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  1. Wow captain my captain!!! What a play by huggy! Blues must be crying. Down to 5 d no problem
  2. I'd say caught the goalie. Blues played a solid game. Our goalie was just better than there's.
  3. one things for sure the country will love this version of the Canucks compared to 2011
  4. I agree, we gotta be better next game. Binnington gifted us that 3rd goal and the momentum shifted. Prior to that the blues were coming at us but marky stood tall. Still gonna enjoy this win!
  5. We ain't never scared!!! Marky came up huge while binnington showed why he didn't win calder!
  6. Philly vs Montreal - flyers in 6 Tampa Bay vs Columbus - Tampa in 5 Washington vs NY Islanders - Caps in 6 Boston vs Carolina - canes in 6 Vegas vs Chicago - Vegas in 5 Colorado vs Arizona - Avs in 6 St. Louis vs Vancouver - Van in 5 Dallas vs Calgary - flames in 6