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  1. Sorry bud, no time to read anymore. Packing up for the border. I’ve got it on good word that the Americans have sent their military defences to keep a virus from crossing the border! While they’re distracted I thought it would be a good time to slip across and hoard some toilet paper! Fingers crossed
  2. ....two weeks later... +335, 000 confirmed cases... +9, 600 deaths.... close to 1, 200 deaths just today... ”Think about that...”
  3. LOL... There-goes... the inevitable ramble of blind nut hugger. When all else fails... swing for the bleachers... might want to keep your “facts” current.
  4. Thank you, Deb, for laying out the critical obviousness of the situation. Hope you are coping with the big changes to your life. Please give your Dad a virtual loving hug from all your brothers and sisters on CDC. With love, CDC
  5. Absolutely, no comparison IMO... Corey Perry never thrusted and kissed an imaginary cup after the fact........... in Vancouver. One year after..... Regardless of how the perceived evolution of the RAT has benefited RAT Boy, and his career. I admit, he has become an amazing RAT player on an amazingly RAT team. Able to RAT his way into the top scoring specialists, LOL.... but still... is a fcking RAT Corey Perry, OTOH, is just a douche bag....
  6. UK PM Johnson admitted to hospital with persistent coronavirus symptoms Link edit: apologies... I used a new app to link this..which is crap. Will update unless someone does it first.
  7. Wow.... quick on the draw with that pivot/spin/deflect response. Too bad you had to move the goalposts 143 years into the past to find something something irrelevant to latch on to
  8. Reads like a joke, but it’s not.... well, sorta of a joke but not in the “haha” sense more of the “pathetic” type. Such is the real life parody that is Donald Trump...
  9. That’s why I said “reported”
  10. The US now with 25% of all the worlds reported cases.
  11. N95 masks protect you. Surgical masks protect others from you.