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  1. I was just hit with the realization that if the season ends tonight I have to start spending evenings with my wife again. How long do you think I can get away with watching re-runs of games on Youtube?
  2. Constant complaints about the refereeing gets tiresome but the third period performance by the zebras last night was absolutely atrocious. I hope their ability to work post season games depends on how their regular season performances are graded, a little accountability would be nice.
  3. Needed that win and glad it came on the telethon night. Some gut wrenching stories for those families, really puts things in perspective.
  4. Jake had a nightmare of a period. But when he's our arguably best player in a game Green rewards him by putting him on the 4th line so maybe he's trying to use Green "logic" to get himself back into the top 6 lol
  5. I already watched last night's dogs breakfast of a third period but missed the dog race, anybody know where I can find a replay?
  6. Demko has been shaky but that was a total fluke, not gonna hang that one on him
  7. There were 2 different occasions last night (that I could see) that Dermott cross-checked Petey with enough force that he should have been forced to answer the bell last night. I'm not one of those fans that complains every time somebody legally body checks Elias or impedes him in a way that a stronger player can fight through it, but allowing that kind of treatment to our best player is frankly pathetic. Ferland was probably the guy that JB foresaw filling that role but if he isn't going to be healthy enough to do it then they need to find somebody else next year. I can't imagine that Elias or Quinn would survive a single round of the playoffs for this team the way its presently constructed.
  8. Well, they pissed that opportunity away. Green's road record as a coach is brutal.
  9. Jake has been good tonight, unlucky to not get rewarded there
  10. Craig Simpson's not so subtle leaf blowing is getting tiresome
  11. The boys started the game half asleep and were behind the 8 ball early. After the time out they won the rest of the game 4-1 for a crucial road victory in a building that they traditionally have had troubles in. Who cares about shot differential, not a lot to complain about after that game imo.
  12. Can somebody explain to me why Jake has half as much ice time as Eriksson tonight?