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  1. Finished product after resting. That juice....
  2. Smoked this 7 pound pork loin with applewood for a few hours on the ole' Weber Kettle. Sauced it a bit for the last 20 min. Juicy and tender all the way through.
  3. Out here in Craps country with my head held high! I got soooo much crap from the last game between these two, with that crazy 5-1 lead that got blown. So happy for this win!
  4. When the hell is Green going to put Virtanen out in OT? You'd think by now he'd notice that speed is a huge advantage in the 3 on 3.
  5. You've obviously never served. Either that or I got the shaft when I did because this is just plain idiocy and/or ignorance.
  6. Canucks win - check Demko was a beast - check Cigar- check Bourbon - check 5 of 6 points on the road- check Sharts lose - check. Life is good. .
  7. Never understood the fascination with it. I'll stick to my cigars on weekends.
  8. In the short term, it did. But the Provisional Government that was attempted to be installed did not last long at all for many reasons. Most notably because the minds of the Russian people were not ready to accept communism. That's why Gramsci's plan is genius and is working so successfully. Get the minds of the upcoming generations, especially in the learning institutions, and what you have is minds that WANT communism instead of trying to force it on people that will ultimately reject it.
  9. Yeah, most private schools are religious based. I'm not a fan of the government being involved in education as much I'm not a fan of religion getting involved either. The public education system is mere indoctrination guised as education. Same goes for religious based learning institutions. They're both based on fear. Do whal you're told or else. (go to prison, go to hell). I'm all for holistic intelligence curriculum as opposed to outcome based learning, which comes directly from the Frankfurt School, a Marxist ideology that uses the "long march through the institutions" plan by Antonio Gramsci to implement communism through societal influence rather than by brute force, which is why the Bolshevik Revolution ultimately failed... But I digress.... Either way you look at it, public/religious education is dangerous.
  10. I love my guns. They've never killed anyone. Ironic that you hint at book banning (burning books actually, which actually happened to erase factual history from the tyrannical government) is directly succeeded by banning the people's right to defend themselves against a tyrannical government. You know, our 2nd Amendment protects our 1st. But you need to accept responsibility and have courage to actually defend it before you can acknowledge that. Cowards everywhere!! Muh gubment will protect me! Do yourself a favor and look up.something called Democide. It boggles my mind how something that has nothing to do with "Murica" and everything to do with religion is conflated. Yup. Guns will never be banned here bc is yanks understand that an disarmed population are mere slaves. Molon Labe.
  11. Pork chops on the grill with my hommade rub, mashed potatoes and grilled squash. Came out awesome.
  12. You really should consider changing your user name. How the hell can you call yourself a Canucks fan while posting this crap? Troll? Confused? Delirious? Gotta be one or the other. You really should be ashamed of yourself posting this trash in this forum. Disgusting and disgraceful.