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  1. The small taste of JV and MF on the same line in the third last night was promising. Those 2 could be a nightmare to play against and a heavy opponent like the blues would be a good opportunity to test it out again.
  2. If Biega plays tonight for the Wings I hope it's as a defenseman. The guy crushes people when he plays wing.
  3. I think after coaching Koskinen last year that maybe Mclellan thought Quick was doing all right?
  4. I loved the fact JV had some snarl last night. 3 or 4 different times I saw him put kings on their ass, not to mention backing Troy up. Its difficult to be noticeable for the right reasons playing with Beagle and Schaller but he will get more opportunity from Green playing like that.
  5. It's a little early to cry "the sky is falling" just yet. There's a lot of new blood, the chemistry will take some time. Pre-season wasn't a lost opportunity, it's pretty much just an opportunity to injure your stars playing against AHL try-hards who will never get a sniff. Patience will be key for these first couple of weeks, let the roster shake itself out. Petey will come good and god awful experiments like playing Leivo on PP1 will end. Getting Gaudette in the lineup was a good first step but he needs to see more ice, his level of intensity is infectious. Roll on to the next one.
  6. That'll be after the lineup is announced. I can't imagine what will happen if we lose.
  7. Agreed, the game needs more characters. Speaking of characters, I wonder if it was Turco that taught him to handle the puck so well when he was at Dallas
  8. I see the narrative du jour is the lack of offense from the "bottom 6". Well, you better pace yourselves if that is what you think the problem is because as long as Sutter and Beagle are the 3rd and 4th line centers those lines will struggle to produce offence consistently. Schaller, LE, Jake and Leivo are not the reason we have a lack of offense in our bottom 6, the fact we have 2 centers that have limited play making ability is. And for the record, even though Gaudette had a nice camp he has yet to show that he can produce in either the 3c or 4c slot when the games matter, yet. Hopefully when Adam gets his chance he can force management's hand on Beagle or Sutter because we have redundancy there imo.
  9. Sucks losing and giving up a lead but there were lots of promising signs tonight. Second line looks ominously good and you just know Petey will hit his stride. Just need a couple of tweaks like getting Leivo off PP1 and new guys getting used to playing with each other for reals.
  10. I thought Jake was on Beagle's line for pretty much the whole game?
  11. That's just as much an argument to waive Loui as it is to keep him
  12. Sven doesn't deserve that (if true) but I think his salary would preclude anybody but a cap floor team from claiming him so maybe there is a method to the madness.
  13. Born in Vernon, grew up on the island. Must have done something wrong in a previous life because I live in Edmonton now.
  14. I cant agree with the suggestion that Brock owns responsibility for turning his back to the play. 5v5 you may be right but he was on the PP. Tierney takes himself out of position with that play and I don't think it's reasonable for Brock to expect it.
  15. I wish. Getting tired of working for a living