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  1. ***The UFC/MMA THREAD***

    Swing and a miss. Welterweight. Card was great, curious to see where GSP goes from here.
  2. I never said he was a racist, I asked you how it was clear he isn't. You're the one that made a claim not me.
  3. How is it clear he isn't a racist?
  4. Moving to BC, a few questions!

    What kind of IT role would you be looking for?
  5. I'm sure it'll arrive after the Oilers trade Draisaitl.
  6. The truth? Shocking isn't it.
  7. You doing ok? Many of your fellow Trump supporters have convinced me Europe is at war. It's not a safe place to be!
  8. [Signing] Hurricanes sign Justin Williams

    2 years @ 4.5 mill per? Wow....
  9. Where do you draw the line? Should all members of the KKK be tried and jailed? According to early reports this was a "Parisian" man. Unless that is incorrect and we hear otherwise how exactly do you justify throwing him out of his native land?
  10. Best TV Dads

    Walter was a brilliant character.
  11. I feel like we're going to see more and more attacks on Mosques/Muslims by extremists. I live in Europe, still think a bus or lightning is way more likely to kill me. I live in a city with a Muslim Mayor and a huge Muslim population. Worrying about Terrorism in my everyday life is still not even on the radar.
  12. ***The UFC/MMA THREAD***

    Yes it would be a great rematch. Don't think we'll see it but it would be a pleasure.
  13. Do you have no ability to search out what you're looking for? It sounds like you need a tutorial on how to use the internet.
  14. The Everything Bitcoin Thread

    Yes, been to all those sites. QuadrigaCX appealed to me the most but it looked to have the highest fees. I might just have to find a friend to go through and buy some BTC. Ordered a Trezor wallet as well to try and reduce the risk. The verification process on coinbase was giving me headaches as well. Only allowing me to buy with a CC at 3.5% fee or something.
  15. The Everything Bitcoin Thread

    How did everyone get started with crypto? Having trouble getting my money into the market... CDN or EU bank account.