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  1. Move your feet Canucks! Everyone is just standing there watching
  2. This Jan-uary, Michael down your Vincent
  3. uhggg should I get a ticket to go to the Minnesota game for 170$ for pretty good seats

    1. HI5


      Only if it’s Timberwolves or Vikings.

  4. I think our top 6 might turn out like this Leipsic - Horvat - Boeser Baertschi - Petersson - Virtanen I'm hoping we get to see that second line in pre season. I would love if Virt upped his game to play with those two
  5. Just bought a ticket to each of the young star games in Penticton, already have my ticket for the pre season game in Kelowna... Im loving all this Canuck action in the Okanagan 

    1. -AJ-


      If I was closer I'd consider going myself.

  6. Except its actually really annoying to have to search through countless posts not about EP in the EP thread
  7. This is probably the video to watch for our golden boy prospect! Man if he can get some strength and muscle he is going to absolutely dominate.
  8. I think people just get too caught up in the "generational talent" comment. He's most likely going to be a very good hockey player, all these labels mean nothing until he's well into his career, then we can actually tell. I just thought it was interesting that this article was written BEFORE the draft! Now he's having this record breaking season in the SHL... so maybe this guy was onto something. Just food for thought
  9. A few of my favourite tid bits from this article "First, Pettersson scored at a rate exactly 500% that of Patrik Berglund in their respective draft years. Based on Berglunds career high of a 52 point pace over 82 games that gave Pettersson a comparative result of 260 points. Not going to happen." "Another anomaly was Filip Forsberg. Pettersson is a very early birthday in his draft year, Forsberg is very late. The comparative result from Forsberg gave Pettersson an expected 82 game pace of 155 points. While the age adjusted result would still be very favourable for Pettersson, I am throwing out this result as well due to the discrepancy. However, it should be noted that Pettersson’s draft year STILL outperformed Forsberg’s draft +1. Forsberg being a player who, in a re-draft of his year, would be heavily in contention for 1st overall. Victor Rask also gave a very odd result with 157 points. I’m not sure how to explain that except for Pettersson is a generational talent as well as some really nice post-draft development from Rask. Given that Rask’s birthday is in the middle of his draft year, I wouldn’t expect age to be a big factor." "So to recap, these numbers would ideally have better variable control, but I feel like they paint a decent general picture of the types of players these 3 will become: Nico Hischier: approximately 62.64 points per 82 games at peak Nolan Patrick: approximately 57.46 points per 82 games at peak (I have no doubt this number would be higher in a non-injury filled season) Elias Pettersson: approximately 87.99 points per 82 games at peak" "Pettersson also had a more productive season this year than teammate Jonathan Dahlen, who is widely considered to be one of the better prospects not currently playing in the NHL," "So with all the talk of this draft being a two horse race between Patrick and my humble opinion, it’s a one horse race. And that horse’s Elias Pettersson." Haha sorry for the long post but I just love reading this stuff on our prospects. Definitely give the whole article a read. Thx @canuckledraggin for finding it and posting
  10. I'm glad Gaunce didn't get picked. He's a canucks through and through. Drafted in 2012 and has been grinding and developing ever since, I'm glad he didnt get picked up just as he's turning into an actual nhl player
  11. I kinda got the feeling he meant he didn't want to be all talk and pump himself up, he's just going to go out there and show us what he's about