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  1. This is kind of laughable... Either the Canucks make a trade "very soon" or they won't be able to because of the Trade Deadline. Not very insightful.
  2. You know... I think Detroit's reputation for drafting has been over blown. Once they lost all of their stars from the 80s (Yzerman, Federov, Lidstrom, etc.) and now 90s (Datysuk, plus soon to be Zetterburg), they really haven't drafted well enough to sustain themselves in the last decade and half without having to now be a bottom leaguer. Maybe their recent picks in Mantha and Larkin will be enough, but in my opinion they haven't really drafted an elite impact player for quite some time now.
  3. "March 17-18th - All 12 teams will once again qualify for the 2017 Hockey East tournament, with the top four teams in the league standings enjoying a first round bye into the quarterfinals. Teams seeded 5 through 12 will face off in best-of-three series at the campus sites of the higher seeds (No. 5 hosting No. 12, etc.). Advancing teams will then be reseeded and will play best-of-three quarterfinal series on the campuses of the four highest seeded teams. The four quarterfinal winners will be reseeded again as they advance to the TD Garden in Boston for the semifinals and Championship Game." source
  4. Thanks for the link. Out of curiosity I went to the Tkachuk thread to see what they were saying: Bennett should be traded or sent to the AHL to develop as a C and debating whether bringing their young players in too soon like Tkachuk will end up with bad development paths like previous Oilers prospects. Why would they be thinking this? Although Tkachuk is having a great rookie season, other players such as Bennett, Monahan and Gaudreau have regressed this year. They seem to be worried that rushing these players into the league has put too much pressure on them and effected their longterm development path. This too could happen with Tkachuk in the following years. It could also not happen and he continues to be successful. But I think it is key to remember that it is quite difficult for a young teenage rookie to come into the league with initial success and sustain that over their entire careers. I think it is quite possible that Tkachuk regresses next year as other players take more space and time on the roster. I am of the belief that the longer Joulevi takes to get to the NHL the better. We should groom a prospect like this into their potential #1/2 role. There is no reason to push his development in this regard as we do not need him next year. If he isn't dominating in the CHL and demonstrating that he needs higher competition, then leave him there until he does dominate both defensively and offensively. Leading the London Knights defensemen with 37 points in 45 games is pretty good and an improvement over last year, but I would not say he is dominating yet. He went into a slump when Mete was out of the lineup, but he definitely plays better with him as his defensive partner whom is a little more of an offensive defenseman. Maybe, hopefully, we see him turn it up a step in the playoffs as well.
  5. I think this has more to do with the low quality of the stream for the games. I would watch a game here and there if the quality of the streaming was improved. It's like watching video on a 56k modem. They could literally do better with someone sitting there with an iphone streaming onto facebook. With that said, I think generally this has been a disappointing year in Utica. The team is bad, like real bad. They currently sit 22 out of 30 for points and goals for, so there isn't much offence being produced in general. This is partly due to the Canucks sucking as well and having to keep guys like Chaput and Megna in the show instead of leading the offensive push in Utica. You would think that Virtanen, given his draft position and his cohorts, would be able to be that guy to lead the offence, but that just is not happening. We are all disappointed with that fact. Is he the guy that needs a proper setup man to be successful? That could be the case and hopefully next year we can bring in some decent prospects into Utica and start something more worth watching. I have for the most part written this year off with two hopes in mind - that we get a decent draft position in the end and Horvat signs for a decent price.
  6. I don't think anyone here, regardless of how optimistic they are, is saying he has been amazing, they are just not writing him off as a prospect like some others are.
  7. Can't we just draft the other Tkachuk in 2018 and leave this OJ versus MT all behind us?
  8. Is it possible that you provide a comparison of these analytics? Between Tryamkin this year, Gudbranson's last 3 years and Sbiza's last 3 years? I don't disregard analytics but I do think a player can improve as they mature just as Sbiza has evidently done from his first 2 years here. Just because Gudbranson may not be a sound player at the moment does not mean he won't become a sound player - given that he is still relatively young. If Gudbranson can become as defensively sound as Sbiza has been this year (for the most part), then I don't really see a problem with keeping that type of player around. I agree with you that he has not played that well thus far, not many on the team has, and I hope he does not command a significant pay raise. I do think we need players like Gudbranson on the team though, and it might be easier to develop a defensively sound leader like Gudbranson than try to trade for one straight up. Granted, if we are forced to make a choice because of cap reasons, then of course we keep the best player.
  9. If this discussion of whether Gudbranson should be our whipping boy or not was actually taking place in the Gudbranson thread, you probably would of seen an article where he says the injury had been an issue since late October. Of course, yada yada 5 seasons prior yada yada, but we have yet to really see him play to his skill level here yet and I guess since Sbiza has less to complain about in his game now, Gudbranson is the next target this year. In reality, this team needs BOTH Gudbranson and Tryamkin. I do not know why it would be a question of who to keep or to question if we still need Gudbranson, if Tryamkin is playing better. We need more jam in our game. Bertuzzi, and to a slightly lesser extent Kesler, made the era of Swedish hockey tolerable. With no one really bringing the push up front, this team needs players like Gudbranson and Tryamkin. I am looking forward to both of them taking another step in their game next year.
  10. As per the highlight video, Virtanen actually does a nice job of gaining the zone, which it seems not everyone on Utica is able to do. He can to do this because of his speed which backs the defense off the line. This is where you guys have rightly stated that he lacks that next step of creativity. He definitely needs to improve this side of his game, but I think he will get there - just needs more practice, more drills, more time on the ice. I don't think "sitting back in the slot or circle" is really his game through. This kid needs active feet and needs to be a hound on the puck. He needs need to find those spots where he can pick those shots off, but I do not think he should do this passively - he should read the play more and anticipate those opportunities. With that said he certainly needs to practice his stand still one-timers, he got a few off in that video, but none of them seemed like dangerous shots.
  11. Because Sbisa was everyones darling in his first 30 games with us? #hindsight
  12. I would sign him once he becomes an UFA. Not worth losing assets over, but we definitely need guys like this to become competitive again - especially in the playoffs. I think his off ice shenanigans are overblown. I mean, really, who wouldn't want Seguin on their team now? He was said to have similar off ice issues when he was traded from Boston. Although JB was a part of trading away Seguin for LE... so I do not see this happening. I hope it does, but it probably won't.
  13. Yeah I think you are right. The puck looks to be going slightly wide of the net (not by much) and Bo tips it just a hair for it to hit the post and go in. Bo is picking up the pace again. They might want to limit his time on the power play to limit his.... contract.
  14. Nobody needs you to do them any favours so temper your valour. This internet forum is not going to magically create "pressure" for professional hockey players. If you think thats the case then you are obviously online too much and need to step back. Further, why don't you "let them play some pro hockey" before you decide their ultimate ceiling as a player - I hope you are not in a teaching role in any form as you would be the worst mentor. That was actually Edler's draft + 2 year, but it is definitely a valid point. Brisebois has not yet shown he has the offensive capabilities that Edler accomplished, but Edler did not have the leadership qualities that Brisebois has, so I think they will definitely turn out to be different types of players. With that said, some defensemen are able to translate their production straight across to the pro leagues as in they put up 40 points in CHL and then put up 30 points in the AHL, etc.