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  1. To be fair, Jake knocked a blue dman on his ass first shift of the game. He obviously doesn't fit in Greens game plan, and if Green is the coach next year (highly likely) Jake will be playing somewhere else.
  2. Green has completely benched Jake 5v5 for the last half game. I thought he was looking much better than game one.
  3. That ship has sailed. He is now known as "180 year old Sam Bennett, Joe Thornton wannabee".
  4. God I love a Canuck playoff game when I can sleep in the next day! Going to be a battle tonight, hope we get to see more game one vintage Horvat. That was the best game he has played since being named captain.
  5. Yup, blowing the zone was not a good look. I was surprised he played again after that.
  6. We've never lost to these guys in the playoffs before, no reason to start now. Time to get pumped up watching replays of Bertuzzi crushing Jackman, oh yeah!
  7. I think Myers is merely answering a tone that Minny have set themselves, but we would be paying dearly if the resulting PP was against somebody like the Avs.