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  1. Wait, waaaat.... Your daughter is your fiancée?
  2. Pffft.. split hairs all you want but your little detail is implied with our form of democracy @Jimmy McGill is Correct. As are you.
  3. She’s pretty far from stupid. It’s what she chooses to do with her intelligence that makes her ugly.
  4. Can we start an “I love D thread” .... or ... already pre-hammered? Asking for my 5th best bud
  5. Agree with both of you. But, also maybe.... That title ain’t going anywhere soon...
  6. I don’t know dude... it’s been almost 24hrs since you posted that.... and I still can’t stop laughing when ever I see it Brilliant!
  7. Yeah, I remember hearing about it. However, I thought it was dismissed on the grounds of .... “Fck off moron... you for real?”
  8. I had no idea... what an absolute joke. Please see edited photo of my post. It’s actually amazing that this is can actually be captured in a photo of an icon for Star Trek... in a Bust.
  9. Lol... how original. Wonder if Star Fleet might have something to say about that...
  10. A great example of how supplementary assistance is not always helpful in areas where the sun don’t shine