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  1. NAH BRO. WE 3 PTS BACK FROM 7TH IN THE PACIFIC. IM A DRAFTIST FOR THIS. The draft is deeper than 2015. and a sexy top 2 :D we winnin #3 pick. CALLIN IT.
  2. Im ready to go 0-6 or 1-5 on this road trip! And finish 2nd last in the Pacific! #2020DRAFT
  3. No big deal. Hes not gonna make NHL anyways. But on the other hand, we MUST get Rathbone signed!!
  4. Who should I explore next??? Pettersson??? (sry just had too haha ;P )
  5. Bruh this draft is deep af. Boeser is like an ok player. + who knows how bad his contract situation will get in the future. Im just saying, the only untouchables are Horvat, Pettersson and Hughes. And benning did say he wanted a first rd pick this coming draft so.... But before y'all flame me. The chances boeser stays are like 99%. Just trying to get an estimate of value thats al.
  6. How much trade value does he have? I honestly feel the only untouchables the canucks have are Pettersson, Hughes, and Horvat (cuz hes captain). Makes me wonder... cuz MIN were interested in boeser in the summer. I wonder if they offered a 1st rd pick unprotected hmmm
  7. Prediction time (gonna get lots of hate but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. 


    Canucks r gonna MISS the playoffs and finish 5th or 6th in the Pacific. Then we proceed to win the lottery getting the #3 pick. 

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    2. NUCKER67


      Nope, not a playoff team.

    3. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      don't forget, at the start of the season we were all content with fighting for that last wildcard spot. I do think that is still possible once Roussel and Beagle return, and IF we can maintain some injury luck on the d group. 

    4. DontMessMe


      I'd love a crack at the lottery again

  8. I don't know where to put this... but... Till this day I still rather have Zegras over both Hog and Pod. Anyone else agree? IF we miss playoffs this coming season lets hope we have some luck.
  9. The reason why one game is to burn his first year ELC. So he can sign a new contract sooner kinda like Boeser. Thats what we did we Rafferty and Teves
  10. If I was Jack, I'd forced the canucks to give me one NHL game at least at the end of the season. Kinda like with Hughes, Teves, Rafferty. Burn that 1st year ELC
  11. Karma might come back to help OTT after losing their 1st rd pick to COL HAHA. If they have 2 top 10 picks they shud use one to pick that russian goalie. They might be bound for a quick turnaround after the draft. Who knows? Lets hope we win one of the lotteries assuming we miss playoffs (We bound for some lottery luck ok)
  12. Honestly, I would be so happy even if we win #3 pick. #3 pick is gonna be godly this draft. And OTT if they can finish last OMFG. Even 4th is god-like. 5th is amazing too <3. But the canucks aren't that bad so if we move up, it will be a lottery win or I think we will be slightly outside the top 10.