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  1. If it only happens one time that we win the lottery, I would prefer it wasn't this year.
  2. 1970 Expansion Lottery, the Vancouver Canucks lose the lottery and select Dale Tallon and miss out on 1st overall Gilbert Perreault. 1971 Amateur Draft and the Vancouver Canucks land the 3rd pick after narrowly missing the 2nd by one point to Detroit. We end up drafting Jocelyn Guevremont... after Detroit takes Marcel Dionne. Underdog is not by choice.
  3. Care to give examples? Other than the Eriksson signing, which made sense regardless, what are these contradictory moves and results? They have been making this team younger throughout the entire process and not promising the world in terms of results - as in "being competitive for a playoff spot".
  4. I don't even want to speculate anymore this week... Saturday can't come soon enough!
  5. Same. The complaining will still continue regardless. People won't give it a rest until they destroy this team or their success shuts them up for awhile.
  6. Those are my thoughts as well. At first I was apprehensive about this move, but he really does seem like a great communicator - exactly what I think this team, and even more so, this organization needs.
  7. Oh really? You mean the time where he gouged Benn in the eye? Or this time where he clearly still has a glove on at the end of the fight?
  8. POST-TRAM thought #3: Maybe he just doesn't want to fight like a Canadian hockey player. I mean, he never even took his gloves off for one.
  9. Not sure how I feel about this, but do like the idea of having a mixture of ages and experience on the bench.
  10. Yes, it is suppose to prevent teams from intentionally tanking for known prospects like McDavid and Matthews. BUT, what happens? Toronto comes out and outrightly states that they are going to tank and ends up with Matthews... The system won't prevent teams from tanking and worse yet, it will seriously screw over some teams that legitimately suck and need those top end players at some point.
  11. Kassian had "character" issues when he was here, but now everyone is crying over losing/giving up on him. Maybe his gotten past all the young shenanigans and ballin' he was doing when he was in Winnipeg. Kane has a strong influence from his father in Vancouver and could potentially reign him in a bit to temper the crazy parts. Doesn't Kane train here in the offseason with his father? I remember hearing that somewhere. I would definitely consider it if the price is right, but we should definitely not be paying top dollar. If its less than Eriksson's contact and closer to a Sutter contract, I can live with that.
  12. After all the dizzying conversations about summer training regiments, ala Virtanen, Tryamkin, etc, this will sit well with most of us I think. Good to hear he is eager to get set on the right foot heading into the fall - maybe Stecher can show him his summer workout routine.
  13. I don't care what anyone thinks of Kesler anymore, I still want him to bring the mega pest out on McJesus.
  14. I would call a 35.2% chance of a Top 3 pick more than "just about a quarter" - It is actually more than a third. Even then, Edmonton last year dropped to 4th so obviously a 64.8% chance of 4th or 5th is the more likely event.
  15. Yeah I have been thinking this as well. It will happen soon enough and people will be overly pissed about it. Just imagine if Boston won Matthews or Laine last year. The outrage will be less this year because the generational players aren't in play, but it would still hurt if say Winnipeg wins it again this year.