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  1. haha Trumps on it... attack ads go! Slow Joe and Phony Kamala.
  2. I guess that settles it. she was the odds on favorite all along it seems. smart lady. is she good for swing states though all i really know is she is a prosecutor from california Biden VP pick: Kamala Harris chosen as running mate
  3. I think he got us all into it..... LETS &*$#)@($*#) GO
  4. I totally agree. It is the subtle nuances where JV has the biggest effect with his natural size and speed. I mean is there anyone in the league that would be embrace a huge JV hit ? I know he doesn't dish them out often anymore but it is still in his repertoire with the reverse hits he loves to do. I believe he is not seeking out big hits like he used to but we will be in for a treat when the opportunity arises.
  5. I feel like such a sucker that I want to buy a $5 towel and it still even has adverts on it.. At least the proceeds support Canucks for kids fund I think. the post season t-shirts definitely do I am getting a few for gifts.
  6. Yeah saw this little clip. he is free to do as he pleases! I guess he is not even in elected office right now so no constituents to worry about..
  7. Yeah we get goofed on a lot like that up here with the media content Alright we get to hear one last hurrah from Hillary and Bill ! Sounds fun Poor YangGang getting shafted though
  8. not available in my country buddy but I can only assume its the wrong thread for a Trump video..
  9. Maybe! It would be pretty epic if Trump countered it with his own bike riding video but I can't see that happening For a life long stuttering problem he seemed to speak quite eloquently in the past ? he sure wasn't stuttering bragging about his academics up there
  10. It would be a hard sell to the NHLPA I think but most of these guys are already away from their families for a significant portion of the year so I am not sure if it is really THAT different in that sense. I think it is possible as a last resort.. everyone wants to get paid and money makes the world go round, so the show must go on somehow. I doubt they would take this approach until it starts going into 2021
  11. Say what you want about Trudeau and his many faults but at least he would KO the US President any day...
  12. But it was a VIGOROUS bike ride!! He better be careful what would happen if he pulled a John Kerry Reminds me of how silly the mandatory helmet bylaw is up here in BC...
  13. No way man.. he got 3 degrees and graduated near the top of his class!