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  1. I feel like flame fans would have loved to have had Lucic in the playoffs last year. Too bad they are about to find out that he's a luxury that few can afford in the regular season.
  2. Jacob's numbers are very similar for the last two seasons, I don't see his play last year being the outlier that many on here claim it was.
  3. There's no guarantees, that's why they play the games. We could just as easily regress this year, and with league parity so could 3 or 4 teams that people think are locks for the post season right now. If Pettersson and other core players stay healthy, Markstrom continues to flourish under Clark and this years acquisitions bring similar historical production to the group then I think it's safe to say that the team will be in the hunt for a playoff spot come spring. I don't think anyone is guaranteeing more than that.
  4. Great point. I honestly feel this is just a regurgitation of the talking heads on TSN trade center yesterday morning. McGuire, Poulin, Ferraro and the "O-dog" can't figure out what the Canucks are doing- that feels more like a vote of confidence than a cause for alarm to me.
  5. Dzingel will get somewhere around twice that amount
  6. "A native of Thief River, Minnesota" hopefully can steal a few games for us one day......
  7. Is any player really worth not having a first round pick for 4 years? Craziness
  8. Brendan Gaunce? You think Benning could have got something for the guy who went 94 straight games without scoring and cleared waivers without being claimed? That's a laugh.
  9. I wouldn't mind Myers here but he's no more than a second pairing D-man at best. 6M x 5 is the max I would pay (and term) or I would walk away from the deal.
  10. I don't understand this. Can you give me one example of a contract that JB signed somebody to that he then had to buy the player out from it?
  11. If Hutton was going to be pushed down to the third pairing anyways, then we'd be better off saying goodbye and going with Sautner at a third of the cost.
  12. Too late, he already retired.