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  1. If Hutton was going to be pushed down to the third pairing anyways, then we'd be better off saying goodbye and going with Sautner at a third of the cost.
  2. Depends how much ice he gets as an 18 year old in the KHL. The first benchmark that really interests me will be his upcoming performance in the next WJC.
  3. I'd love to get Barrie but any potential move shouldn't cost a first round pick until we are a true contender. It's ludicrous for a lottery pick team to be dealing their first round pick unless they have extras.
  4. I've got no issues with big contracts for players who filled the net on their elc's. Some of them are ridiculously underpaid for their production (relative to their peers) and their second contracts should reflect that.
  5. I live in Edmonton and his name comes up once in a while on Jason Gregor's show on tsn. Pretty high praise for such a young kid.
  6. Woo probably won't be but wouldn't Hughes have to be protected? He will have played 2 full seasons when the draft is held.
  7. If this deal comes at the cost of losing a good young player in the expansion draft because we have to protect Milan, then the price is too high. If we want to get out from under Loui, then buy him out. If we feel the need to sign a tough guy then go sign one for cheap, they are a dime a dozen these days.
  8. Sports reporting has (and frankly always has had) the ethical standards of entertainment reporting. If you ever thought otherwise, you deserve the disappointment that's eventually coming your way.
  9. Love him or hate him, as primarily a Canuck-focused media personality he was (in a way) one of us. Condolences to his family
  10. When you intentionally throw a season in order to "win" the first overall pick, the karma that's coming your way is a bitch. Unless you're Pittsburgh of course.
  11. Like it or not, Benning gets credit for draft successes (and failures) by virtue of hiring Brackett and assembling the amateur staff. However, I fully agree that even you could have mismanaged the team into lottery contention and nobody would call you a genius
  12. I'm kinda relieved the first isn't really in play for us this year, if we chose Kakko over Quentin's brother it would be awkward. Dach and Cozen's are my hopes
  13. Stupendously bad reffing tonight. Good thing it was a mean nothing game or that would have stung.
  14. I must have battered fan syndrome because I didn't expect it not to be a goal