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  1. What are you talking about?? Donald trump is GREAT.
  2. Nice dude. Managed to get a pic with him :D
  3. Yea thanks for noticing. I absolutely hate writing papers unless I really have too. EOSC 112 i'll most likely take because i'll need it for breadth requirement. EOSC 118 is rock and gems i think. My friend said it was super ez but boring. EOSC 114 i hear is no longer as ez as it used to be apparently
  4. Ehh tbh im really sold on the idea of getting into pharmacy. If that doesnt work out, prob something in business. Im also doing a minor in that so we'll see how that goes
  5. Depending on how I do in term 1, I am heavily considering it.
  6. Have you taken EOSC 112?
  7. Taken it, hated it True true, but i want to get into pharmacy (last 30 creds are important) I dont know what im gonna enjoy :/. As long as theres no papers it should be ok lol.
  8. Im in biology. Going into 3rd year. I just heard that EOSC 114 is hard now :/
  9. Does anyone know some GPA boosters I can take? Preferable in term 2 Thanks <3
  10. 1. Draft day 2. Draft lottery
  11. Tkachuk vs Tkachuk :D
  12. How is this guy??
  13. I thought it was pretty funny thats why i shared it lol.