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  1. I would love if henrik just sat out for the rest of the games and the Olympics. Don't know why the hell he's playing in this condition
  2. Of course when they finally start to play well luongo lets in a weak five hole goal. Team is never good all around. So frustrating
  3. Lol wtf no goal. If this is a goal I give up
  4. Thanks garrison and useless daniel
  5. Garrison has been as bad as the Sedins during this slump. Just horrible. Better step it or see him asked to waive while he still has value
  6. Little shaky but expected of a guy in a new system and who hasn't played in a long time. Seems to hold the line well
  7. I'm feeling a trade tommorow. I think a big move will be made in some capacity.
  8. Add Richardson to that list.