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  1. This is total BS. Salo has never said anything about him lacking in internal drive. The only comments I've ever heard in similar vein is that his on-ice presence visually looks like he needs to display more hustle - like almost all players coming out of junior.
  2. Petey is loving every minute of this offseason! Podz, Miller, Myers and Ferland is going to make us a whole lot harder to play against. Other teams won’t be making runs at him and thinking thy can get away with it anymore! If Tryamkin comes back as well, we are looking pretty good for the playoffs!
  3. Yeah I don't see the Laine/Pod comparison either. I see Podkolzin more as a Marian Hossa type player myself.
  4. If we are talking early rise and fall of goalies, I’m thinking Cam Ward (Stanley Cup champion as a rookie, then nothing), and Jim Carey (Vezina winner then out of the league within three years because he couldn’t close his hole). I think Carter Hart will have, and has had far more stability in his game, over the long haul. He’s going to make a good career for himself.
  5. After missing out on Barzal, Connor and Chabot... we can let them have DeBrusk.
  6. I hope his wrist is healed enough by next season that he can take slap shots again comfortably. His power play prowess declined considerably this year because of it.
  7. BPA for me. I’m hoping either Zegras or Boldy will be there at 10. I would shy away from defensemen in the first round. None of them other than Byram seem enticing enough at the 10 spot.
  8. If we had as lively of a crowd as Nashville does down there, I’d actually pay to see games more often. Sure they could be more creative with their choice of words, but Rogers Arena is a snooze fest.
  9. With QH43 showing us what we’ve been missing on our blue line all these years, I do believe OJ will do the same with his stretch and cross ice passes. Our transitional game is being kicked up a few notches. I’m looking forward to when this kid is healthy again, taking his next steps.
  10. Beauty. I’m going to enjoy watching this kid play for the next decade+.
  11. I’m on the bandwagon too.... his current play is exactly what we need. We need more of this mentality in general on our team. Schenn doesn’t need to fight people to police them, he just needs to get in,their face and wrestle them to the ice. We need more pack mentality like this. Like Burrows without the biting kind of aggressive engagement. ...but I am hesitant to expect him to continue this level of play on a contract year consistently next season. Definitely would not do more than a year contract at this point. If he proves himself over the course of next season, then give him a 2 year Biega type contract.
  12. He did get it in deep... By skating the line, past his check, deep behind the goal line, passing to himself off the back of the net and getting a clean shot on goal for BB6 to pick up the rebound.
  13. What’s the equivalent of Swedish Gretsky hype name for Quinn? American Coffey? Americano? Haha