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  1. And Germany gets the same fracked up defensive tactics like always. There are guys called defensive midfielders on the pitch who think that defense is completely unnecessary in stoppage time while leading 1-0. Absolutely ridiculous. It was the same in the world cup and it has been the same for the last 5 years, astonishing that we still managed to win the world cup. But yeah, that was because of the incredible individual performances of some players (defensively especially Hummels, Boateng, Lahm and Neuer) and the fact, that Schweinsteiger is actually playing defensively if necessary. The world cup was imo not Löws achievement And Pep as spanish coach? This guy is a workaholic, i don't think that this would be sufficient for him. And he hasn't won the CL yet with Bayern
  2. Quick is just unreal today. Performing like 2012
  3. Sharks suck so bad...
  4. Being replaced by Bryzgalov is kinda devastating. He was good until the trade to Philadelphia. after that just crap. His last years were really weird
  5. That was really dominant. Sweden without a chance
  6. /game
  7. YEAH!
  8. It's really hard sometimes. Cheering for players playing for a rival which you utterly hate is kinda weird. Cheering for players who go on your nerves every time you see them, because they dive all the time and stuff like that, it's just really hard i think...
  9. Imo no, they were quite even. Quick couldn't do anything on the goal and had some quality saves as well.
  10. YEAH!