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  1. Unreal moment for the dude. Thanks for remembering.
  2. Point was that all of the Trump fluffers have disappeared from this thread. Not much back and forth these days. Not complaining... most of them are mentality/morally eroded douche bags only to enter this thread to aggravate & iratate. They are the scum of the earth. However, racist $&!# head or not.. He stil has a voice of a large part of the population. He still speaks for a large part of the population. Silence them... then you won't be able to build a bridge... ever.
  3. Imo...we need a Clam around here. Sure his opinions are crap... Doesn't make them undebatable.
  4. I have a feeling BB & EP will be pulling goalies at record numbers for years!!!
  5. Was in the Hospital for while. Just got out, thought I'd catch up on the current conversion. Thinkimg I just might head on back to the ER.
  6. Canorth

    [Signing] Maple Leafs re-sign William Nylander

    All I see here is 189lbs of...
  7. Canorth

    [Signing] Maple Leafs re-sign William Nylander

    No Thanks, indeed! 22 year old demanding a long term pay day reeks of, "I've done what I've done... not too confident that I can do better..." Leafs are stuck with him now. Lol
  8. Good point! Starting to look like there IS enough evidence to prosecute this CRAP family for the next 30 years. Nice meme... DB!
  9. Priceless... completely expected, but priceless, nonetheless...
  10. Canorth

    [GDT] Vancouver Canucks Vs Dallas Stars Dec 1

    Virt needs a big hit on polack Nilson has been playing well
  11. Canorth

    {GDT} Canucks VS Knights Nov. 29th, 2018

  12. Canorth

    {GDT} Canucks VS Knights Nov. 29th, 2018

    Wtf... that was one of the coolest things I've ever seen ib a Hockey game