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  1. My guess Nighfort. One the three remaining activate on the wall Pretty East Watch by the Sea was destroyed by the Ice Dragon last season Edit: Shadow Tower. Doesn't matter though, I was wrong either way
  2. Don't give a f*ck! This was the best Canucks season I've seen in years!
  3. Rule of thumb.... Pettersson should shoot 80% Play with the the rest
  4. Is anyone else having a major problem with Telus feed?
  5. Fair enough. For me, he hasn't been the same since that last injury in Montreal. A good summer of training that kid will rule the world. Time to put our sh*t kickers on so we can kick some sh*t!!
  6. Agreed. However, he played close to that many games last year in Sweden... Playoffs and such. I just miss that shot. So friggin beautiful
  7. Just watched the Hi lights. I had no idea that kid could move like that. Absolutely incredible.... Also why has Petey stopped hitting the puck? The kid has probably one of the top 5 shots in the league.... Lazer beams Maybe he's just exhausted.
  8. The worst ever....Joffrey. By a mile. Disgusting little puke Robert was a good warrior; however, he was a horrible King. Ned Stark should have taken the throne when it was available to him