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  1. Pretty sure he's being sarcastic, hence that emoticon at then end of the post lol
  2. This game went from exciting to real boring real quick with Willie D trying to defend the lead.
  3. Probably why we have trouble scoring goals, offensive players cant get an early jump onto offense after making a great read of the play like Goldobin did, otherwise you get benched for Megna lool
  4. Shinkaruk didn't have a shoulder injury, it was a hip injury that he had surgery on and was recovering from.
  5. Who is this "Guance" you speak of?
  6. Seriously what's with all your hate for Virtanen? Just cause you believe Virtanen should be in junior doesn't mean you can go around and insulting other fans when he has a bad game just because they don't agree with your views.
  7. eyyy Hutton scored on the correct net this time!
  8. At least he crushed the guy, so he's got that going for him. (:
  9. I think he's just mad he went so low.
  10. Some fans might not like Virtanen but at least he wants to be here and wants to play for the Canucks.
  11. If I remember correctly, it was Chiasson on the 1st PP and Nichushkin was on the 2nd PP.
  12. Why is that? Draisaitl is also highly skilled along with having decent size that he uses to protect the puck. Although I do have to admit that Ehlers and Nylander probably have more skill than Draisaitl but I think he is a great candidate for being the future first line centre when Henrik is done.
  13. So...does that mean we're probably going to draft Draisaitl?
  14. Wow...that personal attack was totally uncalled for, even if you don't like him.
  15. I'm pretty sure it's been stated many times but Ritchie's acceleration is very good, it's just his top end speed that is lacking.