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  1. Has either team completed a pass yet?
  2. Remember when our future relied on McCann and Shinkaruk
  3. In the truest sense of the phrase "most valuable player", he should definitely be in the conversation. In the historical Hart definition of "most valuable player", he won't. But he should.
  4. Adding three good forwards to any team would make them pretty damn good.
  5. EmilyM

    [GDT] Flyers @ Nucks 7pm PST Sat Dec 15 2018

    Hey, we shouldn't be promoting drinking to 6-year-olds.
  6. EmilyM

    NHL and Canucks unveil 2019 NHL Entry Draft logo

    Everything is spelled correctly. It gets the job done.
  7. I think it has to be based 100% on what they accomplished while in Vancouver and only during their Vancouver tenure, otherwise Messier would be on the list.
  8. Have to have Naslund instead of Mogilny
  9. With the Canucks injury luck, even Doug Jarvis would strain his wrist signing a Canuck contract.
  10. If Nolan Baumgartner wants to motivate the D, he should just show them a link to his wiki page and say "Look what could happen to a 10th overall D-man if you don't smarten up"
  11. EmilyM

    Stop the complaining and support your team

    Yeah, OP should know by now that the fans don't truly hate the team/management, it's all recreational hate
  12. EmilyM

    [PGT] Minnesota Wild at Vancouver Canucks | Dec. 04, 2018

    With the current pricetag on defensemen, I don't think we are going to get anything close to Horvat's "true" value in a deal for a D. I don't know if this management group can afford to take a bath on a player of Bo's stature, a guy the city has already anointed the future captain.
  13. Damn, no kidding. No offence to Schaller and Motte, but is there any other team in the NHL that a player of EP’s calibre would be on a line with a Schaller and a Motte?
  14. EmilyM

    Michael DiPietro | G

    Was my thinking too. I don’t want him getting too used to the support of an incredible team in front of him, cause he’ll eventually have to come play for the Canucks