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  1. People DID socially distance before the flu vaccine. In 1918: Early implementation of certain interventions, including closure of schools, churches, and theaters, was associated with lower peak death rates Cities in which multiple interventions were implemented at an early phase of the epidemic also showed a trend toward lower cumulative excess mortality These findings support the hypothesis that rapid implementation of multiple NPIs can significantly reduce influenza transmission, but that viral spread will be renewed upon relaxation of such measures. source (Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the United States of America) People DID wear masks for the flu before the flu vaccine. source As for acting silly, well, our society doesn't need a pandemic to act silly. People did everything you asked before the flu vaccine. And that's the stage we're at right now with covid, pre-vaccine. So we are doing it again to keep the mortality rate as low as we can.
  2. No, but the Redwings have a wheel in their logo and they're not the Detroit Wheelers. The Capitals have an eagle in their insignia and they're not the Washington Eagles. Plenty of teams use motifs from local animals/monuments/icons in their logo. Logos don't need to be literal translations of the team name.
  3. Look out for tomorrow's "Florida Man Eats An Entire Llama In An Attempt To Stave Off Coronavirus" headline
  4. It will definitely affect your taxes depending on a number of variables. You must talk to your accountant or financial advisor for advice. Talk to them about whether or not your strategy would consider you a day trader vs investor. As a day trader, your gains/losses could be treated as business income and not taxed as capital gains/losses. Talk to your accountant about superficial losses. If you're quickly selling shares after acquiring them, losses you incur may not be deductible as capital losses. Every case is different, but there are a lot of things to consider as a day trader and you need professional's help.
  5. Sad to see that not even Weird Al is immune to the tanking economy
  6. Ironic that Hobby Lobby would come out with this video after refusing to close their stores and quietly reopening stores against shutdown orders because of a "message from God" to remain open.
  7. Exactly. Part of why we have this site is because of the arts. We have tv shows and games to play and music to listen to because of the arts. For anyone who thinks art isn't important, please share with us what you are doing during the quarantine that did not involve the efforts of the arts.
  8. I just saw how Doug Ford is also fighting price gougers during the pandemic too Ontario Premier Doug Ford pledges to rein in price gouging amid coronavirus pandemic I can't believe it's come to a point where I have to praise Doug Ford, but so far he seems like he is going to be on the right side of the history books.
  9. The pantry snacks that were deemed barely edible just three weeks ago are looking like absolute feasts now.
  10. Well, fans in Ottawa have been social distancing and avoiding public gatherings all season, so they deserve the Cup for their vigilance
  11. Even if we're miraculously and relatively in the clear by May in Canada, the concerning thing is the 24 US teams that may not be quite ready by then...
  12. Cases are slightly higher than yesterday, but I think that is two straight days without a covid death in BC. No deaths is a small victory I'll gladly take.
  13. Don't worry, they'll help out when they figure out how to create a profitable response
  14. Grocery and food delivery services are, and will be, going to be ramping up hiring BIG-time. Save-on foods/PriceSmart have raised employees salaries by +$2/hr. Walmart pledged to hire 150,000 employees last week. One week later they've already hired 25,000 new people. If you're a driver, Instacart is hiring 300,000(not a typo!) people across their operating cities too. In my opinion, these occupations are now in the class of first responders and would be excellent opportunities for people looking for part-time work. In the future when I'm hiring someone and I saw that an applicant worked grocery/delivery during this crisis on their resume, that is going to be a big fat positive for that applicant.
  15. Yeah, I'm really curious about the food reselling part as there are so many levels of food reselling. I'm assuming the ban only applies to unlicensed, unsolicited selling of these goods by individuals.