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  1. They have been pumping up this IG support for sometime now. When it doesn’t suit their narrative they just keep investigating until someone “finds” something that loosely fits their agenda. They do a twirl, a back flip and spin. Same thing they did with Clinton.... 7 congressional investigations later...
  2. Dont know what you do for a living but you are clearly qualified to talk about these types of things, with authority. Posts like these will always earn an upvote from me, fwiw. Thanks
  3. Horvat has to leave the game because of a concussion protocol on a play that the refs missed as a very clear head shot. WTF?
  4. Don’t care. Hell of a team we have developing here, boys and girls
  5. Honestly, best part of this game is knowing that Gaudette is no longer an option to be sent down, for any reason, unless they want to lose him. He is clearly developing into a pillar of this team
  6. FU @SabreFan1 and your come back! 50 year old team with out a cup... give me a break
  7. “Ridiculous” is very generous of you. Make no mistake. This current GOP is filled with very very smart people. Spinning there way through this bullsh*t. They know better but choose otherwise. Only to serve their own perceived political maintenance, against all fact. They are actually willing to sell out their nations constitution for it. Manipulating the weakest and the least educated to their personal benefit Anyone of these people who are comfortable with this is line of toxic propagation, is a worm. More of a maggot, imo. However, both worms and maggots actually serve a purpose on this planet...
  8. What a joke. Nothing negative at all. Just mentioned his name. Oh well... snowflakes gonna snowflake, I suppose.
  9. Honestly, Sabre. Not disagreeing with your point. But if you can dig up anything that matches pedophilia in the basement of a pizza shop or drinking baby blood, I’d love to hear it.
  10. Hmmm, Wonder what Trump thinks... Yup.... looks pretty content
  11. Just watched it this morning. Had to break it up into a couple of shifts, only because of a sore bum. But it was worth it. You’re right, It did fly by. Not sure how accurate the story is (who is) but the quality of the acting/cast is top shelf. I felt the de-aging was appropriate to tell the story over a long period of time. Why not use make-up? anyways.... great show with a group of legendary actors carrying on legendary legacies. overall 9.5/10.... .5 missing from the somewhat passive tone of the movie. However, it seemed to work, especially for such a long tale
  12. @-Vintage Canuck- can you include Hughes’ rub out of Draisitl in the PGT?