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  1. decided to make a promo obviously to promote this fight. This is gonna be a good one. Who do you think will win?
  2. Decided to try this for the first time... hopefully it's good haha. Please give me feedback! I want to improve!
  3. This passing affected me in many ways. I'm still sorta speechless after what happened. First Birthday in the Heavens, I hope you enjoy Christina! (and to whoever is watching this as well What do you remember of Christina Grimmie if you can think of something you've seen her do in the past?
  4. Thank you! Appreciate it a LOT!
  5. Dang that means a lot :D thank you so much
  6. Thank you! Glad my video could make a type of impact. All the credit to Burr though :D
  7. Thank ya :D
  8. These things happen. It's a part of the game. Thank you Burrows for EVERYTHING. Hope you guys enjoy!
  9. More meetings with Lehner if ya know what I mean.
  10. Sloppy performance as usual, it's really not a big deal under Coach Willie. It just seems like our players aren't comfortable amongst him. Usually you would give a coach a year or two to see how it goes, but Willie has had one post season appearance with the Canucks, and absolutely blew it agains't Calgary. I wonder why we got rid of Vigneault. He brought our team to the playoffs almost every season, and got us a Back to Back Presidents Trophy, as well as a Stanley Cup Final run in '11. It's sad how this team went downhill, but we will get back eventually. I'm hoping we get rid of players like Burrows, Hansen, etc. I love all of our players, especially veterans, but in a rebuilding phase, it's most definitely the right decision. Horvat is easily our best player at the moment, and we can get more. Maybe even think about Gaudreau. He's doing not too bad in Calgary, but currently a fourth liner. Watch your eyes for him maybe?
  11. New coach would be an amazing feeling as well. Willie had one good year, and blew the other two. I would get rid of him.
  12. As much as I love Burrows, it's time to get rid of him...
  13. Did anyone acknowledge that John Shorthouse said "Miller is putting up a wall in the Vancouver net right now. Will Mexico pay for it?"
  14. I totally agree, he was incredible during the 2011 run, especially against Nashville. He was also a pretty tough guy, that guy can hit as hard as a truck! Miss him, best wishes for him.