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  1. 2018 FIFA World Cup

    Congrats to France, placed a few bets on them so I could be happy no matter the outcome. Just a few more weeks for the European leagues to start up again. Can't wait!
  2. 2018 FIFA World Cup

    He was never getting to it...
  3. 2018 FIFA World Cup

  4. 2018 FIFA World Cup

    I don't care one bit that you dislike the media circus that is the English media. Tons (most?) of England hate them as well including myself. It doesn't change the fact you've made some outlandish claims. A tiny sample size of matches between two countries where the players are not the same? That seems like sound logic why France should be more afraid of Croatia than Brazil. Though if we want to use your shotty logic, I guess England shouldn't be worried about Croatia at all since they have demolished them in their last two meetings. I am not mad at all, I just think you're in left field.
  5. Skytrain Manners - What bugs You?

    I'm not offended, and don't get offended easily. Nothing something like you could say would ever offend me. I mean you're the type of person who was "burning with gusto" but won't say anything. Instead you'll run to a forum and complain about it. Keep on being a keyboard warrior.
  6. Skytrain Manners - What bugs You?

    Well I'm not handicapped or elderly but I don't feel like it should be scary. Especially if you ride it during the day. With that said... I avoid it like the plague as I can't stand the thing.
  7. Skytrain Manners - What bugs You?

    Columbia station is the underground one in NW.
  8. Skytrain Manners - What bugs You?

    I added plenty in return, it was your choice to ignore it. Keep on being you though. On the rare occasion I take the skytrain if I notice someone with a vein popping out of their head I'll say hi to you.
  9. 2018 Canucks Summer Development Camp

    Phew, thought I busted my right headphone.
  10. Skytrain Manners - What bugs You?

    You need to relax, you're also going to get blasted for your choice of words.
  11. Skytrain Manners - What bugs You?

    What bugs me? Riding the skytrain.
  12. Poker

    Yah agreed, put that in the OP already. The forum activity right now is pretty low as per usual in the summer.
  13. Poker

    Added a poll, if people are interested I could set up a HG.
  14. Poker

    It's good, but to be honest I'm not overly concerned about it. They'll find another way.
  15. Poker

    Not a big fan of the small tournaments but it's good to see they're bringing it back. Vancouver used to have a decent tournament scene but in the last 5-8 years it's really died.