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  1. When will we see Some physicality on the team again

  2. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Los Angeles Kings

    PROBABLY HAVE TO DRINK MORE IF I CONTINUE ATTENDING LIVE . . .. This is torture . . It really is a living nightmare . . . I watched the Capitals Game against the JETS tonight so that I could see what real hockey looks like. SO what is our PROBLEM? To me it is the fillers, not the draft picks. Del Zotto, Ericson (which we apparently are stuck with) Gagne, Guddy . . . Why are we getting people like this? Do we have the right people running this show? WOW I don't know but BIGGER changes then just getting a pick in the top 5 is desperately needed.
  3. Van..Lucic(Proposal / Discussion)

    Two negatives never make a positive. U just struck out big time
  4. Van..Lucic(Proposal / Discussion)

    VERY few words will make me laugh but U sure did . . . Have a beer on me!
  5. Van..Lucic(Proposal / Discussion)

    ARE U out of your MIND? Evander Kane has zero, absolutely zero character so that would be the dumbest idea the Canucks could ever have. I will NEVER pay that pathetic losers salary. He didn't have much class as a Giant, he was pathetic in Winnipeg and even worse if that is possible in Buffalo and you want him here. . . OMG< OMG, OMG. Lucic is even a dumber idea. Slow as sin and this rebuild WILL NEVER GET done . . UGH UGH UGH
  6. name of last nights anthem singer?

  7. (Proposal) VAN - NYI + VAN - MIN

    I figured as much but thought I'd try . . . He really is an amazing player and they are lucky to have him.
  8. (Proposal) VAN - NYI + VAN - MIN

    BAERTSCH gone for the rest of the year for starters. I would rather trade something to pry Granlund's brother out of Mini
  9. Stop the Sedin Hate

    Ultimately the team decides . ..
  10. Stop the Sedin Hate

    The people bashing them are probably the same ones that want Evander Kane (a person with a complete lack of character) to be a Canuck. I could be wrong on that assumption but I could not agree with you more. The SEDINS are the class act of this Organization and we won't ever see the likes of this pair again. BE careful what you wish for Vancouver. This organization could easily fall apart when the Sedins do decide to hang them up. What would we do without their leadership and mentoring. Of course they will get a lot less points now - they are getting older and they are getting a lot less time on the ice. I hope they come back for one more year as mentors and we all know how much they will work out to stay in the best shape that they are in now.
  11. They will be CUP WINNERS this year . . . Put that in your pocket book! I will be cheering loud and long for them . . .
  12. Discussion - Kane's real value

    Thank goodness one person gets it.
  13. Discussion - Kane's real value

  14. Discussion - Kane's real value

    KANE'S REAL VALUE = NEGATIVE = nightmare in the dressing room, won't be able to handle all the losing; has no character, will destroy the young players here with his stupidity GET REAL FOLKS - he was a bad ass in juniors here; complete idiot in Winnipeg and no better in Buffalo. BUT he will be a changed person here. GET REAL FOLKS I thought the Canucks prided themselves in bringing in CHARACTER PLAYERS - well that is the last thing that Evander Kane is . . .