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  1. I only got to watch the third, but that was a pleasure. Scoring for fun and Jake sitting a few guys down, plus what a snipe. That game goes down as an instant classic.
  2. Boys played decently last night, a couple of unlucky bounces away from coming back and winning against another trap specialist team. Full credit to Motte "beast mode" too.
  3. The poster said he should have gone to the game instead of watching. Nothing to do with Myers taking a punch?
  4. Even Edmonton sports radio was gushing about the pre game celebrations this morning. It was done tastefully and with class, not unlike the 2 players being honored. Bieksa, what a beauty. As for the game itself, I'm more in the camp that isn't a huge fan of how we play in our end or give up so many shots but I just can't bring myself to trash talk a game where we shut out the team I hate the most. On a night as significant as last night, the end justified the means.
  5. I guess another documentary is on the way. "Connor's quad, this time he actually misses a game"
  6. He deserves some props for throwing Tinordi's stick into the crowd last night though, that was hilarious
  7. Nashville is getting a taste of what other teams got when Rinne was actually good
  8. He'd be worth a look too. That kind of speed would give Bo lots of time on the puck.
  9. I'll take big Mac over Loui on Bo's line all day long
  10. Murph givin the bandaid a little tug there with Trevor. Trevor all class as usual keeping it about the twins this week