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  1. Like it or not, Benning gets credit for draft successes (and failures) by virtue of hiring Brackett and assembling the amateur staff. However, I fully agree that even you could have mismanaged the team into lottery contention and nobody would call you a genius
  2. I'm kinda relieved the first isn't really in play for us this year, if we chose Kakko over Quentin's brother it would be awkward. Dach and Cozen's are my hopes
  3. Stupendously bad reffing tonight. Good thing it was a mean nothing game or that would have stung.
  4. I must have battered fan syndrome because I didn't expect it not to be a goal
  5. Ristolainen and Juolevi were a D pair when they won the WJC were they not?
  6. I'm guessing Bo is approaching some contract bonuses and Loui is their secret weapon to avoid paying out
  7. If you had told me in pre-season that by seasons end Biega would be our #1 RHD and on a 30 point pace I would have had a coronary