his rookie season and you say it's a "looooooong stretch" that he hits 40 in his career? Get real man.
  6. I thought Boeser was missing urgency in his game this year and hasn’t looked the same since his first year when he was able to dangle and rip 1-timers. Toffoli will bring that energy, similar to Miller, and honestly it will be nice to see - especially on PP1.
  7. From what I can recall, I wouldn't consider him a "tough" player, but he doesn't have any fear about driving to the net or digging into board battles. He gets very little PIMs yearly, so he's not gonna beat anyone up for us. Always hated him when we played him.
  8. Agreed. He definitely has some skill, but I don't think his skill is enough to make him a top 6 player. At his size, he is going to get recked. He's not elusive like Johnny Hockey. We can barely stand one of the best players in the league (EP40) getting pushed around like that, let alone having another guy like Madden on the team being pushed over as well.
  9. Now you are starting to sound like that little guy that JV18 ran over the other week...
  10. Boston is just simply better defensively. We can't get anything going offensively other than from the outside.
  11. It sounds to me that you are constructing arguments from both sides in order to justify your trade Tanev viewpoint. On the one hand you say things like, and I'm paraphrasing, "we aren't going to make the playoffs without him, so why bother? Trade him for picks." On the other hand, you suggest that our depth may be enough to cover his worth regardless. Which is it that you believe? You also seem determined that Tanev won't be re-signed, which you really have no idea about whether that is going to happen or not. I think most people here, and the Canucks organization themselves, believe that playoff experience is more valuable than an additional pick at this point in time. Tanev, and hopefully Tryamkin, will be a big part of that experience. Team Tank is over for the next decade, so you might as well move it to the trade/proposals section.