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  1. Is that all it takes? Apparently I am not trying hard enough.
  2. Somehow you just made mine better.
  3. You are correct when you say it could be “mental illness “. I know mental illness first hand. The Covid has helped put my wife back in the looney bin. Having seen some of the things my wife said and did I totally agree that this is a mentally ill person on the way to losing it.
  4. And their leader is a ? See last post.
  5. As a wise person once said “there is two kinds of people...those that help others and then there is azzholes”.
  6. Now if Bunker Boy would just follow his lead.
  7. Right after the election.
  8. When I was a teenager my friends dad would pour up a 4 ounce glass of double proof rum to drink while his coffee was brewing. Needless to say he did not live to be an old man.
  9. Just asking for a friend...How many lies would a Trump lie to cover a lie? As many lies as a Trump could lie... a Trump would lie as much as a Trump could lie If a Trump could trump lies. I know I know...just like Trump...too many lies.
  10. What’s with the pm? I thought they said after 5 in Newfoundland.
  11. I have said more than once...this is just the beginning.
  12. Only to find immunity doesn’t last and they have to do it all over again.