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  1. Is the Current Ownership Failing this Team?

    WELL you said it way better than I could have. 100% AGREE with U . . .
  2. Have you heard the Owners at all? Do you ever listen to them? They want this now. We should be like the Devils, like Colorado etc who turned it around in one year. What if that does not happen? What if we don't make the Playoffs again? There are a ton of what ifs? How much more patience do you think this not short-sighted ownership group that you called them have? I hope you are correct but I think not. AND I am not talking about JB - he does not drive the bus . . . I never said who they might trade and if it were Pettersson or Hughes then even you would think they were stupid. I was thinking of maybe Jolevi and the like. . . AND I don't want him traded either. I want all of our prospects to get a chance.
  3. WATCH what they do moving forward . . . Get some big gun that is ready set go and give up some prospects . . . I hope that I am totally wrong. I am talking about the Owners! They drive this bus
  4. I have a feeling he meant to continue the rebuild. AND that they don't have the stomach for.
  5. They seem to only have the stomach to hire people and meddle. . . OMG, if they hired experienced people in the first place then we would likely not be discussing this . . .THEY should have accepted the idea of a REBUILD in 2012 or latest 2013. How do they even think we are playoff ready when at least half, in not more of the top six have never played an NHL game.
  6. [Discussion] New Canucks President

    Do you really think they would entertain this kind of job? I would bet they would rather be playing next year! To this day I thought they would still be here and on the ice (second line or even third line) helping the very young roster that we have. . .
  7. [Discussion] New Canucks President

    Like they would even want that job? I highly doubt it . . . .
  8. [Discussion] New Canucks President

    New Owners First
  9. [Signing] Predators sign Dan Hamhuis

    I was thinking the same as you. Hope he wins a CUP even though I am cheering for the JETS . . . Our time will come one day
  10. She's an amazing young lady and to be able to share her story makes her that much more powerful. May she get the help that she desperately needs to get better and easier said than done but it has to be "one day at a time" . . Wishing you the best of luck Demi Lovato.
  11. Do we give Bo the "C"? POLL

    PERFECT PROOF that we have nothing going on in Canuck Ville . . . AND you are the first person that I ever gave a "HA HA" emoji on this fan page!!!
  12. Do we give Bo the "C"? POLL

    WELL said and even though I did comment about it, I could not agree with you more. We have a ton of issues.
  13. Do we give Bo the "C"? POLL

    Edler is way too shy to give the C too. . . I would not give it to Bo either for reasons that I am sure are different then most. Should we give it to Boeser? Yes, but not yet. Therefore don't give it to anyone yet.
  14. ICBC Situation.

    Good Point. . . But when I read it, it seemed like he had lots of bad luck as well. It has to be something to have your license suspended in the first place.
  15. ICBC Situation.

    You beat me to it. That is exactly what I was going to write: WHAT a NIGHTMARE . . .