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  1. Yeah, I saw that it came off wrong. Not sure exactly why I'm not fond of the Caps. Maybe because the fans around here are quite fickle and trash them all the time but when they start winning in the playoffs the bandwagon fans come out of nowhere. I usually keep my mouth shut but when they initiate trash talk about the Canucks before I say anything about the Caps it leaves me wanting to see them fail. Probably a bit petty, but it's irritating especially since it will be a bit before the Canucks start making a cup run. That and I can't stand Tom Wilson. So anyway, yeah, when I reread my original post it came off as me being an ass so I figured I'd clarify.
  2. When I said "around here" I meant around here in the DC/Virginia/Maryland area. I see how it got interpreted as "around here in CDC". At first I couldn't understand some of the responses but I get it now. My bad.
  3. Easy, champ. I'm on no high horse. Calm thine self. I just hate the caps. Go have a carrot and settle down.
  4. Damn, I hate the Craps. Funny how I don't hear/see a peep from these so-called "Caps fans" till the late rounds of the playoffs and now everyone around here is a Caps fan. It's cute and pathetic at the same time.
  5. Weak calls for the Caps mixed with blatant non-calls. The officiating is disgusting. At best it should be 2-0 right now.
  6. Here is a view of the goal review that wasn't shown on NBC last night, at least not that I saw.
  7. I need to find this city in the States! I remember paying $11 USD for a 24 ounce can of domestic beer the last time I went to see the Canucks play in Washington.
  8. He didn't have one for the Dumoulin hit, although I think he should have. He's a repeat offender with a history of this type of play so I'm hoping for 5 games, but I'd guess maybe 1 or 2.
  9. That's right! I forgot about that. Went off his skate, right?
  10. Clear white between puck and goal line. Unreal.
  11. Man, they are beating Guentzel up. He's had a target on him since the puck drop.
  12. Tom Wilson with a hit to the head. Big surprise.
  13. I don't get much of the Toronto bs here in the states. That said, I've been to Boston a few times and the Bruins fans you see are a pretty accurate representation of most of the people in that city. Hot-headed, disrespectful, rude and full of douchebaggery. And yes, I still have a sour taste from 2011. I will never root for any team from that disgraceful city. I'm hoping Tampa takes it in 5. 4 would be better, but I'm sure Boston will get at least 1 game at home.