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  1. If that's him after making $8.88 million USD in the last two years, then something went wrong.
  2. The kid has amazing offensive potential and has a solid two-way game already. If Boeser manages to improve his foot speed and top gear, his only real deficiency in my opinion, then watch out because he is going to make a name for himself. He put up 4 goals and 5 points in 9 games at the end of last season while playing pretty depleted energy wise from just finishing a gruelling playoff in the NCAA. I think it is highly doubtful that he starts in the AHL and it is only a matter of time that he starts to over shadow Horvat. EDIT: I also forgot to mention that he still had an injured wrist at the end of last season which limited his shooting prowess, so look for that to be even better this upcoming season as well.
  3. A two-way deal is still more enticing for teams to pick him up off waivers, no?
  4. Development isn't just what role they are stuck into the lineup on. You might want to think about that one more.
  5. Gagner is basically a Hansen/Burrows replacement with more offensive skill currently. He will play the skill game as we allow our rookies to learn the 200ft defensive side of the game that Hansen and Burrows brought to the team. I like the signing and hopefully we can flip him for a pick later on.
  6. Yeah I agree, especially for their draft +2 season. I can see a mandated draft +1 season, but after that there should be an option the NHL club can exercise for the betterment of their investments. Virtanen had already been with the Hitmen for 4 seasons already. This along with the NCAA rules need to be adjusted a little bit for todays development timelines - they are just outdated for the most part with the emphasis at the NHL level on player development and cap restrictions.
  7. I'm not sure what you are asking here? Jake Virtanen was 5th on his team in scoring the last year he played for the Calgary Hitmen, so obviously not anywhere close to being "too good for the CHL" and it was known at the time that the club was not going to put him into a situation to develop him the way the Canucks wanted him to be developed, so they brought him up because he was big enough to play at the NHL level.
  8. Virtanen was not too good for the CHL, the club he was playing for down there was the main reason - poor development. I like this pick a lot. He seems like a gamer to me and the kind of player the new NHL demands - players that go to the net for the loose pucks, screening the goalie for tipped shots from the point and has enough speed to play the 200 foot game. For as much as people were jumping on the Cody Glass wagon, Kole Lind is a more versatile player (can play throughout the lineup), had just 7 points in total including 2 goals less than him and we got him in the second round. People will forget about Hague when Tryamkin returns.
  9. Give him the same money and term that Tryamkin got in Russia. Once the contract is up, bring Tryamkin back.
  10. Sorry man - I think you are reaching with this. Probably best to drop it imo.
  11. I think you are going to have to explain that one... What do feminists have to do with Cody Glass?
  12. Pettersson was ranked 20 by International Scouting Services (ISS Hockey) in their final rankings...
  13. Fair enough. I honestly think Pettersson is being overhyped. Also, Lias Andersson > Elias Pettersson in my opinion.
  14. There is a difference between wanting goons and wanting a player that can stay on his feet. I don't know if anyone is really advocating for prospects that have "bruiser" or "goon" qualities to them, just NHL size. Most people don't want Rasmussen for this very reason - because his size covers a lack of true skill. I, along with other people on here, are advocating for players that can play their game without being tossed off the puck by someone who is big by NHL standards.
  15. McCann and Virtanen are their own case in these regards - yes, they were dumped in, but this isn't the same team or scenario that we are dealing with as what was happening then and on top of that, I think we learned some valuable lessons in the process. Stecher was not dumped into the line up, he played himself in the lineup and even when he blew the training camp out of the water, they still sent him down to the AHL in the beginning. Like has already been pointed out, Makar is committed to the NCAA next year and won't even be an option to be on the team next year, so I don't know where you are coming up with that idea. Mittelstadt won't be an option. All the European prospect interviews I have seen are expecting atleast another year in Europe. "No one is talking about parking the picks in the minors for 2-3 years"? Actually, I think most people are saying that, even the NHL in general is saying about the draft this year that that will be the case with the vast majority of prospects. The only prospect that I could see making that jumped next year is a guy like Vilardi, but (1) there is no room on the roster till the Sedins depart for another center and (2) it has already been established that he is going to play next in Windsor so he can develop his game at center. Hischer and Patrick will be forced onto their squads because of where they are likely to be picked, but nobody is expecting any other prospect in this draft to make a strong challenge, they are all thought be short-long term projects. Glass on the other hand is consensus that he will be atleast another year or two in the minors to build muscle - a similar path as Mark Scheifele. In terms of forwards, there will be literally no room for any newbies to join the squad next year and any newly drafted prospects would have to out perform our older mature prospects like Goldobin, Dahlin and Boeser to do that. I cannot see that happening. IF it does happen, then we will all rejoice in celebration because we just landed ourselves a superstar!