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  1. I bet enough on the STOCK MARKET!!!! You may well be correct . . .
  2. I was typing something just like that but you beat me to it . . . AND you said it better . . . Try going to a game in Winnipeg and watch the JETS - atmosphere is beyond awesome. THERE are lots of buildings like the Jets - too bad those fans can't come to Vancouver. I cheer all the time and when I get told to be quiet (AND I DON'T SWEAR) I just cheer more and get others to join me.
  3. OR telling you to be very quiet because you are cheering . . . That is what unfortunately happens here in Vancouver . . .
  4. ME 2 and I will be there to watch it!!!!!
  5. Sorry, but this guy was such a PUKE when he was here. He would NEVER come back but if he did, he would still be cheering for the RANGERS and would do nothing for Vancouver. . . WORST nightmare ever . . .
  6. SNAZZY NAZZY - he could teach some of those forwards of ours how to SCORE . . .
  7. OTTAWA SENATORS! Canucks beat them as the Vancouver Millionaires in 1915. So there next one should be against them!
  8. I am a Season Ticket Holder and I sit in the lower bowl. As most people have said any seat in the building is good. You will not be able to get a ticket anywhere in the lower bowl for between $40 - $70. The Canucks shoot twice where Section 111 is and the Hawks shoot twice where Sec 122 is. The players benches are Section 116 and 117 or 118 I believe and opposite that facing the players are the Club Seats which are the most expensive in the house. If I were picking a seat regardless of whether it is Upper Bowl or Lower Bowl I would try to pick a seat where you can see the Players faces. But again, any seat in the building is a good seat.
  9. NOPE - this team was and likely still is: OWNER DRIVEN . . . AND I guess they can do what they want, they pay the bills . . .
  10. BETTER LATE THAN NEVER for this REBUILD . . . It should have been started in 2012 or at the very latest 2013. BUT, owners had different ideas - got to make those playoffs and get the "no sharing of revenue" for one round. That was our downfall and that is why it is likely going to take at least 3 more years to be a team that might do something in the playoffs. I will tell you one thing: I am NOT going to be NEGATIVE next year on how this team plays. I want them to take their time and build us a winner . . .PATIENCE, PATIENCE, PATIENCE and CHEERING, CHEERING, CHEERING . . . Give these boys of ours a REASON to want to play here.
  11. It sure will be fun when Vegas Knights come to town eh! AND THEIR first Pre Season GAME is here in VANCOUVER . . . Can't wait!
  12. You are more than correct. I know the book has not been substantiated but if anyone ever read Clinton Cash they could learn a few things about the Clintons. Even if 2% of that book were correct, saying they are crooked is an understatement.
  13. ARE U serious? OMG, you can NEVER have enough D. All I can say is: OMG< OMG< OMG
  14. HOPE IT IS AT HOME - being there for HANKS was just an unbelievable night with Lou in net and all . . .