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  1. Joe Blough

    Good feel story

    A good feel always feels good... story.
  2. Joe Blough

    [PGT] Canadiens @ Canucks

    How does Rick Dhaliwal talking to Larionov about his client turn into Goldobin calling Larionov?
  3. Joe Blough

    [PGT] Canadiens @ Canucks

    The Willie D lynch mob mentality blows me away. The team wins, it's not good enough; the team loses, it's not good enough. A player gets deployed slightly differently than someone would like to see and he's a terrible coach. Talk about a tough crowd. All of the players have bought into what he's selling and all of them are developing well. It takes time to learn to play at a high level. It seems many have forgotten or weren't around when AV played a stifling, defensive style team game while players were still getting better but not there yet. When he had the horses, he played a more up tempo style. Willie is no different. Coaches adjust style of play according to their team's abilities and that's what he's doing. A few facts to throw into the opinions on how poorly Goldobin was deployed: Goldobin had 14 shifts in last night's game; 13 of them were on the Horvat line. He had 1 shift early in the 3rd on the 4th line. TOI: 10:19 Cramarossa had 16 shifts; 3 of them were on the Horvat line. All 3 early in the 3rd. TOI: 10:53 God forbid he tries something different when the team hadn't scored after 40 minutes of play. I don't see an issue with 10:19 TOI in a tight game late in the season for a rookie who is defensively weak.
  4. Sign Iggy, Moulson and acquire a PMD/PPQB and this will be a very, very good team next year.
  5. Joe Blough

    Are you comfortable with Lack & Markstrom?

    Nothing wrong with Lack, he's an excellent goaltender, not even a downgrade to Schneider. Markstrom is more of an unknown at this point. I'm comfortable running with what we have or if we bring in Hiller to split with Lack for this coming season.
  6. I don't know. We have a lot of cap space and could end up getting a few pieces before the season starts that would make us quite competitive. Say we were able to land Iggy, Moulson and get a quality PMD/PPQ from somewhere;maybe Edler regains his form this coming season. We have a lot of really good players on our roster still and could be a pretty hot team next year if things fall into place. Benning has shown he's not tentative in making moves. Good teams have solid players that can mentor and shelter the young guys coming into the line up. I think the Canucks are still capable of that. Can you imagine Iggy on the wing with the Sedins? Moulson, Bonino & Kassian as a second line? That would be a hell of a 1-2 punch. It would also give us the ability to fill out our third and fourth lines with good players we already have under contract. I'm really liking what I'm seeing and I think if things fall into place the Canucks might surprise a lot of people, including the Canuck faithful. I'm feeling good about Lack too. I think he's as good as Schneider and will surprise many. He's certainly got the temperment and skills to be an elite level goalie.
  7. Joe Blough

    [Official] 2014 NHL Entry Draft Discussion Thread

    Funny how we all have different perspectives. I'm happy about the moves Benning made today. In the near term I don't think we're as good a team as we were yesterday, but in the long view I think we're set up much better to move ahead and contend sooner.
  8. Joe Blough

    [Official] 2014 NHL Entry Draft Discussion Thread

    Fair enough. I read your posts regularly and you always have reasoned opinions. Another comment though; teams rarely draft for positional needs for certain positions because quality wingers and defence can be had through other avenues. Obviously not elite defensemen either, those are usually drafted too, although that position seems to be a bit more of a crap shoot in drafting because they take longer to develop. Loading up on centremen in the draft I think is a smart oraganizational approach because there will be many personnel changes over the next couple of years that will address our other needs through trade and FA.
  9. Joe Blough

    [Official] 2014 NHL Entry Draft Discussion Thread

    There's no such thing as too much wealth in the middle. It's the most important position to have strength in next to goal. Centres can be easily converted to wing. Also, a few of our prospects won't pan out as we're hoping I would suspect; it usually happens, so more centres=better.