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  1. Miller being held by Staal... so he was being Staaled?
  2. Someone should tell Dave Tippett about that. He was salty in in post game interview about it.
  3. I’ve noticed Jake’s had a big uptick since the Burrows ROH game. Not saying he’s the second coming of Burr..... but....
  4. Beauty of a goal by HockeyGuad! Looked even better in this jersey!
  5. Gonna miss Bulldog. And hey, as Pope develops, he’ll have a Hockey Gaud to look up to.
  6. Lu should be inducted into the Ring of Honour...... After his cap recapture penalty expires.
  7. I also don’t understand trying to put this on JB and TG. Green’s communication has already been defended here in quotes and Loui’s agent has publicly defended JB’s. “I talk to Jim two to three times a week,” he tells Sportsnet650. “He’s a very good communicator. “He’s trying to figure out his roster and we talk about Loui a lot. I suspect that there’ll be a few things that pop up.” “Sometimes the chemistry isn’t right and Loui hasn’t played at the level he’s wanted to play in Vancouver. He’s gonna have to take some personal blame for it. If there’s something that makes sense, I’m sure Vancouver will look at it.” JP Barry also puts some of this on Loui. So if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck it sure as heck ain’t a moose.
  8. If they’re wanting Tanev, Virt and Stecher I’d be fine with Barrie and 16thOA