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  1. Jim will just have to get creative to trade up and get Byram. No biggie.
  2. If Canucks want first .... it would take Boeser and #10. At least.
  3. Jack Hughes is thinking .... New Jersey is where?
  4. Considering over 75% of the league is in the U.S., it's not interesting at all.
  5. Depends. What kind of animals does Calgary have?
  6. That's a long throw. I gotta get some reps in before draft day. Maybe hit the gym.
  7. Okay .... I've seen enough of Spooner. The guy is a whole lot of nothing.
  8. He's been due for about 2 1/2 years. He's still due. Two years from now, he'll still be due. His dueness is perpetual.