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  1. Definitely a big one for me. I wish they had the real life goal horns of each team, don't get why only a few do. I play with certain teams because I like their horns
  2. IMO NHL 10, and 11 were the best ones. Since them I have found them to be so arcadey, so I hope it changes...The puck would just be like a ping pong ball, so hard to complete a pass, looked sometimes too fast. But I will buy it for sure for PS4, want a hockey game bad.
  3. No show Sid not a factor again
  4. Great ppv so far

    1. Mr.DirtyDangles


      are getting royally screwed :(


  7. lol those days are far from over. As long as they both are still boxing, it is fight waiting to happen. I would argue both are even past their prime, Mayweather clearly still the best based on his record. But once both retire, Boxing will be going down with them.
  8. Until he fights Pacman, he will never be TBE...
  9. Kings trades always turn out huge for them
  10. what a pick up, game tying goal and GWG
  11. Teemu so close!! needed to go blocker
  12. Hope Selanne gets the winner!!
  13. i know man such a good pick up...At the time of the trade it was just no biggie move
  14. man couldn't hold the lead to give Teemu the GWG