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  1. Heard on the radio that the nba likely will be back mid june the earliest. Tough for NHL to resume unless they to straight to playoffs and have shorter series.
  2. K guys I know this sounds crazy but we actually win this game and go onto the cup finals! I'm in the year 2020 and it sucks! Some flu virus is going around the world and all sports are suspended. Donald Trump is actually the president of the US....I know it sounds crazy but it's true. Anyways life sucks at the moment but go Canucks go! PS. Don't hesitate to fire Gillis!
  3. Can't believe this game had no whistles.
  4. I'll be spending my time playing chel 20 now. It's that bad ..
  5. Demko lights out in ot and shootout! Let's go streaking!
  6. 4-2 Islanders Islanders score first Barzal Do miss the Fisherman logo and colors.
  7. We're aliveeeeee! Feels good to win. Bring on the jackets!