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  1. Wilders a beast! Wasn't he out for surgery though after his last fight?
  2. And more.. i wont say it
  3. I think you should increase your healthy fats and stick to compound lifts.
  4. GOLD for Erica Wiebe
  5. Deb and rupert got mad cause i said you should get your gp to refer you to and endocrinologist. Not taking jabs at your manhood. I'm listening to my elders, i just disagree with them and they with me. I compete to win it all not come second and i never disrespect my opponent. As cdn womens did with germany and they paid for it.
  6. No insults, if i were to insult anyone here please don't be offended. We're on a internet forum for god sakes. I just enjoy debates
  7. Wasn't geared towards the females. It could be a general health problem. It's natural to be increasingly competitive and aggressive at this age for males.
  8. Not at all
  9. How old are you
  10. China v Belarus is on SN for me..not sure if kts for gold
  11. I never said they were failures, the argument started when one the posters called me out on my achievements and for some reason thought i cared what he thought. I dont need to prove myself to anyone but me.
  12. Yeah failures happen, suck it up and get that gold the next time. Everyone fails its not a big deal
  13. Keep in age my testosterone levels are naturally on the rise and most of your estrogen levels are on the rise. Just likely making more competitive in the head.
  14. Seriously though..none of you guys have ever heard of visualizing yourself winning before the game? Lots of nhl players do it too
  15. Bet she wish she won gold