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  1. Tanev for #3 #5 + #33 + Subban for #2 #3 + Baertschi for #1
  2. Either that or he's jelly that they didn't ask him. Or both!
  3. Saying 4 coaches is 6 years in manipulating the data to make it look worse than it is. AV was here for 7 years, Torts for 1, and WD for 3. So 3 coaches in 11 years, or, next year 4 in 12. Only counting the last year of AV is disingenuous and a logical fallacy.
  4. I can buy the Goldobin flu. Had a flu in March last year that knocked me out for 10 days. If it is actuall the flu and not just a heavy cold, it can take a bit to get going again.
  5. Cheaper than Rintoul; name of my new sludge metal band.
  6. Linden. Both times. Stopped watching hockey for years after he was traded and was having a lot of issues with dust when he retired.
  7. We haven't won a game since Deadpool hit theatres..... Coincidence?