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  1. Graham is the epitome of a dog sh!t filled pinecone. Dirt bags best pal was McCain. Now he is lapping up whatever crumbs that fall out of DT's panties. Edit; not that I have a problem with the whole panty thing.
  2. It’s literally like applauding a two year old for NOT smearing sh!t all over the walls.
  3. Anybody who wants to move Gaudette, at this stage, should be smothered with a pillow in their sleep
  4. No need for the “because”. That statement stands well enough on its own.
  5. Shouldn’t be Too hard to quote a few examples then
  6. Who cares? If you don’t like it skip over it like I do. It’s a big day for hockey. People are just having fun.
  7. Time again to dust off your crystals balls ladies and gents! On the eve of free agency, I thought it would be a good time to start thinking about our predictions for the season. The rules are the same: 1) Everyone gets one post (please be honest) in which they are allowed to post their prediction for the upcoming season. 2) This post can be edited as much as you like right up until the Canucks' opening night 3) Before the Canucks’ season opener this thread will locked, sealed and pinned by a moderate for everyone to monitor their, and others, successes and failures at reading tea leaves, palms, the stars, tarot cards to predict the upcoming season. This will hopefully fuel some interesting discussions at the end of the season. 4) Please, NO DISCUSSION WITHIN THIS THREAD, until it is re-opened. It will only get messy.  5) You can include anything you want in your post and it does not have to be restricted to the Canucks - standings, line-ups, trades, proposal predictions, champions ect.