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  1. Bombshell: I don't get on 100% with Loui either. Or even 5%.
  2. Sad news. Hard to think of young kids unexpectedly losing their father.
  3. Giants will face the Prince Albert Raiders for the WHL title. Games in Langley will be Tues, Wed and Fri .... May 7, 8 & 10. Get your tix, will be great.action.
  4. Great win, lots of grit and desire to win. They are on a great roll and keep finding ways to get it done. Lots of fun at the LEC.
  5. Giants were fantastic last night against a fast, skilled Spokane team. Great start, fast and physical. Then when the game settled down and the boys were up 2-0, they matched Spoke stride-for-stride. Nice to see them not get flustered on the bad Langley Bounce goal by Spoke. Third period was a heads up, checking clinic ... very impressive. Throw in a sharp night between the pipes by David Tendeck, and the boys were full-value for a win. Game 2 tonight should a beaut.
  6. Jim will just have to get creative to trade up and get Byram. No biggie.
  7. If Canucks want first .... it would take Boeser and #10. At least.
  8. Jack Hughes is thinking .... New Jersey is where?
  9. Considering over 75% of the league is in the U.S., it's not interesting at all.