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  1. Does he make a profit off McD’s or KFC? Because if he’s using the Oval office to financially benefit his daughter... then yeah, I’d say there is a difference.
  2. As does this clown... Photo taken today at the resolute desk this afternoon...
  3. My Mom was standing over the dead body of her brother. She could “expect” anything from me as she saw fit. What the Fcks you’re problem with that.
  4. Neil Young’s response to Dotard’s use of his songs and lyrics...
  5. Not related to Covid. I’m More than a little drunk right now....?just don’t know where else to vent ....I Got a hysterical call from my Mom this AM... to come over to my Uncle Daryl’s apartment, immediately. So I rush over and... ....he was dead on the floor. that was my fcking day.
  6. Right, my mistake. I assumed you were talking about campaigning.... Apologies.... off to bed I go
  7. My question is how do Billionaires come up with Trillions of Expendable Dollars? Neat trick
  8. Really man, Trilllions???? Trillions??? Go to bed.
  9. I believe that he is a good guy; however, his “views” were inconsistent with reality and he’d always deflect, distract and demean to cover this up. Not sure what landed him the hammer, but being numb to facts is hardly a bannable offensive. If I had to guess his ban is probably over and he is in a corner somewhere sucking on either his left or right thumb over the matter. Seems like the type.
  10. Maybe Strome had a point, before his execution... Maybe I do spend too much time on American politics, will remedy... Comin for you, Chicken
  11. I think it’s been like that for a while now. It’s just much more exposed at the moment.