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  1. Saw the Yale v Harvard game live at Yale today. McNally was noteworthy pushing Harvard offense all game. He had two assists resulting from one-timers on target, and was physical and tenacious. He was also on the ice for both Yale goals. On the first he got beat wide by Matthew Beattie, so I'd say it was his fault. The second wasn't really on him. Seems like a good prospect. Will need to improve defensive effort to match offensive skill.
  2. Saw the Yale v Harvard game live at Yale tonight. Beattie was unremarkable in the first two periods, but was a force in the third, where he got two assists (as far as I could tell) on Yale's two goals. On the first he took a pass at the offensive blue line, drove hard around (our prospect) Patrick McNally straight to the net, and a teammate popped in the rebound. On the second he cleared a puck up the boards and it bounced to Agostino who dangled in and scored. Overall, he still looks weaker than other players despite his frame, but has a lot of potential. Of course, he is only a sophomore.
  3. I watched Yale v St. Lawrence game on Friday at the whale, Beattie appeared to be on the third line. He's definitely got a good frame, but he will need to fill out a bit. He has good instincts for where the puck is going to be. He drew a couple of penalties by being a step ahead when the puck arrived, as well as getting a partial break-away. However, he looked a little bit slower and weaker than other players at times (not skating speed, but quickness). He must have had half a dozen SOG, but they were all relatively weak and right at the goalie. If he can get quick enough to get better quality shots off, or a bit stronger to make more room for himself in those situations, he will start to score. He also looked a bit afraid to make mistakes at times. The coach seemed to give him a bigger role as the game went on, even putting him on for the final minute of overtime.