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  1. Well... at least that swamp is scrubbed out...
  2. I honestly can't believe that someone actually said that out loud... Anyone with three brain cells to rub together should, hopefully, be able to see this for what it is #ffs!
  3. I honestly can't believe that someone actually said thar out loud...
  4. Matheson hit on Pettersson

    Was there punitive actions from the league?
  5. Mid game prediction: Tie goal by 77 from 40 Winning goal by 6 from 53
  6. F*ckin kid... is F*cking special
  7. Probably because your only looking at his shot.
  8. Wow... Pettersson with the take down on the icing chase... WOW!
  9. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Calgary Flames | Oct. 06, 2018

    Can't say enough about Goldy's game right now. Can't say enough about the influence EP40 has had on the entire team
  10. Really impressed with goldy's effort tonight
  11. What's up with Brock? Did he bulk up or something?
  12. Get Brock & Bo back on track... then wtf isnt possible...
  13. Unreal work by Goldobin