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  1. When the NBA suspended their season, I was sure the NHL would follow suit. I think there is a minimum 14-day moratorium in effect. The leagues need to have proof that new cases are severely on the decline before they would start up again.
  2. Progressivism/liberalism exists in a big way on university campuses ... otherwise the working kids don't care that much.
  3. Bernie will get his blue ribbon tonight with a win in Washington State ... but not nearly good enough.
  4. If you're saying it comes down to palm-greasing to gave a chance to win, I agree. The Dems vastly over-rated their field of candidates right from the get-go. Trump is a prohibitive favourite to win in November any way you look at it.
  5. Bernie has a fanatical base, but it has a hard ceiling. Why the young vote is not coming out in these primaries is perplexing.
  6. The reality of playoff chances is really settling in now. Looks pretty bad.