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  1. Couldn't have said it better.
  2. Sounds like Woo is a born Canuck
  3. Canucks had a 84% chance of picking 9-12th. Canucks pick 10th. Yup, there certainly must be a fix.
  4. Dear Hockey Gods, I have converted to hockey atheism.
  5. Yeah harassing a 17 year old kid is what we should definitely do
  6. Yeah but one could also argue that Quinn, Petey, Brock, Bo, Marky all heading into the offseason feeling good is worth more than a 0.5% better chance at a lotto pick
  7. Give Try a summer training with Petey teaching him everything he taught himself and he could turn Try's shot into Chara's.
  8. Lose for Hughes Krappo for Kakko Lozin' for Podkolzin Losin' a dozen for Cozens Suck for Dach Low for Bro Rot for Turcott Lowerin' for Bowen Ebbs for Krebs Dookie for Suzuki
  9. I hope you're right, because he also has Kassian written all over him. All the tools, speed, physical ability, but doesn't quite understand the player he COULD be.
  10. As much as I would love the Hughes brothers here, receiving Makar back in a deal and having Kakko/Makar instead would not make me upset at all...
  11. Why not just check the rafters? Isn't his number up there after how the city has anointed him as the saviour already?