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  1. I would be worried about Jake and Tkachuk turning out more like Ryan Callahan. Great player, but this franchise needs a Patrick Kane.
  2. Lol. Attendance will suffer for sure. That is certain. But something tells me, Benning and company will do everything they can to land another top UFA this off season to draw in a crowd, especially with our cap situation. Say hello to Louie Eriksson at $7M per for 5 years.
  3. So you're saying we should have taken Ehlers instead that year and drafted a better Virtanen in Tkachuk. #HindsightCanucks
  4. Agree with Burke during his interview that the 14th team (Boston) shouldn't even have a chance to win the #1 overall pick after barely missing the playoffs. Format needs to change!
  5. Dubois or Sergachev. Tkachuk feels like another Jake Virtanen, and we already have one of those power-forward types waiting to flower.
  6. If It were up to me, we would have 3 or 4 picks in the top 10 haha. Tkachuk, Chychrun, Sergechev, would all look great as Canucks. But we really don't really have a pressing need for a forward as we do on defence. Benning takes a defenceman.
  7. Edmonton will take Chychrun. They need a less offensive guy back there. We will get Sergechev.
  8. At this point, It's almost certain Edmonton takes a defenceman at #4. The challenge comes with whether we go with another Forward, such as Tkachuk, Nylander, Dubois--or draft down and get a positional player. If we go defence, we have to pick Sergechev.
  9. Have to think Benning takes a swing at obtaining Cowen to make up for the Corrado loss earlier in the season. Sekac is nice if we didn't already have an abundance of bottom-six players. But in all honesty, I see the Oilers taking a flyer ahead of us.
  10. Lol. Sbisa for Hamonic would make me so happy
  11. People report Gaunce 'replacing' Prust on the team. Fair to say he's getting the start over Craknell in the 2 back to backs coming up?
  12. The Boston Bruins and Dougie Hamilton say 'Hi'. This literally just happened a few months ago.
  13. And with Desjardins track record, we really don't have to worry about Bachman. You just know Miller will be starting every game until Markstrom comes back.
  14. Lotterryy Piiickk
  15. But his development is SUFFERING with every passing day that he's out!