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  1. I wonder if we can even get a 3rd rounder for demko cuz teams know its the 3rd rounder OR lose to seattle in expansion
  2. I would trade Pearson for future consideration just to get rid of his 3.7M. Hes a decent player but we need the cap and he doesnt have negative value.
  3. Oh so in Mikey Dipietro case, when he played in the juniors he got paid $92,500? Man... This team mates mustve been jealous
  5. Alright y'all one of u wanted me to ask petey about losing to the wild. Instead, i asked gaud cuz he was streaming 


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    2. canuktravella


       no tanking we probably beat wild in play in round  kool and see wat happens in playoffs if not  we get a 1/8 chance to draft the french kid   its a win win situation 

    3. NHL'er


      @luckylager "Get out there and play to lose" said no coach ever.  The on-ice product during Willie D's time  sure felt like he said that to the players when he was here :lol:

    4. Phil_314


      PR purposes or not, I don't see why he would say he wants to lose.  Even recreational athletes wanna give it their all and win.

  6. This is very stupid indeed but I saw a video where OTT will trade their 5th overall for a 1st line player. Would anyone here do JT Miller for 5th overall. I know this will NEVER happen but just outta curiosity. 

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    2. Coconuts


      That's good value, but like AJ said it'd be stepping back towards rebuild territory. Sooner or later this team needs to compete, and this season was a strong step towards that. I want them to trend up, not draft shiny prospects high forever. 

    3. Nuxfanabroad


      Good call, DM. May 31st I saw Ottawa selling this pick to TBay(humongous deal)..had to bump it.

    4. Phil_314


      No to Miller.  He's too valuable as a jack-of-all-trades guy with high end skill.  Agreed with W.W., Pete still needs his help with face-offs.  I'm in the camp for either Toffoli (great fit with the other two but costs an extra pick if retained) or Boeser (younger and with upside but if we go with Toffoli and Virtanen he's definitely a cost-controlled asset which can yield a good return).  If possible I'd like to see if we could toss in a sweetener and also get Jacob Bernard-Docker (late first round pick, also RHD), really liking what I'm seeing out of him during his season with ND.  That way we can address two of our "weaker" prospect areas, in LW and RD.

  7. Bruh in the poll i will ASSUME it says guaranteed 1st overall pick then its a no brainer.
  8. You know I've always wondered. Yes, the league shows a video of drawing the balls, but they NEVER show the video of Scott Clarke matching the numbers. Perhaps Bettman tells Scott Clarke which team to announce and he just acts as if hes looking for the numbers.
  9. It was retweeted by Gord Miller
  10. What are the odds of going on a deep playoff run? Is it greater than or less than 12.5%,

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    2. Coconuts
    3. DontMessMe


      @-AJ- Yo man, I did it for you. Instead of Petey, heres Gaud 


    4. -AJ-


      @DontMessMe Well props for having some balls to ask him at least, haha.


      Gotta say I'm more on Gaud's side though, haha.