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  1. Everything leads back to Trump... because everything ACTUALLY leads back to to Trump. At least to anyone who is capable of counting to 10... even if they have to use their fingers... Fwiw... I appreciate your contributions in other hockey related threads Cheers
  2. Cause needless death is hilarious Got a point Rob?
  3. Russia confirmed to have stolen DNC emails... through the guise of Gucifer 2.0... (confirmed) who gave that information to WikiLeaks (confirmed)... who leaked it.... (confirmed) Still don't see the relevance???
  4. When I see you trying to point out "hypocrisy"...... yes
  5. The ways that you think you are understanding things... are writing cheques... that your brain can't cash.
  6. For example? Find those phantom posters who was cheering on the shooting of that congresman, yet...
  7. Your the one who derailed this thread in the first place. It's easy to get side tracked. There's enough going on in the world of Trump to keep this thread going for years. No need for side topics. Seriously, start a thread. It looks like you'll have lots of people to chat with
  8. Read the title of this thread. Then feel free to start a thread about whatever you want to talk about.
  9. The National Security Director of the USA, first learning of Putin's invite to Washington... during the holiday season... from twitter...while in an interview...
  10. Lol... Remember this For reference... this is that chunk of land that those nuclear missles were landing on... Helsinki was Putin's opportunity to "move on Trump like a bit*h..." on the world stage Putin: "You call that grabbin em by the pu**y... ...hold my beer..." Trump didn't flinch. But to be fair... Putin probably bought him some furniture after, so...
  11. Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, the Burn