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  1. Vote MH
  2. Interesting....very interesting....hmnnm
  3. Gbassi is mafia for sure and that's a guarandamtee
  4. But why though? What have I done to be labelled as a villain????
  5. that stamkos bandwagon is very interesting.....
  6. No big loss even if you were a special.....
  7. I like your new profile picture bro
  8. Lol how can you have leans in the first round? Intriguing
  9. Just a regular TP here. Don't mind me. Vote Dral
  10. Damn I didn't get a pm. Does that mean im tp
  11. Agreed, we need Nolan Patrick to replace Henrik Sedin. XXX-Patrick-Boeser Baertschi-Horvat-Virtanen XXX-XXX-XXX XXX-Gaunce-XXX Juolevi-Tanev Hutton-Gudbranson Tryamkin-Subban Demko
  12. Hutton and Tryamkin are exempt
  13. Inb4 I get minused to oblivion
  14. Your behaviour is very erratic bro. You're all over the place.