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  1. You really should consider changing your user name. How the hell can you call yourself a Canucks fan while posting this crap? Troll? Confused? Delirious? Gotta be one or the other. You really should be ashamed of yourself posting this trash in this forum. Disgusting and disgraceful.
  2. So happy the Caps lost. Ovechkin... Drops the gloves with a 19 year old that he has 40 pounds on... What a tough guy.
  3. Bill Burr Monday Morning Podcast. He does 2 a week. Monday (obviously) and the Thursday afternoon "I'm just checkin' in on ya" MMPC. One of the best comics out there and his podcast is great.
  4. That shot off the breakaway last night was sick. Crazy fast release and was a bullet!
  5. Could any of you friendly folk from the north explain to this yank why Edmonton is such a bad city?  I am just curious because I never knew it was looked at as "the arse hole of Canada".

    1. Blue_Jays_Canucks


      I grew up in Edmonton, until last year. I can think of a few reasons:


      Edmonton is cold ALL THE TIME. The winters in Edmonton are brutal.


      Edmonton is very ugly, sure it has some nice spots, like the parliament building and the river valley, but that's about it.


      The city was planned really poor, don't even get me started on public transportation or the LRT.


      Edmonton is one giant ghetto, save for a few spots south side and downtown. 


      Edmonton is full of natives who are trashy and think they're all gangster. Especially north side. No job, just 6 kids and welfare. (I am half native so relax before I get called racist).


      The people in Edmonton dress like they picked their clothes out of a dumpster. Literally. 


      There's literally nothing to do, except for West Edmonton mall, which used to be fun, but is now a giant commercial tourist trap. 


      I'll try to think of more.

    2. Bocivus


      Damn!  I see.  Thanks for responding.  From what you're saying I have a better understanding of why a lot of people on here feel the way they do about it.