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  1. canucks arent winning this game e5
  2. frack. theres still hope we get blown out by the islanders.
  3. hopefully we eat crap like we did against dallas and then torts gets fired
  4. if you throw enough shiit against the wall something is going to stick
  5. great trade by gillis - dumps a soon-to-be 35 yr old luongo - dumps that horrible contract - gains cap - gets a great goalie prospect - gets a great big 2way powerforward scoring 3rd line center whos extremely happy to be here also gotta give props to gillis for trading him to florida, luongos #1 destination. classy move by gillis.
  6. wrong thread waiting for kesler to get pulled from the bench
  7. hes been in the nhl for years but is new to twitter
  8. hes worked in the nhl for years and has many sources from across the league
  9. NHL Insider. ‏@HockeyExpert_ 10m I'm hearing the @NHLFlyers have offered Schenn, Simmonds, prospect Taylor Leier, and a pick in the upcoming draft for @VanCanucks Kesler.
  10. rip alex edler
  11. I enjoy both Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, GoT more so. But I'm not sure why people are comparing the two. They are nothing alike. One is about medieval fantasy and the other dramatic zombies. I'm sure fans of The Walking dead realize the show isn't perfect, no show is, but some more than others. Yeah sure the writing could be better, it could be more "realistic", more gritty. There are things about a show everyone has an opinion on that it could be different or better. I enjoy The Walking Dead simply because I like the zombie genre. A taste in a show is purely subjective and for that reason one can't be right nor wrong. There shouldn't be a debate about the two. If you like GoT, cool. If you like TWD, cool. Go talk about it in their respective threads.
  12. I call dibs on GTS, Pepsi Plunge and running knee in corner. I am sure Sheamus will take the rest.— Ryan Reeves (@Ryback22)

  14. courtesy of los santos customs