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  1. Come on guys. 48 points. Don't let one person lead you astray. He's free; no draft picks given up, no players traded away, can help out Utica when his season is over.. can't get much better than that. Edit: Also, he wears the C for the Oil Kings. Usually a sign of someone with some character.
  2. Better idea would be to let them know he's been talking to Edmonton about some trades. Fight or Flight... to Edmonton.
  3. How much of a king's ransom would it take to pry Madison Bowey away from the Caps? Defenseman, Shoots Right, 19 years old, 6'2", 207lbs, Canadian Boy, Captain of the Rockets for the past 2 years, played for Canada, puts up great points, has an extremely solid +/-... Hockey's Future: Talent Analysis: Big-bodied rearguard is an excellent skater. Does not shy away from physical play. Rushes the puck with confidence. Plenty of exposure through international experience with Hockey Canada programs. Shows good leadership abilities as well given his alternate captaincy with Team Canada in 2012-13 Future: Bowey has been a force for the Kelowna Rockets and he will return to the team for 2013-14 in what should be his final year. Moving forward Bowey has the makings of a good solid top-four defenseman. He's still in the WHL, so he wouldn't be able to make a splash now. However, as stated earlier, Benning doesn't want a band-aid approach. Would be a trade for the future. Thoughts on this guy?
  4. Edit: Sorry, no idea how to make that bigger.
  5. After watching the highlights, you can see the difference between the Nucks celebrations and the Avalanche celebrations. Nucks = Usually massive hugs and smiling Avalanche = Coming together, but in a more subtle manner (tapping helmets, arm around) Yes, some goals may have been a little more important than others, but this just shows how much of a TEAM the guys are. They love it when their teammate scores. I've heard the Ave's try too hard to "do it themselves" sometimes, and there's not as much cohesion, and this can simply be seen in the goal celebrations. Love what Desjardins has done to really bring the guys together. Coming together as a team will do wonders.