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  1. If Virtanen puts it all together and reaches a now lowered ceiling, he will be a pivotal component to a Cup run. You do not know where we are drafting so to say that "we are not drafting top 5" is a little beyond what you can knowingly say at this moment. I didn't say that we didn't need skill or we shouldn't acquire skill. I just don't want to use our high draft picks for another Swede on our team that will end up as a punching bag for rat boy. We need tougher leadership. I don't mind drafting players like Ehlers on Winnipeg because at least he has some grit and tenacity in his plays. I have had enough of Swedish leadership to hold me over for awhile. It's time to try something else out.
  2. One hit from a Ferland type and he would be done in the pros. There is no way he gets to 200 lbs, he just doesn't have the frame for it, and I don't seem him leading us to a Stanley Cup. Maybe as part of an overall team, but definitely not leading the way and we need to be drafting guys that can be leading us in these next few years. I would draft a guy like Pettersson in like 3-4 years time, but not now. I know there are several people out that are also wanting to draft this guy, but he is not on my board.
  3. Burns' Beard > Larsen San Jose says no to that deal in a second. Benning would be a rock start if he managed a trade for Burns' Beard.
  4. Well he's listed as 150 now and looks like a toothpick. No thanks.
  5. I honestly would not like a line with that size in the NHL as our go to line. They will just get thrown around out there. We need skill yes, but we cannot forgo size and truculence if we want to win in the playoffs.
  6. Excitement? Absolutely! But to say he's "much better than Nylander" and the "heir to the Sedins" is overkill in the excitement department. Next year will be the real test for Dahlen when he joins the SweHL or the AHL. Then we will really know what we have to work with. If he can continue to put up a point-per-game pace in either of those leagues then we can start overblown projections - ie. the next Filip Forsberg.
  7. That could be good or bad in terms of finding a trade partner. Someone might pay for the playoff rental and in terms of saving their current roster from losing any players.
  8. Fillip Forsberg went to the AHL in his draft +2 after putting similar numbers to Dahlen. Although Forsberg had more size to make that transition easier. I guess the question is whether transitioning to the AHL is easier now for smaller guys compared to when Rodin tried to enter. Sidenote: if we was 2 weeks younger he would be eligible for the World Juniors again.
  9. Seems like, according to the Hanzal and Burrows trades, Hansen's value should be that of a low 1st round pick, especially in this years draft. Hoping GM JB can make it happen!
  10. So we got a second round prospect in a better year for Burrows... this is a huge win for us! When will he transition to North America?
  11. Is this the FINAL swap?! I have been holding my breath thinking... are we sending a 4th back? a 3rd? please don't say it's a 2nd.... This is a steal!
  12. I'm with you on that one. That was the one thing I really wanted to know - if he had Chara like potential for blasting shots from the point.
  13. This is kind of laughable... Either the Canucks make a trade "very soon" or they won't be able to because of the Trade Deadline. Not very insightful.