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  1. And the back injury. Those suspensions were ridiculous. Hertl forgets to buckle the strap of his helmet and Edler is somehow a headhunter, and Mike Smith gives Daniel Day-Lewis a run for his money, and Edler is a goalie hunter. It also reminds me of when both Hossa and Hansen jump up to reach for the puck during the game against Chicago, and somehow Hossa (who's got a few pounds on Hansen) was devastated by Hansen's reckless elbow......I think that might have been when Hossa developed his allergy to molded plastic...
  2. I think the Sedins should be split up, not only to lessen the impact of age on one line, but so that they can spread their tutelage and mentorship to more than just one linemate at a time. Sure they are legends in their own time, but to maximize their efficiency, splitting them up is a great idea.
  3. That was the knock against Vanek, that he tends to float from time to time. Not really a shining example of mentorship. Would gladly see him jettisoned for Brock or Jake.
  4. I'll see your Shatner and raise you this...
  5. Some folks got to have control.
  6. Appreciated. Likewise. Although I come for the common sense and gametalk, but I stay for the gifs. So do I. They've been with the team for so long it would be nice to see them go out playing a decent game, and inspiring the kids. None of the three can or should be looked at as game changers anymore, as both Sedins have said as much. Edler is Edler, and has for all intents and purposes, helped Stetcher's game along considerably. Boeser and Virtanen are the real deal for sure, and should prove Benning right in his unbelievably shrewd drafting. His signings this summer were smart, although I'm still not totally sold on Vanek. Time will tell. Del Zotto will prove to be the best of the bunch though, as I think that he and Gudbranson will form a great defensive paring. Peace out.
  7. Hahahaha. I'm not always the voice of reason, but am trying to be. Agreed. One bad season, and the media blows up here and back east. Loui is wasted on an older line trying to recreate the Olympics. Eriksson should be on Horvat's wing. Not the best use of his talents, but I think Green is using these games to get looks on different lines. Exactly.
  8. There will always be a need for memes and gifs. Even really creepy ones like this.
  9. The team does definitely need to bring in the younger players who are showing far and away that they are ready for the next step, I agree. If the vets put in half-assed efforts, then the team and organization will be rewarded with a continued drop in season ticket sales and attendance at games. Not many fans want to watch players putting in a half effort. Time will tell. That being said, having some form of a veteran presence is necessary to transition the next group of players in. Henrik and Daniel, as old as they are, are the best candidates to do so. Sutter? They may hang them up after this season, or will continue on in one year contract spurts. I can't see them demanding too much in salary, if they are interested in the ascension of the next core group of players succeeding.
  10. If only it were that simple, riffraff. If only.
  11. Eriksson's game and where it's at still remains to be seen. I'm not quite ready to write him off yet. Much like Gudbranson, he had to adjust to a new team, although Gudbranson was nursing a serious wrist injury. Loui could take off if given the right linemates. He was very effective in Boston, and there is really no reason he can't find that again here. Essentially it's his choice. Much like Edler, I think the team needs at least 10-15 games, with a set roster (including Boeser and Virtanen) to determine how well a player will do, same goes for the team.
  12. Hutton is a big boy and could step up for Tanev. Edler, to me, is closing in on his expiry date here. He has coasted far too often, and as the most senior member of the blueline, should provide a far more consistent level of play. I'll truly reserve complete judgment until the 10 game mark of the regular season, but if Edler is the same woefully inconsistent d-man he's been for the last few seasons, hopefully he'll waive his clause and allow a trade to happen.
  13. It is preseason, regardless. The game doesn't count, and doesn't really reflect the team as much as some would like to think it does. I don't see the forward lines shaking out like Green has them right now. As well, Boeser and Virtanen have to be seriously considered as full-time players, as they are clearly outplaying some of the big league forwards.
  14. Edler looks to be slotted in with Stecher. Tanev with Hutton.
  15. Edler's time with the team is almost over. Just one more season after this one. His inconsistency is seemingly the true hallmark of his time here. I'm hoping that Benning can somehow convince Edler to waive his clause and accept a trade. Personally, I would have rather kept Hamhuis and traded Edler.
  16. That kind of robbery makes one miss Burrows.
  17. Some need immediate results and anything less is abject failure. Others refer to the stat sheets and Fenwick/Corsi as the only way to gauge Gudbranson's worth. Both conveniently pass over the facts you've presented as it doesn't serve their pointed narrative. Having a defenseman with his capabilities is crucial for any team. Not every defenseman will be an offensive force, weaving through the opposition and potting 30 goals. Some defensemen need to provide security for the goalie and pain for the opposition. I think Linden, Benning, and Green realize how valuable a defenseman of Gudbranson's stature and capability is, and don't pay any mind to the peanut gallery.
  18. Gudbranson will be the voice that hates losing and will motivate the others to be better. Glad to see less complacency in the younger players.
  19. Fair enough. Would have done the same. Thanks for the updates as usual, Always.
  20. That's good to hear. Being steady is a great thing. Thanks. I couldn't get up that early. I tried but it seemed like torture.
  21. Well, I'm hoping that the guy starts playing the way he knows he can, and makes a difference.
  22. Excellent. Looking at the six players, they have the potential to be a solid defense. Looking forward to the pairings developing some solid chemistry.
  23. Nice. I have a great feeling about him this season. What was it about his game that was real gud?
  24. If Eriksson can't elevate his game this season, hopefully he waives his clause and accepts a trade.
  25. Any word on how the defense played?