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  1. [Trade] VAN Dale Weise to MTL

    I like this trade alot. Last year, Diaz was able to put up great numbers (8 points in 6 games, 6 PPP) when Subban was holding out with the contract talks. I understand this is a tiny sample size, but look at how Montreal use their Dmen. http://www.nhl.com/i...wName=timeOnIce Whenever Subban and Markov are available. They are being used for the entire PP, Diaz will only be out there with a less offensively capable crew for a short amount of time. Just this season, Diaz has been given 56mins of PP while Subban and Markov are each given 230+ PPmins. And besides, we gave up Weise, who was a decent 4th liner. But as many of you guys mentioned, he was becoming redundant. We do have Archibald and others who can play that role.