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  1. Best word to describe Brock Boeser?

  2. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Obviously I want Dahlin or Svechnikov, but I would happily take Boqvist. However, the way the team is playing right now it is not unrealistic to say we pick somewhere in the middle of the round, in which case I want Bode Wilde. Wilde is what I like to call the perfect defenseman. The Shea Weber type. Big, strong, tough as nails, responsible in his own end but has plenty of offensive instincts, not to mention a big time slapper. He is on my wishlist regardless of where we pick.
  3. Welp, ive had some time to digest this and quite frankly as long as we grab one of Mittlestadt or Vilardi, ill be happy. Quite honestly i like the fact that we're picking at 5. Once you get to third overall the rest of the draft is completely up in the air. This is where Jim Benning will shine we know he can draft now it's time to prove it to the rest of the hockey world. Do your job Jimmy! The franchise depends on it!
  4. [Discussion] Free Agents 2017

    For me I would say a guy like Jay McClement, good durable veteran 4C who has always been a good faceoff man and can put up decent numbers. Also wouldn't mind an Eric Gryba. We already lost Tryamkin (in case you didn't already know) and will most definitely lose another d-man either through trade or expansion draft. So a big gritty d-man like Gryba to protect the net and the youngsters as well as fill in that hole on defense would be nice. But that's about it, just some depth and some grit to plug holes and complement the young guys.
  5. [Proposal] DAL - VAN

    I do like that even more, makes it easier to take on Lehtonens contract. Don't see this deal happening to be honest, but the value is definitely fair. Nicely done!
  6. [Proposal] DAL - VAN

    I'm still on the fence about trading Tanev, but I really like this deal, good value for both sides. I do think we could sqeeze out a tad more, mostly because we are doing them a favour by taking Lehtonens contract. Maybe a late pick or weak prospect?
  7. [Signing] Tryamkin goes to the KHL

    Ouch, not the news I wanted to wake up to this morning. Now all of the sudden I'm OK with drafting Liljgren, maybe he can fill this void in my heart, (and our D).
  8. Who is the future face of the franchise?

    Boeser will be the face, Horvat will be the heart, and Demko will be the backbone.
  9. (Poll) Who should be the next head coach of the Vancouver Canucks?

    Just a question because I really don't know, what are the chances the yotes fire Tippett, I know he has some level of authority in management which would make it tough, but they have been so bad for so long one has to think he's running out of time. Also if he was made available (assuming he takes the job here), would he be a good fit? I've heard rumors that he's bad at working with young talent. Just something I been thinking about lately, if people think Quenneville or Trotz could get canned then I don't see how Tippett can't be.
  10. (Poll) Who should be the next head coach of the Vancouver Canucks?

    I like Crawford a lot, a little skeptical about Green but I think an interesting guy is Kevin Dineen. He was on my list when we hired Willie and I like him even more now. Really stong AHL career, he did pretty well with Florida and now he's with Chicago learning from Quennville who's one of the best. Could be a guy to watch.
  11. [Official] Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball thread

    Methinks this will be a high scoring affair...
  12. [Official] Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball thread

    I totally agree, Dickey gets too much flak IMO. He tends to be the scape goat if the Jays lose with him on the mound, he gets very little offense, and I find the defence even underperforms with him out there, it isn't always his fault. I'm not saying I would trade Syndergaard for him or anything, but he isn't that bad.
  13. [Official] Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball thread

    I wish Dan Shulman would do every game for the rest of my life, even post season. Buck isn't bad and neither is the new guy (Matt Devlin) but I love listening to Shulman.
  14. [Official] Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball thread

    Storen for Benoit, good pitcher having bad year for good pitcher having bad year... I'll take it. Also big win for the Jays, I was at baseball practice and missed the second half of the game, but listened to the walk off in the car on the way home. I got soooo hyped.
  15. [Official] Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball thread

    Regardless of whether or not we need Upton we hardly have to pay him and we gave up very little. We get quality defence, speed on the base paths, and some more power at the dish. Good deal, even if the intentions are kinda murky. Edit: Also the best part of the deal is the Orioles don't get him, so I mean that's a win...