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  1. Right, my mistake. I assumed you were talking about campaigning.... Apologies.... off to bed I go
  2. My question is how do Billionaires come up with Trillions of Expendable Dollars? Neat trick
  3. I believe that he is a good guy; however, his “views” were inconsistent with reality and he’d always deflect, distract and demean to cover this up. Not sure what landed him the hammer, but being numb to facts is hardly a bannable offensive. If I had to guess his ban is probably over and he is in a corner somewhere sucking on either his left or right thumb over the matter. Seems like the type.
  4. Maybe Strome had a point, before his execution... Maybe I do spend too much time on American politics, will remedy... Comin for you, Chicken
  5. I think it’s been like that for a while now. It’s just much more exposed at the moment.
  6. meh... already spent mine on puppies and beer. Maybe tomorrow... or Sunday, depends on what I’m up to... might just sleep through that part
  7. Not to mention.... he’s coming off an absolutely dismal showing in Tulsa and using an already existing annual crowd, in Mount Rushmore on J4, to boost his “ratings” Weak Piece of Rat Sh!t... Nothing more... than a Rat Sh!t Piece of $&!#.
  8. A “Kenyan” on a mountain bike, doing mountain bike things... Doesn’t take much for Fox to try to justify their raging boner for a naked Putin on a horse...
  9. Indeed! Explains everything you need to know about the man.
  10. Looks like Bill’s chances of winning the 2020 Presidential election may have taken a hit. Better luck in 2024, William....
  11. I’d say it’s been out there for a while now...
  12. What about @Alflives? Havent seen that guy around since the pandemic started
  13. Around the same time a boy gets a real handle on his “special purpose”. Confusing times indeed!
  14. For such a talented and loved guy I’m surprised he raised such a “meat head”
  15. Sure hope Marie Trump’s book is allowed to see the daylight. Would really like to see what a moral conscience has to say about her blatantly corrupt family