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  1. Kobe Bryant has died at the age of 41 in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California, TMZ reports. Five people were killed in the crash the morning of Sunday, January 26, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. The 41-year-old NBA legend was one of four passengers, according to reports. The cause of the crash is under investigation. Bryant’s daughter Gianna Maria Onore was also on board and died in the crash, per TMZ. Bryant’s daughter was just 13 years old and they were traveling to basketball practice at Mamba Academy near Thousand Oaks.
  2. Harry can do what ever he wants, couldn’t give a fck. Meagan, however, can rule over me anyway she sees fit.
  3. Looks like Trump has hired Allen Dershowitz to represent him. Good news for all the the remaining Epstein and OJ lovers still out there!
  4. Agreed. But happier than the day I got divorced if they win! No pressure boys.... Only the potential arc of a full blown manic-depressive swing. Where it lands... that’s up to you GCG!
  5. For one. I’m not on Twitter. Check it out, you won’t find me. Nobody is saying that anybody ordered the murder of 63 Innocent Canadians. Rather, the problem IS.... 63 Canadians died, as a direct result, because of the retarded impulsive actions made in the situation room in the WH. Complete disregard to ally casualties. No respect given to the dead. Only praise that it wasn’t 63 of their own due to their own miss steps. Have they denounced them. What’s your point? i don’t ever remember this amount of Canadians being killed in a war type atmosphere, in a single day. Except maybe in WWII. Never mind CIVILIANS! I really don’t understand how more people can’t connect these dots. Jesus... this is huge! Give your God damned heads a shaking! If your eyeballs fall out then there probably wasn’t much holding them there in the first place. If you’re just dizzy... you might just stand a thinking stance.
  6. Grossed out by the American coverage of 63 innocent Canadian civilians....Swapped out.... “brothers of the North” ... &^@# off to all Americans who are not grieving this as if they weren’t their own. For something they clearly initiated... I won’t make this political. I may in the future. But as a Canadian. 63 of my innocent CIVILIAN brothers and sisters have died because of the decisions made, on a whim, by this administration. God bless us all.